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IR21CG7 Infrared Visible Single Eye Emitter 7ft

Product code: OSD-IR21CG7

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Features & Specifications

Note: This product is an IR emitter not a receiver. It will not work with CATV and HD DVR set top boxes.) For use our IR receiver kit or an existing connecting blocks, this emitter has a seven-foot cable and is excellent option to extend IR control to A/V components located in an adjacent room or hidden away in a nearby closet. This emitter attaches to the front of an audio/video device you want to control and will transmit the IR signal from a remote control to your device. Control the volume, channels, and power on and off without having to be in a direct line of site to the device. Rated at 30awg, our emitter extender is more durable than all the leading competition, and the thicker cable allows your run the cable under a component without the worry of it pinching or tearing. Super sticky 3M adhesive ensure that this eye won’t suddenly fall off, a common problem in lesser brands, and the dark color emitter eye shell is designed to allow remote control IR signal to easily pass through. The unique color and shape of the eye shell also helps deflect sunlight and other spectrums that can affect the operation of your remote. This extender cable will work with any product that has an IR output (repeater systems and IR extenders brands and connecting blocks, major brands of audio/video components, TiVO, and NextGen. SLingBox requires our 2.5mm to 3.5mm mono adapter.)



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IR21CG7 Infrared Visible Single Eye Emitter 7ft