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A-Bus Multi-Room Audio Distribution

An A-Bus home audio distribution system provides distribution of an audio source to as many as 4 locations by means of a simple CAT-5 cable. It's a fast and easy way to get stereo audio amplification and, infrared (IR) routing and remote control capability for a versatile whole house audio system. With its keypad amp, this system puts out 6 watts per channel. You simply run the CAT-5 cable to each volume control and then speaker wire to each in-wall speaker or in-ceiling speaker. This 4-location audio home audio distribution kit can be expanded to 8 locations.

Note: The A-Bus audio distribution system is perfect for background or ambient music, but due to its limited power, it is not suitable for louder music with bass frequencies.

If you need additional information to determine if the A-Bus system will work for your application, give our audio professionals at Outdoor Speaker Depot a call.