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HDMI Switchers

Our ARHD21 2- Way HDMI switcher with built-in repeater from Outdoor Speaker Depot is a handy way to upgrade your devices that don't have the amount of HDMI inputs you want. This switcher-repeater allows you to plug multiple devices into your compatible receiver.

The switcher changes the connection internally when you select the source. The built-in repeater equalizes the noise-free digital signal transfer, which allows you to extend the cable up to 50 feet without experiencing signal degradation.

This two-way switcher with clear LED indicators is configured for rack mounting. It's compatible with PC specifications VGA and SVGA for connection and data transfer. Our ARHD21 switcher requires no software. It's HDMI-certified, HDCP-compliant and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

If you've got questions, contact our on-staff sound tech pros. Free lifetime technical support comes with every purchase. For quick tips and how-to installation videos for home audio and video systems, visit our online Video Library.