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MK Spitfire In-Wall Speakers

Super K! You'll Know It's Kevlar When You Hear It

There are a ton of speaker cone materials out there and most of them are quite excellent. However, if you're inclined to climb the highest stair step in terms of quality, Kevlar is your best bet. What's so magical about this material? Both strong and very light weight, a Kevlar woofer has an uncanny ability to produce powerful but very smooth bass tones. Kevlar cones also retain their shape even at very high energy levels, which means you can turn up the volume and experience spine-tingling sound without ugly distortion or that muddy sound.

We know that a material like Kevlar is going to cost you a little more but if you're picky about sound quality, really, really picky, think about one of our in-wall Kevlars. Combined with a sophisticated crossover network, all the speakers in this category provide an exceptional blend of low- and top-end frequency response while front-mounted contour switches allow you to tailor the sound to your room’s acoustics.

This Size In-wall Is Just Right?

For larger home theaters, the Kevlar IW850 includes a powerful 8” woofer and 1” pivoting aluminum tweeter. For medium or smaller home theaters/media rooms, the Kevlar IW690 uses a 6½” Kevlar woofer for excellent low frequency response as well as a pivoting 1” aluminum tweeter for higher frequencies. The Kevlar in-wall series also includes the IW550LCR single center channel speaker with dual 5¼” Kevlar cone woofers and pivoting 1” tweeter for rich, crystal clear front surround sound and dialog.