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IW550LCR In Wall Center Channel LCR Trimless Dual 5.25" Carbon Woofers 1" Aluminum Pivoting Tweeter 150W Speaker (Single)

Product code: OSD-IW550LCR

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Features & Specifications

The OSD IW550 In-Wall LCR (left, right, center) speaker is an economical and space-saving option for adding left, center and right channels to a home theater or media room. This in-wall LCR speaker can be used as a center-channel speaker in a surround-sound stereo or as a right or left speaker in a high-end system.

Dual Carbon-Glass Fiber Cone Woofers produce clear, full bass tones with smooth high-frequency roll-off, while the 1" aluminum dome tweeter gives you distortion-free sound on the high end. The IW550 is capable of handling up to 150 watts so it can be paired with robust sound systems, and it’s easy to install with the included template.


• Space-saving in-wall speaker with 150W of power handling
• Can be used as a left, right, or center speaker
• Dual Carbon-Glass Fiber Cone Woofers for excellent low and mid-range frequencies
• 1” aluminum dome for clean and clean and clear high notes
• Easy to install with included template
• Paintable frame and grille blends with the design of any room

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

The OSD IW550 In-Wall LCR (left, right, center) speaker is an economical and space-saving option for adding left, center and right channels to a home theater or media room.



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15 Questions & 15 Answers
kevin maher
from florida asked:
October 27, 2017
Are you going to sell these again? And when
1 Answers
Hi Kevin: Not this exact one, but we are looking at both a Dual 5.25" and Dual 6.5" version of the Trim-less designed in-wall.Most likely sometime during First Quarter 2018. There a few other options but you need to contact our internal customer service people and ask about other options not listed on-line. TL/4614
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 29, 2017

from Plano, TX asked:
May 2, 2016
When do you now expect to have this item in stock? In Wall Center Channel Trimless Speaker IW550 LCR Product code: OSD-IW550LCR
1 Answers
Hi Douglas: This speaker is being discontinued with a two new speakers in its place one being a direct replacement; Dual 5.25" MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) Trimless LCR and the second speaker a step up Dual 6.5" MTM Trim-less LCR speaker. They are due in this month (May). Stay tuned, we will update the page to announce the new replacements. I believe they will be like our MK series featuring the Grey Kevlar cones with the Aluminum Dome Pivoting Tweeters. TL/3853
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 4, 2016

from Miami asked:
May 12, 2015
I am considering buying this as my center channel, but my question is what speakers to purchase for L & R channel? Two others like this or just regular in-wall speakers. I have a Pioneer SC-81 receiver 7.2 and a 20'X15' family room (open concept floor plan). Main uses include home theater, some light gaming, and music to entertain guests inside and outside of the house.
1 Answers
Hi James, I believe this model is discontinued and replaced by our MK-IW550LCR. You would best match this lcr with the MKW-850 or MKW-650 as your front L/R.
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 28, 2015

from Charleston, SC asked:
October 26, 2013
Can this product be installed in the ceiling, or would this affect the sound or is it a solely a wall mount? If it cannot, could you offer an alternative for a center channel comparable to this?
1 Answers
Hi Scott, The design of this speaker works best with in-wall installations, due to the separated tweeter and woofers. Typically a ceiling speaker is going to be coaxial and have a round design for better stereo imaging. If you are limited to the ceiling, I would suggest going with the MK670 as your center channel and even as your front left and right if you haven't purchased those already. These MK670 will give you top notch sound and the angle of the speaker will project the audio directly at your listening area. -BM 2293
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 28, 2013

from Arlington, Texas asked:
May 2, 2013
I am building a house and need to install 7.1 speakers. The three front speakers should be mounted on the wall but the 4 back speakers are in the ceiling. What speakers should I order? I like the specs of the IW550LCR - could I find the rest of the speakers to go with it?
1 Answers
Hi Dave, The Kevlar models are our best selling speakers and a great choice for your home theater. If you want to go with in-ceiling, our ICE650 or ICE670 are a good match. The in-wall version is the IW690. We also have an 8" available. What are the dimensions of your room? CL/MA 1857
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 3, 2013

from LA, CA asked:
January 6, 2013
Is this model magnetically shielded?
1 Answers
HI Joe, This in-wall center channel is magnetically shielded. Magnetic shielding was more of a concern when mounting these near a CRT screen where the magnetic would have issue with the screen. That is no longer an issue with flat screen monitors. But either way you are covered with this speaker. TL/MA - 1518
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 7, 2013

from asked:
September 29, 2012
I'm putting in a surround sound system with this speaker, what other speakers would complement this to make my theater complete
1 Answers
Hi Ruben, The answer depends on whether you are doing an in-ceiling or in-wall speaker set. We have 6.5" and 8" size options as well. The ceiling would be ICE650 and the in-wall would be IW690 for 6.5" speakers, both of which are great for rooms approximately 20 x 20. Here is a link to our bundles. We may have exactly what you are looking for. CL/MA 1312
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 1, 2012

from utah asked:
July 29, 2012
Is it best to mount IW 550LCR horizontally or vertically?
1 Answers
Steve, Typically horizontally would be best. You can do it vertically if necessary. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 30, 2012

from Chicago, IL asked:
June 26, 2012
Is there a paintable grill cover included?
1 Answers
Hi Nim: There is a paint shield that is included with all of our in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. It also doubles as the cut out template. There maybe a cloth on the inside the grill you will want to remove before painting. The paint shield fits over the baffle where the grill would normally be so you can paint the outer frame. We usually recommend spray paint for the grill. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 27, 2012

from Kokomo In. asked:
May 30, 2012
Will these speakers fit in plaster/lathe rooms it's all most 1" thick ??
1 Answers
Hi Dave: You have 1 1/2 inch clearance from the frame to the dog ear mount before you start turning the screw to secure the speaker. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 31, 2012

from florida asked:
April 13, 2012
Can you paint the speaker cover?
1 Answers
Hi Joe: Yes you can paint both the grill and frame or just the Grill. There is acut-out template that comes with the Speaker that doubles as a paint shield. We recommend using spray paint for the grill. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 13, 2012

from New Hampshire asked:
December 29, 2011
Can these speakers be instlled in outside wall up against fiberglass insulation?
1 Answers
Doug, Yes, it should not be a problem as long as the insulation has a backing on it. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 29, 2011

from Hot Springs, AR asked:
December 19, 2011
I see that it says this speaker is out of stock now, can you tell me when it will be back in stock?
1 Answers
Hi Taylor: The speaker is due in 12/30, most likely available or shipping the first week of January 2012. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 20, 2011

from Lawrence, KS asked:
December 6, 2011
What is the construction bracket that you use for this model? It looks like the model listed doesn't bring anything back in the search window.
1 Answers
We do not have a bracket for this speaker; instead it comes equipped with dog-eared brackets, so it’s retro fit. with no addtional bracket needed. My suggestion would be to go ahead with the drywall and make the cut-out afterwards. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 6, 2011

from Sacramento, CA asked:
November 25, 2011
When will the IW550LCR Kevlar be available?
1 Answers
Hi Travis: Week of December 5th TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 28, 2011

Product Reviews

14 Reviews
79% (11)
21% (3)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
50% Recommend this product (7 of 14 responses)
By Ministaflo
New Jersey
April 12, 2013
In- wall center channel speaker
Sorry I was not able to write a review earlier than the present but it took a little while for the install of this particular component. When the installer and myself listen to the speakers output I must say we where less than pleased initially that was largely due to the fact that we allowed the component to adjust the speakers but them we adjusted them individually and the sound was much better. I am very impressed with this purchase and definetly would recommend them. Thank you for a great buy at a very reasonable price!
ProsThe soung is very good. The design and install is good also.
ConsNothing at this time
Best UsesSurround sound system.
By Rick
Phoenix AZ
March 22, 2013
Great Sound
Delivered promptly, exactly as advertised and powerful sound exceeded my expectations!!
By nicknames are for rock stars like Bono
Indpls, In.
January 2, 2012
The product for the price is excellent
If I could sit in front of my 52" LCD, play the same movie and compare speaker after speaker I am sure one or more would sound better then the rest but this isn't possible; or what if I could compare my purchase against a 7000.00 3-way in wall speaker with it's own housing made by _____. would I be able to notice such a 6900.00 differance? The bottom line is 100.00 for an in wall speaker with heavy magnets, nice crossover,pivoting tweeter,adj. high and low end volume is hard to beat
ProsGreat sound imaging, Easy To Setup, Attractive Design, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
ConsWish they made a 3-way, Screws are hard to turn
Best UsesHome Theater
By chris
allentown, pa
November 14, 2011
Great speaker great price
This is my first in wall speaker setup. They sound great and look great. The only thing that i have a problem with is that if you need to take the speakers out the screws and the plastic clips get all messed up and may break. The other thing it is very hard to get the front screen off once you have put them on. Do not tight them down a lot it broke my wall.But all and all very happy with the system
ProsAttractive Design, Great Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Easy To Setup, Easy to Mount
Best UsesLarger Rooms, Home Theater
By diar
November 10, 2011
Outstanding value for money
I previously purchased from ODS a similar set of "ISW" 525 or 550s that mounted in my cathedral ceilings. I am pleased with those speakers. However, the center channel cut-out was left with an older center speaker just to make do, as it was hidden behind the TV, partially. Alas, just adding another of the aforementioned speakers would have notable improved the dynamics of the setup. However, upon installing this fine kevlar speaker unit, the acoustics greatly exceeded my expectations. The trim is a little to white for "drywall" color. Yet the performance of this speaker is a steal!
ProsKevlar outperforms
ConsTrim color is a bit white
Best UsesCenter channel, Home Theater, Larger Rooms
By Phat Dad
metro Detroit, MI
November 5, 2011
First time on line audio buyer
Used in a surround sound configuration as a center channel. I like sound that can be overpowering given the right song or portion of a movie. Early indications are this speaker can deliver great range with lows and highs clearly distinguishable and lots of power to fill up my 17'x16' room. Installer noted to be patient when tightening down mounting screws as pilot holes were too small for thread size. Looking forward to years of awesome sound.
ProsGood Power Output, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesLarger Rooms, Home, Home Theater
By Appino210
Kansas City
October 18, 2011
Very impressed
So, I was nervous about ordering from OSD because of the limited reviews online. But the specs just look too i ordered one speaker to check build-quality and it was amazing. I compared in-house to some other online speakers and the OSD blew it away. I then ordered a 7.1 system for living room/theater, 4 bar speakers, 2 poker room, 2 office, and 2 for outside. They all sound incredible and it's really hard to believe with such a reasonable price-point. The only bad thing is mounting them. Make sure you back off the screws in the mounting brackets, then add a little wd-40 or something - they're hard to turn. If you can overcome this minor issue, they have to be the best sounding speakers for the money...and i'm usually pretty skeptical! very happy w the purchase - highly recommended.
ProsGreat Value, Great Sound Quality, Great Build Quality
ConsHard to mount
Best UsesLarger Rooms, Home Theater
June 20, 2011
ProsGreat Sound Quality
Best UsesHome Theater
By Mike
Poseyville IN
October 27, 2010
Quick shipping, easy ...
Quick shipping, easy install and sounds great. You wont find a center channel of the quality for a better price.
By Paul Sheppick
October 23, 2009
This one speaker will ...
This one speaker will blow your mind. Well worth the price. Shipping is supper fast. Thanks OSD
By Rob
June 28, 2009
I installed this speaker ...
I installed this speaker and the sound is amazing. The speaker is well worth the price.
By Kevin
May 1, 2009
Ordered this speaker ...
Ordered this speaker Tuesday,it arrived in 72 hours. Just installed it and I can't believe how much better the vocals in music and dialogue in movies sound vs. the old speaker. A steal at this price...period.
By jr
March 24, 2009
this speaker is well ...
this speaker is well worth the money. the quality and performance is compared to a high end lcr center speaker
By eric banuelos
September 21, 2008
this is one of the best ...
this is one of the best speaker i heard so far that i bought for my hometheater the sound and voices sound so clear