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BOM4.1 Active Outdoor Omni Subwoofer 100W Power Bluetooth® Source IP67 Waterproof Power Supply

Product code: BOM41

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Features & Specifications

OSD Audio BOM4.1 All-weather Outdoor Bluetooth® Power Subwoofer and can power 4x Speakers, amplifier built in.

OSD Audio's BOM4.1 All-weather Bluetooth® Subwoofer brings bass to your backyard, pool or patio so you can experience immersive audio even in noise-heavy environments. This is a beefy 100W outdoor sub is designed with weather-durable components, including an IP67-rated power supply that will last for years in cold, hot and wet climates. The BOM4.1 is also Bluetooth®4.0 enabled so no digging up the lawn or stapling cables through the deck. Simply plug it into an AC outlet and then pair this sub with your tablet or phone, and you'll enjoy the low frequency sound that's missing from your outdoor audio system. This is a great outdoor sub to add on to an existing sound system but also includes stereo outputs, so you can build up your outdoor audio with satellite speakers such as OSD LS2 landscape speakers.

Why Add Dedicated Outdoor Subwoofer?
The subwoofer is a dedicated bass speaker designed to handle the low frequency effects in audio systems and is the 2.1, 4.1 or higher surround sound system. Adding a subwoofer is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to improve otherwise thin-sounding outdoor speaker setups. In addition to delivering those spine-tingling bass notes, a subwoofer allows other speakers in your configuration to produce the frequency ranges they were designed to produce more efficiently. The result is less frequency roll off and more balanced and rich sound.

What Does IP67 Mean?
If you're investing in an outdoor speaker, be sure that claims of water-proof or water resistance are backed up with an IP rating. IP67 is an International Protection Rating given to products that meet certain criteria. The BOM4.1 includes an IP67 rated power supply that is 100% protected against solid objects like dirt, dust and sand and has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes after being immersed in water. This is particularly important in backyards with pools where water can damage or short out the power supply.

Excellent Bluetooth® Range:
Every environment is different, but we've tested our Bluetooth® sub unobstructed up to 75 feet and receive a clear audio signal. Your environment may have trees and other factors that can inhibit Bluetooth® transmission but line of sight transmission is generally between 35 and 75 feet. Pairing takes only a few minutes. Be sure the Bluetooth® device and the speakers are turned on and fully powered or fully charged. Bluetooth® controls are typically found in the device's Setting or Connections menu. The speakers will output a Bluetooth® Sync code that will be received by the Bluetooth® device and settings such as volume, mute, etc., are controlled directly from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth®-enabled device.

All-weather construction with IP67-rated power supply Bluetooth® 4.0-enabled with up to 75 feet line-of-sight range (may vary) Includes a 100W power rating for small, medium and large backyards or patios Green enclosure blends easily into backyard Includes 60W x 2 Pair stereo output to add satellite speakers Ideal for both home and commercial applications



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