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    Outdoor Speaker Depot Videos

    Archives for July, 2020

    Choosing the Right Speaker Wire

    Choosing the correct wire can make sure your home audio system transfers the best quality sound between all of your components.

    When setting up your home audio system you want to be sure great quality sound is being passed along to all of the units. With the correct wiring you can.

    In-Ceiling Speakers: Trimless or Standard - Comparison Videos

    This video offers a brief understanding of the difference between Trimless and Standard In-Ceiling Speakers.

    In a brief glimpse of the differences between Trimless and Standard this video hopes to bring you a smooth understanding of how to navigate them.

    Nero Sudio5 Bookshelf Speakers

    Nero Studio 5 Bookshelf Speakers detailed look video.

    For this video we glance over the parts and features of the Nero Studio 5 Bookshelf Speakers.

    Impedance Matching Volume Controls

    SVC Impedance Matching Volume Control Units Comparison

    In this video we show off the features of the SVC Series Impedance Matching Volume Control Units