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    Impedance Matching Volume Controls

    by aaron ibarra • July 30, 2020

    OSD Audio’s impedance-matching volume control used for adjusting the volume of a pair of speakers within a whole-house audio system. Ideal for any dining room, bedroom, kitchen, living room, sauna, porch, or any other areas of the house where you want to add sound. The impedance-matching feature helps stabilize the ohm load going back to the amplifier or receiver to avoid overheating and damaging expensive equipment.

    What Is Impedance Protection?

    Speakers are specified by impedance, which is a measurement of resistance to alternating current, and a common value for speakers is 8 ohms. When you're connecting multiple speakers to a receiver or amplifier, you need to stay above the amp's minimum load requirements because going below the impedance rating can overheat or even damage expensive equipment. These volume controls allow you to match the impedance with the number of speakers being controlled with the capabilities of your amplifier.

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