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    Nero Dual X8 8" Dynamic Powered Subwoofer - Detailed Videos

    by aaron ibarra • July 30, 2020

    Our Nero Dual X8 is a dynamically powered subwoofer that renders amazing low-frequency sound effects for home theaters, media rooms, and high-end listening spaces. Operating with 300 Watts of dynamic power, the Dual X8 is a robust stand-alone subwoofer with a unique dual configuration that includes one 8” active woofer and one 8” passive woofer. The active subwoofer is self-contained and uses the sub’s amplifier to reproduce sound while the passive sub draws power from an external amp or receiver. This delicate balance of internal and external power relieves your main speakers from having to produce low-frequency sound, allowing them to focus on mid-range and highs. The result is an optimal performance with minimal distortion, so you’ll experience action scenes that feel real and soundtracks with unbridled emotion and clarity. A great addition to any home theater system, the Nero Dual X8 sub also includes a furniture-quality solid cabinet with a glossy piano black finish.

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