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ICE640 6.5" Woofer 1" Silk Tweeter High Definition Ceiling Speaker Pair

Product code: OSD-ICE640

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Sold in Pairs 1 = 1 pair
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Features & Specifications

One of our most popular in-ceiling speakers (just look at the reviews), customers often install our ICE640s in 5.1 or 7.1 home theater rooms, although these speakers are also great for whole house audio. With excellent power handling capability (150W), the ICE640’s can produce very smooth bass notes, an even soundstage and realistic sound resolution even at high volumes. Features include a 6½" cone with butyl rubber surround, a 1" silk pivoting tweeter, and an advanced crossover network for clear dialog. Built from the ground up, OSD products offer the most thought out, totally dialed in sound while providing year after year of sonic excellence!

Pivoting Silk Dome Tweeter
The job of the tweeter is to deliver the higher frequencies of music and soundtracks. Many of our customers prefer the silk dome design because of the smoother vocals it produces. The tweeter is also adjustable, meaning it can be aimed toward the listening area. This can make a big difference in sound quality especially for dialog and higher frequencies.

Powder Coated Aluminum Grille Will Not Rust
Many OSD in-ceiling speakers include powder-coated grilles that will not rust. This makes these ceiling speakers ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms or even covered patios. Keep in mind, however, that these in-ceiling speakers are not outdoor speakers and should be exposed to a lot of moisture.

Should I Purchase special cable for in-ceiling speakers?
Wiring requirements will depend on your local building codes, but OSD Audio offers CL3/FT4 cable that is UL (fire) rated for all residential and most commercial in-wall and in-ceiling applications. This cable includes a heavy-duty outer jacket approved for in-wall/in-ceiling installation. The high quality plastic jacket is also very flexible so it's easy to run the wires inside the wall. Whether you choose our cable or another brand, try not to be tempted to use regular speaker wire. This type of wire was never designed to be run inside of walls or wall cavities.

What Is Butyl Rubber Surround?
With almost double the shelf life of foam, butyl rubber has been the choice of speaker designers looking to optimize the sound based upon materials that go together. The Surround is just one of the integral parts of the speaker's motor structure. Butyl Rubber gives the speaker more excursion capability featuring a deeper bass with a wider frequency response, and its shelf life is closer to 25 years compared to the foam at 12 to 15 years.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.




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14 Questions & 15 Answers
from Wisconsin asked:
March 21, 2012
How do I get the speaker grill off?
2 Answers
Hi Chad, One way is to hold the speaker with your hands on the opposite sides of the frame. Before it is installed in the ceiling, the frame is flexible enough to work the grill out by twisting your hands back and forth, moving in opposite directions of each other until the grill is slowly worked out. Another way is to turn the speaker over release two of the dog ear clips and slowly push the grill out with the head of the install screws. Option one is better because there is less chance of denting the grill. Good luck. TL/MA TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 22, 2012
Hi Chad: One way is to hold the speaker with a hand on oposite sides of the frame. You will find the frame before it is insatlled flexible enough to work the grill out by twisting your hands back and forth opposite of each other slowly working the grill out. Another way is turning the speaker over and releasing two of the dog ear clips and slowly pushing the grill out with the head of the screws. Option one is better because there is less chance of denting the grill. Good luck...
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 22, 2012

from Houston, Tx asked:
June 9, 2017
How can I remove the grills AFTER speakers have been installled?
1 Answer
Hi Mario: The speakers usually come with a grill puller that looks like a small loop at the end of a straight wire with a end bent 90 degrees so it can be inserted in the perforated holes, allowing you to pull the speaker grill away from the frame. There are a couple of other ways to remove before the frame is mounted but those will not help you after the fact. You can call our customer service and see if they can drop one of the pullers (most people throw them away not realizing why it is in the there when they first open the box) in an envelope and send it to you. TL/4415
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 10, 2017

from Albany, ny asked:
March 13, 2016
Will these be ok in a drop ceiling? Will I need any special hardware for the install?
1 Answer
Hi Tom: We mounted all of our in-Ceiling speakers in a drop down ceiling in our showroom. Usually we would remove the respective tile and cut the hole then mount the speaker in the tile before connecting the speaker wires and placing the tile back in place. One thing we did do was to reinforce the speaker by adding a small strip of wood under each dog ear mounting clamp, (4) total. Think of a paint stir stick with the dimensions 1" x 3" x 1/4". This will give you a more stable, broader base for each clamp to hold the speaker in place. TL/3754
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 14, 2016

from Ellicott City, MD asked:
October 9, 2013
Are the grills paint able?
1 Answer
Hello Al, Yes, you can paint the grills, but you should consult a paint specialist for proper instructions. Thanks! -BM
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 15, 2013

from Bonnyville, Alberta asked:
February 27, 2013
To add to my previous question I will have 5 pairs and will need 5 volume controls and the reciever will also need HDMI connection Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Pawel, Think about adding an external amplifier like our OSD AMP-200 with a DSM6 speaker selector and SVC300 impedance-matching volume controls. The Yamaha RX-V673 AVR we recommended has multiple HDMI inputs (4 inputs and 1 output featuring ARC, Audio Return Channel). TL/MA 1665
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 3, 2013

from Bonnyville, Alberta asked:
February 27, 2013
I'm looking at getting 4 pairs of these 3 pairs for inside and one for outside! These can be used as outdoor speakers correct? I'm also looking for the correct receiver for this set up that has 2 zone feature,USB port and blue tooth capabilities. I will also need 4 volume controls that would work best for this set up. Thanks in advance
1 Answer
Hi Pawel, The ICE640s are excellent ceiling speakers but they are not designed for outdoor use. Another option is our ICE600WRS Weather Resistant 61/2" ceiling speakers. These are designed specifically to handle the outdoor environment. As for receivers, check out the Yamaha RX-V673 which features 2nd room output, USB input and networking capability with a unique control app for your smartphone, iPad or android device. It also features 7.2 with two subwoofer outputs. TL/MA 1664
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 1, 2013

from phoenix, az asked:
February 1, 2013
Just to be clear this comes with 2 speakers - as in a pair correct?
1 Answer
HI Chad: Notice on product page it says sold in pairs with two separate speakers coming in one box. TL - 1602
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 1, 2013

from stacy, mn asked:
December 31, 2012
I was interested in these for my 5.1 surround however I have my center channel in the wall under my wall mount tv. Do you have a wall mount that would pair with the ceiling ones...Since the center is the most important?
1 Answer
Hi Jon, A couple of choices can match with the ICE640 series speakers. The first would be to utilize two of our IW545 LCR speakers that feature dual 5.25" mid-woofers and a 1" soft dome tweeter, which is the same woofer and tweeter material featured in the ICE640 speakers. Simply mount them horizontally with one woofer above the other. The second, more affordable, choice would be to use IW680, which shares similar cone materials and tweeter design as the ICE640. The IW545LCR is priced as each, and the IW680s are priced as a pair. If you have your heart set on in-ceiling speakers, we recommend using the ICE660 Angled LCR speaker, which was created for Front Stage Left Center and Right speakers. The angled woofer/tweeter allows the speakers to be mounted closer to the wall where the monitor is mounted, so it will work better with your center channel speaker. The ICE640 would have to be mounted almost directly overhead from your optimum viewing/listening area. This would create a weird disconnect with the center channel speaker. Be sure to check out our learning section for some excellent information on front stage speaker placement: TL/MA #1505
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 31, 2012

from Ridgefield, CT asked:
December 16, 2012
Hi I am planning on hooking these speakers up to a SONOS system, at 55 wats per channel. These speakers are rated at 150 watts per channel. Will they still work or is there not enough power to power them?
1 Answer
Hi Stef, The second specification you want to look at is sensitivity. The ICE640 is rated at 91dB. The higher the number, the more efficient the speaker and the less power you need to drive the speaker. This will work perfectly with your SONOS Connect Amp. TL/MA - 1470
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 16, 2012

from gadsden, AL. asked:
November 12, 2012
I want to add 4 of these speakers (ICE640) in a den ceiling as the main home theater speakers. I have a floor sub woofer I can use with these as well. Can my existing receiver (rated 4x100 watts)sufficiently power these speakers to create an above average sounding home theater experience? I am guessing that you CAN'T use a simple Blue Ray $150 home theater receiver with these speakers, if you disconnect the speakers provided in the set and replace with these ICE640'S?
1 Answer
Hi Andy, The ICE640 are our best polypropylene speaker and are commonly used in home theater. Your standard 100W receiver will drive these speakers; however, we recommend a surround sound receiver to experience the full enjoyment of the 5.1 or 7.1 audio soundtracks. We carry the Yamaha the RX-V373: If you’re doing all in-ceiling arrangement, consider using three angled matching speakers such as the ICE660 for your Front Stage (center, left and right). This will maximize the audio quality and give you the ultimate home theater experience. CL/MA 1373
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 14, 2012

from Phoenix asked:
January 16, 2012
Does OSD make a back box for these speakers? If so, how would I get them?
1 Answer
Ranny, If you go to our first tab- Category>then in the drop down >Speakers> then In-ceiling Speakers> then Back Boxes. Or you can do a keyword search for BB6 - The Ice640 will work well with the, BB6 ( Back Box 6.5" Ceiling Speaker) CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 16, 2012

from San Jose, California asked:
December 8, 2011
Do I need add a wood box to cover the speaker body in the ceiling to make the sound qulaity better?
1 Answer
Charlie, These speakers do not require back boxes but those can be beneficial to sound quality. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 8, 2011

from PA asked:
October 23, 2011
I have an 8 inch opening in my ceiling for these speakers, does the trim cover the difference?
1 Answer
Yes it does. The unit Dimension are diameter: 9 1/2" Cut-Out Diameter: 7 5/8"
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 24, 2011

from Vancouver, Canada asked:
October 18, 2011
it says weather resistant but how resistant are they? could they be installed on the ceiling of my patio?
1 Answer
The speaker grille is treated for moisture and will not rust but these speakers are not specifically built for the outdoors. They can be mounted in areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms or covered patios as long as the do not experience a lot of moisture as the butyl rubber surround will degrade over time.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 19, 2011

Product Reviews

52 Reviews
85% (44)
15% (8)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
48% Recommend this product (25 of 52 responses)
By Brad
Gilbert, AZ
June 9, 2015
Value and Performance
Exceptional speakers and great value. OSD should be your choice.
By mike shilyan
los angeles
September 26, 2013
the best for the money
look and sound great
Proseasy to instal
Cons cant find pre construction mount from osd
Best Useshome theater or whole house audio
By Flint Robinson
Summerville, South Carolina
September 2, 2013
Excellent sound, great value!
The speakers look and sound great. Tweeters can be angled or aimed to a specific location in the room. The cone speaker belts out plenty of mid-range and bass. The ICE640 worked out wonderfully in a 5.1 surround installation with a simple sub woofer on the living room floor. No disappointment with these speakers!
Best UsesTheater systems
By Sam
staten island, ny
April 17, 2013
I should rate this very negative so I can have these speakers to all by myself :P
ProsNice power with a matching price.
Consnot enough stock!!
Best UsesCasual to better listening.. not just background noise.
By Michael
Smithtown, New York
April 10, 2013
Great sound
Great sound, easy installation. Ordering a pair of the same in square for wall installation
By James
March 21, 2013
great speakers
I have bought these speakers several times and will continue to buy them. I have them in my house, have installed them in friends houses. They are the best buy out there for the price.
By Bob
March 11, 2013
Great for the price!
For the money spent, they sound great. They were easy to install. I am thinking about adding a center speaker and a few small ones on the sides of the room. They arrived on-time too.
ProsSound great Easy install
By Basilio Carrasquillo
March 7, 2013
Ceiling Speakers
one word that sums it all up AWSOME
ProsLooks good, sounds good
By Jack, the builder.
Colorado Springs, CO
January 24, 2013
Completely thrilled!
I used the ICE 640 speakers to install distributed audio in my vacation cabin. I put a pair in the ceiling of the great room, another pair in the master bedroom and another in the ceiling of my covered porch outside. I drive them with an OSD stereo amp and volume control with music from an iPod dock. The results are fabulous.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Easy to Mount, Attractive Design, Great Value
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House, Home, Outdoors
By Chuck D
Killeen, Tx
September 30, 2012
Gr8 speakers & price
Fast shipping & Handling. These speakers are Awesome with a capital A. The sound out put is great with outstanding clarity. Very please with this purchase.
ProsEasy to Mount, Attractive Design, Easy To Set Up, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesHome Theater, Home
By Moon
Chino Hills
August 12, 2012
I would buy it again
I have these speakers throughout my home- family room, bedroom and garage.
ProsAttractive Design, Good Power Output, Easy to Mount, Easy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesHome Theater
By Lock box
Urbandale, IA
June 8, 2012
You won't be disappointed
Put speakers in ceiling in large living room. Sound great. Directional tweeters allow you to direct the sound where to want it most.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy to Mount
Best UsesHome Theater
By BadToy
May 30, 2012
"Excellent Quality and Sound"
Ordered speakers and they arrived in three days. Installed them in a new addition patio. They were very easy to install and sound great. I have them hooked to my receiver as well as a flat screen TV. Very well pleased. Keith
ProsAttractive Design, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output, Easy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesOutdoors
By Mrjohn
New york ny
May 17, 2012
Good speakers
I use these speakers for whole house systems and havn't had any problems to date. Sound is good for what I need
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Easy To Set Up, Easy to Mount, Attractive Design
Best UsesHome, Home Theater, Smaller Rooms, Multiple Rooms / Whole House
By pete
March 6, 2012
good speaker
these are good speakers, i'm not sure i'd use them as the main speakers of a system, but as satellites they work well.
ProsEasy to Mount, Easy To Setup
Best UsesExtra speakers not main
By ICTGolfer
Wichita, KS
February 24, 2012
Fantastic sound and even better value
Great sounding speaker for the price. Installation was a breeze.
ProsEasy To Setup, Great Sound Quality, Easy to Mount
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House, Basic Systems, Smaller Rooms
By Pletoffy
February 7, 2012
Excellent Product
Installed as surround speakers for 7.1 system. Below average cost, but still a quality product.
ProsEasy To Setup, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount
Best UsesHome Theater
By Tony B
San Diego
January 10, 2012
Best Bang for Your Buck
Bose, Infinity, Polk, Boston Acoustics, Klipsch, Outdoor Speaker Depot. "Which one of these things is not like the other?" Well, the last one, of course. What the last one has that the others do not is BEST value. Who would have ever thought OSD would be listed with these names? Not me, but I tell you what, I put OSD ahead of these when i recommend speakers from now on. These speakers are used for my surround in my home audio system. They are powered by an Onkyo receiver~110 watts per channel. It's difficult to assess the overall sound output as these are used mainly for background effects, but when I play music in all channel stereo mode, I would say these speakers do just fine. They have well constructed frames, materials, and a neatly made crossover unit. They have a pleasant sound, highs sound crisp and clean and mids are as smooth as they get. Mate them to a powered subwoofer to get the most from the overall sound because I do not get much for bass output with these speakers. If you do not have a subwoofer, it might be best to enclose them in their own enclosure with your installation as mine are only backed by insulation. Overall they do not sound as good as the ICE660 I also purchased from OSD, but do the job for surround and background music.
ProsAttractive Design, Easy To Setup, Good Power Output, Easy to Mount
ConsWeak Bass
Best UsesHome, Smaller Rooms, Basic Systems, Multiple Rooms / Whole House, Home Theater
By Work
January 5, 2012
Good response
Good sound for multi-room setup
ProsAttractive Design, Easy To Setup, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output
ConsWeak Bass
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House
Mt Pleasant, SC
November 23, 2011
Great sound, great product. Easy install
Used for Outdoor Porch ceiling mounted speakers hooked to TV/Entertainment system.
ProsAttractive Design, Easy To Setup, Great Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Easy to Mount
Best UsesOutdoors
By Per
November 20, 2011
Good speakers for my livingroom
Very good speakers for my livingroom. The speaker grille is a bit convex witch I did´nt realized when I ordered them. Perhaps the flushmounts arn´t. I though the only difference were the outer frame. Anyway the most important thing is the sound, witch is very good!!
ProsEasy to Mount, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Setup
Best UsesHome
By Mccraiger
Ottawa ON
August 2, 2011
just what you are looking for
I put these in the kitchen to extend the music throughout the house. They were easy to install in the ceiling and hook up. They sound great and blend right in to the ceiling. The bedroom and ensuite are next as I have already installed other speakers from OSD on the deck. Do not hesitate as you will never find better speakers for the money.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House, Home
By Brad
Hot springs, Arkansas
July 29, 2011
Great price and quick delivery
i remodel houses and try to push the speaker in every major room issue. i am a huge fan of music and with the quality and satisfaction ive had with the outdoor speaker store i keep my customers happy! i will be a returning customer hopefully soon again!
ProsEasy to Mount, Easy To Setup, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesLarger Rooms, Multiple Rooms / Whole House
Flat Rock NC
July 11, 2011
Great Product, nice quality
Used in our Master suite, sounds good for that size room, for a ceiling application you need to keep insulation off the rear of the cone. Getting the grille back in place is a little difficult but I guess a tight fit is a must.
ProsGood templates, Well packaged, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount
ConsTricky grille reassembly
Best UsesSmaller Rooms
By Pete
Springdale, AR
July 11, 2011
Great speaker for the price.
Intstalled these in my garage and they work great.
ProsEasy to Mount, Good Power Output, Easy To Setup, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House