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RX805 200W High Performance 8" Rock Speaker 2- Way (Pair Brown Grey Color)

Product code: KIT-RX805

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Features & Specifications

The RX805 Outdoor Rock Speaker is a team favorite at OSD for its natural look and excellent sound. This speaker has an 8-inch polypropylene woofer and 1-inch dome tweeter that provide excellent high and low notes. The RX805 will have no problem filling large backyards, pools or patios and is very natural looking. Place these speakers anywhere a natural rock would be found and you'll hardly notice them (until you turn these speakers on). Typical locations for the rock speakers are rock formations for barriers around pools, ponds and spas, bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.

Installation Difficulty: Novice
Like all our rock speakers, being handy is helpful but not required. Installing these speakers can be very simple; just decide where you want them to go and run the speaker wire from the desired sound source. Most outdoor speakers are passive devices, meaning they do not have built-in amplification and will need a source of power. Most customers connect their outdoor speakers directly to household amplification, that is directly to a home receiver or outboard receiver stored safely in a tool shed or other covered space where it is protected from the elements.

How durable are these rock speakers?
OSD outdoor speakers are developed with harsh conditions of the outdoors in mind. Our rock speakers use only non-water-absorbing materials and won't absorb any water. This is critical in winter so it won't freeze and crack. The shape is designed to withstand large amounts of pressure, extreme temperatures and moisture. Remember though, outdoor speakers are an investment, so take care of them. Storing them away from extreme weather conditions will only lengthen the time you will get enjoying outdoor speakers. These rock speakers utilize weather-resistant components for years of trouble free performance.

Do I need special cable to run outdoor speakers?
Direct burial, waterproof cable and wire connectors designed for the outdoors are recommended. These speaker cables withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and high temperatures and incorporate twice the insulation of average cable. If you plan to bury the cable in the ground, we recommend using direct burial cable.

To improve longevity of the surface quality on our outdoor speakers, place the rocks in a shaded area to prevent color fade from too much direct sunlight. It is recommended to keep our outdoor speakers out of contact with any chemicals that may be present in your yard. We encourage you to bring the speakers indoors or cover them up during the off seasons to ensure a longer life for the speaker


Other Product Info

The landscape rock speakers are designed to simulate natural rocks within your landscape. Place the Patio Tune Rock speakers anywhere that a natural rock would be found. Typical locations for the rock speakers are: rock formations for barriers around pools, ponds and spas or bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.
They have 200 watts per speaker. The specially constructed two-way rock speaker systems utilize weather resistant components for years of trouble free performance. The polypropylene woofer and stamped Aluminum tweeter are acoustically matched to give you clear vibrant sound with good bass characteristics.



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10 Questions & 10 Answers
from Laporte asked:
September 21, 2018
Are they two different colors or can I order see of 2 same color
1 Answer
Hi Bill: These sell in pairs. Either a pair of Grey or a couple of Brown speakers. Those are your two options... TL/5211
Tim Leahy
on September 24, 2018

from NY asked:
July 10, 2018
if I wanted to use them separately, not as a pair, could I simply wire both left and right channels to each and position them in separate areas of my yard? Would that work and sound decent? They would be wired to a Denon AVRX3400H receiver. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Dan: I had to confirm that you could set the output on your DENON ZONE 2 output to Monoaural playback. I am assuming that you want to connect channels 6 and 7 Rear Surround Left and Rear Surround Right (Page 50 in the Manual). You want to run the left channel to the first speaker and right channel output to the other. That way it stays at 8-ohms (which your Receiver will like). Then you can assign that both channels can send out a full range monaural signal for ZONE 2 (page 206). That should work. TL/5103
Tim Leahy
on July 14, 2018

from NC asked:
February 27, 2018
Do the speakers have a 2-wire or 4-wire connection? I have 4-wire cables. Do the sub-woofers have a separate connection?
1 Answer
Hi William: This come as a stereo pair with each speaker having a 2 conductor wire connection (red/positive and black/negative). If you have four wires it should be right and left (+/-). The sub woofer connection depends on your Receiver/Amplifier and the sub woofer you pick out. It would help to know what all the components you have or are looking at for your system. maybe you can give me an idea (brand and model number helps) including a rough drawing and any images you can supply. my contact TL/4820
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 3, 2018

from Palm Springs, California asked:
November 8, 2016
I want to use an Airport Express base station to connect my speakers with Airplay. What cables will I need in order to the 3.6mm audio jack on the base?
1 Answer
Hi Neil: You would use a cable that is terminated with a male 3.5mm strereo connector on one end then splits to two male RCA to plug into an external amp (like our AMP200 or AMP120 if powering a pair of speakers) that would then be connected to the speakers with CL3/FT4 rated direct burial speaker wire. WE have the audio cables in 1, 3, 6, and 12 ft (OSD-MS-6ft-6 foot cable). TL/4119
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 10, 2016

from The Woodlands, Texas asked:
March 19, 2016
I want to use Sonos Connect with 2 pair of the RS805 & AMP200. Is this correct? Do I need anything else?
1 Answer
Hi Brad: This is a combination we recommend all the time. You can connect a pair of the RS-805 to Speaker A and the second pair to Speaker B. You can also expand your system by adding a SSVC4 speaker selector featuring four zones with internal impedance matching volume controls per each zone. Plus dual source. Another note, it is recommended you connect the SONOS Connect to Input #2. You will have the option of adding a Powered Sub-woofer to output #2 as well. You will also have an option of adding an additional source to the SONOS Connect, accessible through the SONOS App.. Great choice TL/3764
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 22, 2016

from Michigan asked:
March 9, 2016
Has anyone used these speakers for PA applications. I want to use them on my golf course for the first tee and making announcements around the clubhouse as well as playing music.
1 Answer
HI John: These should work just fine if your are connecting to a standard receiver that has an 8 ohm output. You would want to place them 8 to 12 feet apart for proper stereo separation and probably be on the other side of the TEE box facing back towards the Pro Shop or maybe facing the Putting green. You could add a second pair of RX-805 for better coverage and add individual Outdoor Volume control for each pair. I should ask you what is you receiver you are using, Brand and Model number so I can better answer your question? Are you running a 70 Volt system, not a big deal we would add an in line transformers to convert the speakers to 70V and you would be able to daisy chain multiple speakers (they would be full range mono for each speaker and you can add a number of speakers. The speaker in either case would work fine for PA as well as playing music. Please contact me at if you have additional questions. I would be more than happy to help you integrate the speakers with your current system. Good Luck TL/3745
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 10, 2016

from NJ asked:
June 27, 2013
Can I use a pair of these if my receiver is 90 watts per channel / 125 watts peak per channel
1 Answer
Hi Joe, These outdoor rock speakers handle more power than your receiver is rated for; therefore, it will drive them just fine. The RX805s, however, are out of stock. An alternative is the RS680. These include 6.5" wooers but deliver superior sound quality. CL/MA 2026
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 2, 2013

from Wisconsin asked:
April 30, 2013
What is the ohm rating on these?
1 Answer
Hello, Yes, all of the speakers we carry are 8 ohms, including the RX805 Rock speakers. CL/MA 1844
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 30, 2013

Alan Chiappa
from Middlesex New Jersey asked:
March 22, 2013
I have a 150 watt technics stereo receiver. Are these speakers compatible with it?
1 Answer
Hi Alan, If your receiver's peak wattage is 150W, then the RX805 rock speaker will be compatible. CL/MA 1723
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 25, 2013

from connecticut asked:
December 23, 2011
What is the main differencee between the RX805 and RS790 8" speaker. I see there is a substantial price difference. I plan to power the Speakers with a pioneer home receiver rated at 100watt x 2 Thank you, Rob
1 Answer
Rob, To start, looking at the Frequency Response for each speaker, the Rs790 is gonna give you more bass. The magnet on the Rs790 is bigger as well as the speaker being made up of higher quality materials- giving it better sound quality. The last thing I notice is different is the Rs790 have a two year warranty and the Rx805 has a one year warranty. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 27, 2011

Product Reviews

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69% (25)
31% (11)
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75% Recommend this product (27 of 36 responses)
By Melissa
May 16, 2018
Rock speakers
Bought these speakers to have music at the vegetable garden. We were impressed at the sound quality in wide open space. Added 2 more of these rock speakers and aimed them at the front yard. Now we have music all around the outside of the house, since we spend so much time outdoors. Bass is robust and tweeter has great definition. May get more for behind the pool.
By Angel
April 11, 2018
Great sound
I combined 2 pair of the RX805s with an AMP200. I will be adding a 3rd pair soon as I want to fill out the sound in my back yard. This setup sounds great! Tech support was also excellent at answering a question I had about adding another pair.
By Don
December 28, 2017
RX805 200W High Performance 8" Rock Speaker Pair Grey Color Product code: KIT-RX805
Perfect for backyard they sound great
By Rick
Rancho Cordova, California
October 12, 2016
Perfect for the yard!
I've been building up my rock speaker collection in the backyard over the past few years and just added these as speakers number 5 & 6. They blend into the landscape perfectly and provide nice sound whether I'm just hanging out for morning coffee or grilling out with friends. You can crank these up enough to hear them from anywhere in the yard, and annoy the neighbors, but they're best used at a lower volume to provide some music in the background...some ambiance. That's why I keep adding speakers and placing throughout the allows me to keep the music at a lower volume and still hear it where ever I'm at in the yard. I definitely recommend these speakers to anyone and everyone who asks!
ProsSound great and blend into the landscape.
ConsThey'll fade in the sun and weather after a couple of years, but they'll keep rockin' (pun intended)! Just buy a can of the stone texture spray paint from Lowes/Home Depot and they're like new again!
Best UsesUse in multiples if you can and spread them throughout the yard to create more of an ambiance effect.
By Kasko
Southlake TX
August 1, 2016
Fantastic Speakers!
These speakers are fantastic. They sound great out of the box. The low end is very good for their size. I am recommending them to all my friends looking for outdoor speakers.
ProsGreat sound. Very good low end for their size.
ConsThe only con is the the wire coming out of the speaker is a small gauge. If you are hooking these up to the end of a long run, chances are you are changing gauges once you get to these leads.
July 10, 2016
Worth every cent and more. I just replaced one of my original 4 from 8 years ago. Excellent quality.
Worth every cent and more. I just replaced one of my original 4 from 8 years ago. Excellent quality.
By Bobby
New Bern, NC
March 22, 2016
Great speakers. Have lasted me 10 years.
I ordered these speakers from OSD 10 years ago for my house in Florida. They lasted the whole time. I recently relocated those same speakers to my other house in North Carolina and ordered new wire. Speakers still sound great! The only thing I need to do is paint over the teeth marks on the speakers left by the squirrels.
By Terry
July 27, 2013
These speakers rock
These speakers are the best , they rock.
By Darrell B
Drummonds Tn.
July 11, 2013
super speakers
Installed these around the pool in the flower bed. They look great and sound is excellent. Also great price and quick shipping. I will definitely buy again
Proslooks like real rocks
Best Usesgreat in flower beds around pools
By J. Johnson
Monroe, La
June 27, 2013
Great speaker ! Easy install with the weather proof connectors and outdoor wire i purchased with them! Sound is awsome (could use a little more bass) with the amp i also purchased at same time! I highly recommend the amp, the neighbors may not, but you will !! Lol
ProsCrisp, clear, loud, easy D.I.Y. Install
ConsCould use more Bass
By Rich
Four oaks, nc
June 1, 2013
Good speakers
These are nice speakers, but in today's society a way to lock them down would be nice. Great sound though
ProsGreat sound
ConsNo way to secure the speaker to protect from theft
Best UsesOutdoor around the house
By john cummings
oak ridge nj
May 8, 2013
great sound from you guys once again,keep up the great work
I have a pair of smaller osd speakers from a couple of years ago that sound great but just wanted a second pair to upgrade my tiki bar and backyard.the rock speakers sound is fantastic and the bass i get out of them is just what i wanted.thanks john
By Earl Paasch
Sun City West, AZ
May 6, 2013
They are great and the sound is very good
I have them in three areas of my yard and they are working great!! They also look great and blend into ther landscaping.....
By Fabian McGhee
Riverside , California
April 21, 2013
Out door speakers
Love them, beautiful sound. My backyard is the talk of the neighborhood.
By Cbaker
October 29, 2012
Good Speakers for the pool area
Great for around the pool. Only issue that I have had is the faces of each rock enclosure looks like it is slightly cracked.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Attractive Design
By Lake lover
August 2, 2012
Solid investment
Perfect for our waterfront property...outside more than inside
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Good Power Output
ConsNo rear speaker, No volume control
Best UsesOutdoors
By Dave
Dallas Texas
July 26, 2012
Work Great
I just installed a pair around my pool and they work great. You cant beat the price.
Indianapolis IN
June 13, 2012
Don't judge a book by its cover
i use these rock speaker to balance out the sound on my 800 square foot patio. i have a Harmon Kardon 125 watt per channel 2 channel receiver with a pair of b&w outdoor speakers mounted on exterior wall. i run all 4 speakers thru a volume control mounted outside and the sound coming out of the rock speakers really impressed me for the price. They don;t look extremely realistic but sitting at the corners of my patio in the flowers they look fine. I would recommend these speakers for the money . Shipping was fast, over all great experience.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Good Power Output
ConsNot realistic looking
Best UsesOutdoors
By Sgtpepper59
Auburn, NY
May 26, 2012
Great sounding speakers.
Great sounding speakers. I have four of them on my pontoon boat. I made mounting poles that I can put them on and be able to turn them over the water when we are swimming or lounging around in the water.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Good Power Output
ConsWire is only 2ft
Best UsesOutdoors, Have 4 on my pontoon boat
By Smokey
May 18, 2012
Great sound
Have them set up around my camper for my music system.Good output and sound.
ProsEasy To Set Up, Good Power Output, Easy to Mount, Attractive Design, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesOutdoors
By Mike
Hillsborough, NJ
May 17, 2012
Great speakers
speakers sound great and are plenty powerful for around my 20x40 foot pool. I have these speakers on the far side of the pool facing the house, 2, 6 inch patio speakers under the deck facing out and 2, 4 inch patio speakers mounted to the house. All are routed to a speaker selector and hooked to my sonos. I have the rock speakes set at 2x the volume of the other speakers. The result is that the entire pool area is filled with sound without needing to crank the volume.
ProsEasy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesOutdoors
By DenMark2
Miami, FL
May 15, 2012
Rock Speakers Rock
Easy to install and working perfectly.
ProsEasy To Set Up, Attractive Design, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesBasic Systems, Outdoors
By Andrew
Atlanta, GA
February 1, 2012
Great speakers, good bass
I bought these for my outdoor patio. I did have wall mounted speakers on each side of the patio but one blew and it was time to research new outdoor speakers. I wanted more bass but didn't have a huge budget. I also wanted ground mounted because I dont want anymore wires hanging down the side of the house. These go well with my landscaping, they actually serve the purpose of decorating as well as functional speakers. It's in the middle of winter so I have not used them heavily, but I did test them out for a while one day. Very nice sound...highs, mids, lows. The only thing is that you have to aim them where you'll usually be listening. I have them pointed out to by backyard because thats where we play outdoor games. But when you come up to the house to go inside, it sounds kind of muffled or 'bassy' without the clear highs. It's mostly just due to the fact that I have a grill between me and 1 speaker and a patio table between me and the other speaker, so it blocks the highs/mids and echos the bass. I will have to aim them differently when summer comes around to see what sounds best. Other than that (which has nothing to do with the speaker itself), I dont think these could get much better! GREAT PRICE!!
ProsEasy To Setup, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Good Power Output
Best UsesHome, Outdoors
By Barbara the diver
Somerset, MA
October 27, 2011
great perforance and sound. Very happy
We use this product by the pool and really enjoy the music while floating and also use it for music while exercising.
ProsGood Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Easy to Mount, Attractive Design, Easy To Setup
Best UsesOutdoors
By ocnflite
Pompano Beach, Florida
September 29, 2011
Great Speaker
I replaced my old rock speakers, the efficiency is at least the stated 91dB, which is plenty to have the show going on with an amp only 2x20W. The bass is full and the sound altogether would let me even use it in a listening room setup if did like rocks inside. I definitely get another pair .
ProsEasy To Setup, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesOutdoors