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RX640 150W High Performance 6.5" Rock Speaker Pair (Sandstone Canyon Brown or Granite Grey)

Product code: OSD-RX640

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Features & Specifications

Sold as pair, the RX640 is a very popular landscape rock speaker for backyards, pools and gardens. Part of the fun is disguising the speakers so choose a color that best matches your landscape and place the speakers where a natural rock would be found. Typical locations for the rock speakers include rock formations for barriers around pools, ponds and spas or bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.

You'll Enjoy Great Sound
Customers are always pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of our RX640s. The 6.5" polypropylene woofer and 1" dome tweeter are acoustically matched to give you clear vibrant sound with good bass characteristics. If you're worried about how long they will last, rest assured that this two-way (woofer and tweeter) rock speaker system utilizes weather-resistant components for years of trouble-free performance.

Will these speakers hold up during winter months?
OSD outdoor speakers are developed with harsh conditions of the outdoors in mind. Our rock speakers use only non-water-absorbing materials and won't absorb any water. This is critical in winter so it won't freeze and crack. The shape is designed to withstand large amounts of pressure, extreme temperatures and moisture. It's important that outdoor speakers are an investment, so take good care of them. Storing them away during extreme winter months will lengthen the time you will get enjoying outdoor speakers. These rock speakers utilize weather-resistant components for years of trouble free performance.

Can I connect my rock speakers to an iPod or other MP3 device?
This is a common question and the answer is yes. Keep in mind, however, that these speakers are passive devices, meaning they do not have a built-in amplifier. You’ll need to connect to an amplifier or a receiver to power your new rock speakers. Customers typically store an amp/receiver in a tool shed or even run the speaker wires back to a receiver in the house. From there, they simply use the AUX input or RCA adaptor cable to connect their iPod, iPhone or other player to the receiver or amp. OSD Audio carries all the cables you need, which are very inexpensive, and the speaker wire as well.

What kind of cable should I use?
If you plan on burying the the cable (and most people do), we strongly recommend using OSD direct burial cable and waterproof wire connectors. These speaker cables that can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and high temperatures and incorporate twice the insulation and a formulated white polyethylene jacket that is U/V resistant.

To improve longevity of the surface quality on our outdoor speakers, place the rocks in a shaded area to prevent color fade from too much direct sunlight. It is recommended to keep our outdoor speakers out of contact with any chemicals that may be present in your yard. We encourage you to bring the speakers indoors or cover them up during the off seasons to ensure a longer life for the speaker


Other Product Info

Free Ground Shipping for a Limited Time
The landscape rock speakers are designed to simulate natural rocks within your landscape. Place the Patio Tune Rock speakers anywhere that a natural rock would be found. Typical locations for the rock speakers are: rock formations for barriers around pools, ponds and spas or bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.
They have 150 watts of power for each. The specially constructed two-way rock speaker systems utilize weather resistant components for years of trouble free performance. The polypropylene woofer and stamped Aluminum tweeter are acoustically matched to give you clear vibrant sound with good bass characteristics.
Perfect for background music or public address. Commercial applications include almost every Theme Park, Zoo, Amusement Center, Leisure Area, Civic Center, Hotel Chain and Golf Course.



18 Questions & 18 Answers
from asked:
June 18, 2018
Can I connect these to a sonos connect amp with two existing speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Mike: That is a question for SONOS. My understanding is the SONOS Connect Amplifier is only meant to drive a single pair of 8-ohm speakers at a time in parallel (4-ohm load). We recommend and sell many of our AMP200 along with the SONOS Connect. The AMP200 is stable down to 2 -ohm which allows you to connect three pairs of 8-ohm speakers in parallel. Of course, it is a true High Current Power Amplifier that weighs 24 pounds and features automatic source switching and has speaker A and B connection. TL/5061
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 18, 2018

from orlando, Florida asked:
May 30, 2018
can you pair multiple speakers. as in if I had 2 different pairs could I connect all 4 on the same device
1 Answer
Hi Carson: That is a loaded question which I would love to answer but I need a little bit more information about your layout. Is this just going to be two pairs of rock speakers? What is your source; Amplifier? Receiver etc.? Brand name and model numbers if you have them already. Contact me at tim@osdaudio> The simple answer is yes but there is a question regarding Impedance and matching the speakers to your Amplifier/Receiver. Let know more... TL/5014
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 30, 2018

from Phoenix asked:
February 1, 2018
I have a pair of AP650’s being driven by an Amp120 outside right now that I purchased a few weeks ago. Can I add a pair of these rock speakers to the Amp120 or would I need to upgrade to an amp200?
1 Answer
HI Jason: If you are planning to add a second pair of speakers and hoping to play both at the same time you would definitely be better off purchasing the AMP200. You do have a 30 day performance guarantee on the AMP120 if you bought it directly from Outdoor Speaker Depot. You could exchange it and purchase the AMP200. If you purchased it directly from AMAZON they also have a 30 day return policy and you could return the unit and purchase a replacement from them.The upgrade to the AMP200 is a smart move. Note: Push the speaker A button in on the AMP120, then push the Speaker B button in, notice that the A button pops out. We do that to discourage playing both Speaker A and Speaker B at the same time. The AMP does 8 ohms or higher (16 ohms) but 2 pair in parallel produces a 4 ohm load which is not recommend for this AMP. You will also notice a difference after listening to the AMP200; no listening fatigue. TL/4779
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 4, 2018

from New York asked:
October 10, 2017
Would these be a good candidates to run as a satellites with the Sub200? Looks like the recommended RS660s are discontinued.
1 Answer
Hi Ryan: The RX640 will work perfectly with the OM SUB 200. TL/4587
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 12, 2017

Jon S
from Chicago IL asked:
May 22, 2017
I noticed that the speakers are rated at 150W. My Denon receiver is only 80w p/channel. Is that enough and if not what is the minimum that these speakers require to sound good?
1 Answer
Hi Jon: These speakers are typically rated at 10 to 150 watts. You will notice the sensitivity is 91 dB which means there are efficient and do not take a lot of power to make them work. They will be a perfect match for your Denon Receiver which like all Denon products are usually very good. TL/4380
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 24, 2017

from Toronto, Canada asked:
July 13, 2016
I lost my charger - how can I obtain another one?
1 Answer
Hi Ron: The RX640 are a pair of Passive Rock Speakers that do not have or need a power Supply. What speakers do you have that need a power supply? We do have replacement Power Supplies for our Powered Bluetooth Speakers. TL/3982
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 14, 2016

from Conroe, TX asked:
April 19, 2016
I have two pair of these I would like to connect to a Pyle PT390BTU receiver which is rated at 8 ohms and 300 watts. It has 4 speaker terminals and they do state that it will run 4 speakers. I just want to make sure that this setup will work fine without having to use a speaker selector with impedance matching/limiting. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Brad: The combination should be fine. No need for Speaker Selector or Volume Controls. It is curious that they do not have away to switch between A or B speaker output. Most receivers will have speaker A or Speaker B or Both as options. Nice pre amp selection including Bluetooth. Good choice TL/3822
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 19, 2016

from TX asked:
November 29, 2015
Are they wireless?
1 Answer
Hi Donna, No - these speakers require to be wired to an amplifier or receiver. We do have Bluetooth Wireless rock speakers that can run off a smartphone or tablet.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 14, 2015

from Long Island asked:
June 14, 2015
I would be connecting a pair of these as well as a pair of Outdoor Speaker Pair Patio OSD Audio AP650 to a shared channel of a Sonance 3 channel 260 W per channel amp. Would that be appropriate power/sound wise?
1 Answer
HI Paul, Does it put out 260 wpc at 8ohm or 4ohm? If running both pairs off the same output, then you would be running a 4ohm load, which would generate more wpc than an 8ohm load would and may not even be possible with your receiver. Check your receiver specs in the owner's manual or online and see if that's possible to run a 4ohm load and how many watts per channel it pushes at 4ohms.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 16, 2015

from pennsylvania asked:
June 9, 2014
Do you have to run a separate wire from the source to each of the speakers or can you run the wire to the first speaker and then a wire from the first speaker to the second speaker?
1 Answer
Hi Jan, It's best to run a separate wire from each channel on the receiver, otherwise you will not get stereo sound. Also, if you try daisy chaining one speaker off the other, that will drop the load down and may not be stable for the amp/receiver to handle. BM 2740
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 9, 2014

from bridgewaterma. asked:
April 3, 2014
How many watts can the RX640 handle?
1 Answer
Hi Robert, The RX640 can handle a max of 150 watts peak, so you should give it around 60-100 watts for optimal sound. -BM 2593
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 3, 2014

from MA asked:
March 9, 2014
Dear OSD, , I have a 10-yr old Sony Receiver -- it is 5.1 channels (surround). The A/B switch only allows for 2 connections for each. If I wanted to buy 4 speakers could I use the 5.1 connections so that they all play the same source? Please advise. Many thanks, Mike
1 Answer
Hi Mike, Are you saying that you aren't utilizing the 5.1 for surround sound and are wondering if you can run a pair of speakers off one of the surround outputs? If so, you can do that, but it would probably be limited to surround mode, meaning you would not be hearing stereo out of those speakers, unless your AV receiver can switch to stereo mode. -BM 2526
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 10, 2014

from cairo.egypt asked:
August 11, 2013
I had 4 pairs of RX640 rock speakers. Is RX-5502 stereo receiver able to handle these speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Nooh: The RX-5502 is not Multi-Voltage so it will not work in Egypt. You would be better off using something like our AMP200 with a SSVC4 Speaker Selector with Internal Impedance matching Volume Controls or DSM4 a passive unit w/o Volume Controls and four individual OVC300 Volume Controls. TL-2135
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 23, 2013

from Orlando Florida asked:
March 8, 2013
Can these speakers be hooked up to a T.V. that uses digital audio coxial cable?
1 Answer
Hi Randy, Most TVs have pre-amplified speaker outputs that are either variable (controlled by TV's remote) or fixed (controlled by whatever amplifier or receiver it is connected to before connecting the speakers). The RX640 rock speakers are passive and need an amplifier or receiver to power them. A digital coax connection would be for connecting to an audio/video receiver that features a digital input. There are Sound Bars that feature a digital input for direct connection to the TV. TL/MA #1687
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 10, 2013

from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada asked:
October 7, 2012
Already own some of your other products and have no complaints. Are these speakers able to be directly rained on? They will be outside during the summer months at the cottage, and we will not always be able to bring them in if it rains.
1 Answer
Hi James, Our speakers are designed specifically for the outdoors and can withstand rain. Any extra protection you can give them in extreme weather is always recommended. We suggest covering them or brining them inside during heavy storms. The extra protection will only add to the longevity of your investment. CL/MA 1321
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 8, 2012

from Orange COunty, CA asked:
June 25, 2012
can these speakers be input directly into an iPod or other Mp3 device or do they have to go thru an amp?
1 Answer
Hi Jackson, You need to connect to an amplifier first before connecting to the RX640 speakers. Our AMP120 allows you to connect two sources and automatically switch between them. Input number one takes priority while it is active. When you turn source one off, the second source starts to play after a brief pause. We have all the cables you need to connect to the amplifier from your iPod and the speaker wire you need to run to your rock speakers. TL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 26, 2012

from Chicago asked:
November 9, 2011
Can these speakers endure the hot Arizona heat?
1 Answer
Yes, there is a reason why we are the number one internet site for outdoor speakers. We have been building and designing all types of outdoor speakers including Rocks, Patio and Garden speakers since 2003. We are based in Orange County California and Arizona is one of our biggest markets. Extreme heat no problem. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 10, 2011

from Fair Oaks, CA asked:
November 6, 2011
Hi, My husband have been talking about getting speakers that look like rocks... Mrs. Claus wants to buy them for him. Are they hard to install and do you have a ton of wire outside from your source. Any assistance would be appreciated. I am technology challenged. Thanks, Mrs.Claus
1 Answer
You’ve chosen a great gift for your husband, Mrs Claus! Most of our customers install their rocks themselves so it’s not particularly difficult. The challenge is connecting the speakers to the source. The speakers you are looking at come in stereo pairs and both need to be wired back to the source. Since your husband has expressed interest in rock speakers, he probably already understands what’s involved. We offer the special CL3 speaker cables you will need to run outside (direct burial cables). OSD has the largest selection of outdoor rock speakers available in multiple colors and sizes (6.5" & 8" speaker). We do have a couple wireless options as well. Here’s a great article on choosing the right speaker. MA/TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 7, 2011

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