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RX550 5.25" Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair 100W (Sandstone Canyon Brown, Slate Dark Grey, or Granite Light Grey)

Product code: OSD-RX550

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Features & Specifications

The OSD Audio RX550 5.25-Inch Outdoor Rock Speakers provide superb sound quality. They look right at home by the pool, in the garden or in any other outdoor environment. Ideal for residential or commercial use in hotels, resorts, alfresco dining and country club settings, the OSD RX550 Outdoor Rock Speakers let you create the perfect audio in nearly any environment. These rock speakers are housed in an acoustically inert enclosures that are designed from aerospace-grade, multi-layer composite cabinetry. With all-weather construction that withstands high temperatures, rain and other severe weather conditions, these faux rock outdoor speakers are available in brown, slate and white granite styles.

See the many rock outdoor speaker reviews from our satisfied customers.

• All-weather components withstand rain, high temperatures, and other harsh weather conditions
• Acoustically inert enclosure made from aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry
• Designed specifically for outdoor environments with excellent sound quality
• Available in different colors to match your environment

Installing Rock Speakers
Installing these speakers can be very simple; just decide where you want them to go and run the speaker wire from the desired sound source. Most outdoor speakers are passive devices, which means they do not have built-in amplification and will need a source of power. Most customers connect their outdoor speakers directly to household amplification, that is directly to a home receiver or outboard receiver stored safely in a tool shed or other covered space where it is protected from the elements. The OSD team recommends you bury it 4-6” underground so that it's not visible nor pose a danger of somebody tripping over it. We also recommend using CL3 rated outdoor speaker wire specifically designed for the outdoors.

Extremely Durable
Many OSD Audio customers ask if our rock speakers can take a "Chicago winter" or an "Arizona summer," and we tell them yes. The enclosure and internal components are specially designed and sealed against all kinds of weather. We also remind folks, however, that it's not a bad idea to store the speakers during months when no one would dare to be outside. Doing this will only add to the longevity of your new outdoor speakers.


Other Product Info

These landscape rock speakers are designed to simulate natural rocks within your landscape. Place the Patio Tune Rock speakers anywhere a natural rock would be found. Typical locations for the rock speakers are: rock formations for barriers around pools, ponds and spas, bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.

They have a combined 200 watts power for a pair. The specially constructed two-way rock speaker systems utilize weather resistant components for years of trouble free performance. The polypropylene woofer and stamped Aluminum tweeter are acoustically matched to give you clear vibrant sound with good bass characteristics.

Perfect for background music or public address. Commercial applications include almost every Theme Park, Zoo, Amusement Center, Leisure Area, Civic Center, Hotel Chain and Golf Course.



13 Questions & 14 Answers
from San Francisco, CA asked:
July 25, 2017
I received these speakers as a gift. What is the best receiver-amplifier to use with them? I would like them to be loud because we have outdoor parties, but I don't need any fancy features like USB, Bluetooth, AM/FM, etc. I am hoping to find something in the $50-$100 range that is small and well designed. I am absolutely baffled by the amount of information and misinformation available online. I literally have a masters degree in electrical engineering and can't seem to figure it out. Shouldn't this be easy? Thanks!
1 Answer
Hi Steven: The best choice for you would be the Class D XMP100 Power Amplifier. You have the ability to drive both a single or two pair of the RX550. The amp also features Automatic dual source switching so you have multiple sources you can choose from. It also features Bass an Treble controls, and front panel Volume and Balance knobs. And you even have three options to turn the unit on including Manual on/off, Auto Sensing and a hard wire connection for a 12 volt trigger. Want more sources checkout our Pre One, Pre amplifier which you can add to the XMP100. TL/4485
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 27, 2017

from Rexburg, Idaho asked:
October 18, 2017
How snow resistant are these? I am a city audio engineer looking into these for an outdoor pavilion in Idaho. We have a ton of snow throughout November-February.
1 Answer
Hi Emily: Can you tell me alittle more about your project? Are you limited to only Rock Speakers? Will the sytem be 70V? Have you considered patio type speakers; our highest commercially certified weatherproof speakers the AP525 and AP650 also have built in 70V transformers. Avaialble in white or black and feature unique mounting brackets not only swivel but tilt as well., let me know if you need to discuss further. TL/4600
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 22, 2017

Billy Wresch
from New York asked:
December 21, 2014
Can I use these with an OSD-AMP60, will that do the job?
1 Answer
Hi Billy, Yes the AMP60 would be a good amp to power one pair of the RX550's. If you're looking to do more than one pair, I suggest going to the AMP120. CS 3065
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 23, 2014

from Phila PA asked:
August 18, 2014
why doesn't your website allow for a choice in color? I am looking for canyon brown color.
1 Answer
Hi Steve, These are only available in grey right now.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 26, 2014

from Hamilton ontario asked:
November 27, 2013
Thought it was free shippingw
1 Answer
Hi Josephine, We offer free ground shipping to anywhere in the US. Free shipping does not apply outside the US. I believe Amazon Canada carries this model and should be able to give you a better rate. Hope that helps! Thanks. -BM 2359
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 29, 2013

from Brazil asked:
October 1, 2013
is 100W the power handling for each speaker or for the pair ?
1 Answer
Hi Mauricio, That is the max power handling for each speaker individually. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2252
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 17, 2013

from Fairfield, CT asked:
July 9, 2013
Am I able to connect an ipod/ iphone up to these?
1 Answer
Thanks for the question. The RX550 need to be powered by an amplifier, thus you wouldn't be able to run a mobile device directly to the speakers, but you can run your iPhone to the amp which would then power the speakers. You may be interested in our WR-150 wireless rock speaker system, in which you would be able to run your device to the transmitter in this system. Call us at 562-697-2600 to discuss! -BM 2068
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 12, 2013

from Montreal, Canada asked:
June 10, 2013
Hello, I have the following stereo shelf system Sony MCH-E609ip and I would like to know if i can connect two pairs of RX550 on it? I will keep the two original speakers connected to the system in my toolshed, and split the wires to connect the rock speakers, is this the right way to do it? The spécifications on the system says that the speaker impedance is 12 ohms. Her's the link to the system: Thanks for your help.
1 Answer
Hi Dominic, Stereos have as many outputs as speakers they can drive. We would not recommend wiring in this manner. For two pairs of speakers, consider a receiver like the Sherwood RX4105 to drive them. CL/MA 1962
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 11, 2013

from West Palm Beach, FL asked:
July 29, 2012
What wattage amplifier do I need to power these speakers? I see the specification is 100 Watts. Is that for both? Lets say they are 50 watts each max. Then do I need a 100 watt amplifier?
1 Answer
Joe, Most receivers are about 100watts per channel, those would work out ideal. You could get by with a smaller amp but you would not be using the speaker to their full potential CL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 30, 2012

deb gresh
from Greensboro, PA asked:
July 5, 2012
Can we plug into our flat screen we have on our deck? Would like to put speakers on pation below so we can hear TV a little better, during football season and bonfires :)
2 Answers
Deb, These rocks are passive so they need something like an AMP or receiver to power them. Even a stereo would power them and you can defiantly use your TV as an audio source by connecting it with an RCA (red and white) to the amp or receiver. You are unable to wire them, you might consider wireless speakers. We have the WR150 and larger WR800 that are basically just plug and play. They are self powered. CL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 6, 2012
Hi Deb: These speakers are passive and need to have some sort of power source. Do you have a clean dry area where you can mount a small amplifier like our AMP120. It features automatic source switching. Your TV could be connected to Line 1 while connecting an iPod or iPhone to Line 2 input. While the TV is playing it would take priority over the Line 2 (iPod). Once you turn the TV off, line 2 would become active an you could play whatever you had connected. You could also select our wireless Rocks or Patio speakers which the TV would plug directly into the Wireless Transmitter. The audio signal would be sent to the main Rock or Patio speaker that has the Wireless Receiver and Power Amplifier built-in. The second speaker in both cases (rock or patio) needs to be hard wired from the main speaker with a supplied cable. In both cases you will need to be able to connect a Power Supply for the Transmitter (connected to the TV) and also big Power Supply to the Main rock as well. Checkout or WR-800 Wireless Rock Speaker or the WPA-650 Wireless Patio Speaker. Those are a couple of your choices. TL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 6, 2012

from New Jersey asked:
May 29, 2012
I am planning on using these speakers by my pool where they will have exposure to direct sun and rain. I will be using them during the months May - September. How will they hold up to the elements?
1 Answer
Hi Bob: All of our rocks are built to withstand the elements. It is recommended to put them away during the months you will not be using them. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 29, 2012

from Cornwall Ontario Canada asked:
May 12, 2012
I was wondering if there was speaker wire attached to the product and if so how long???
1 Answer
Hi Devin: There is a three foot lead coming out of the bottom of the speaker. We also offer CL3 Rated Direct Burial Cable in 16/2 (16 Gauge two conductor) for runs up to 80 feet and 14/2 (14 Gauge two conductor) for longer runs. We also recommend our Aqua Blue Direct Burial connectors for terminating the speaker cables to the three foot leads. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 13, 2012

from Miami, Florida asked:
January 31, 2012
How would i go about exchanging the product i have if it is damaged and i have a warranty?
1 Answer
Hi Matthew: Please contact Brennan our returns specialist... brennan or call 1-888-779-4968 TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 1, 2012

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