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Commercial 70V Amplifiers

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When you need a multi-tasking amp for a commercial space, consider getting one of these premium 70V amplifiers from Outdoor Speaker Depot. Each one features a range of convenient features and powerful capabilities that take your sound system to the next level. Read more...
For example, you can choose the OSD-PA90 to get 70V, 100V and 8 ohm outputs along with three microphone input connections. Plus, this model features independent volume control for CD players, MP3 players, iPods, radios and other music sources. It can even connect to as many as 10 70V speakers (tapped in at 5 watts each) to give your powerful surround sound in larger spaces. From retail stores to office buildings to outdoor venues, this high-impedance amp has the ability to offer excellent sound quality even with long cable runs.

If you need to add more speakers to your existing system, consider the MTR Amp/Transformer from OSD. This unit makes it easy to take a traditional 8-ohm amp and turn it into a 70V amplifier, which is ideal for commercial applications. You can use the MTR Amp/Transformer to run additional 70V speakers with transformer taps. Similarly, we offer a weather-resistant version of this transformer to make sure you can enjoy the same sound quality and convenient setup in your home's outdoor areas.

These are just two of the great options you'll find for indoor and outdoor 70V amplifiers at Outdoor Speaker Depot. In addition to providing high-quality sound and easy installation, these units are more affordable than many other brands. You'll get the same high-quality audio for your commercial space without having to pay the higher price. Plus, we offer helpful buying guides and installation videos to help you choose and setup your new amp. If you experience any issues, just contact our representatives to take advantage of the lifetime technical support you get free of charge with every purchase.

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