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A/V Cables

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The Strongest Links in the Audio Chain

Source equipment and speakers tend to get most of the attention, but if you really want to put your “ears first,” invest in quality cables that provide the best signal transfer possible. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, but there are key features to consider when choosing the right cable for the job. For speaker, RCA, and other cables that run from source equipment to speakers, make sure they include pure copper conductors for excellent signal transfer as well as heavy-duty shielding to prevent hum and buzz from entering. The same is true for HDMI cables. Expensive or cheap HDMI cables perform relatively the same, but the difference is in durability. Look for cables with reinforced jackets and connectors that can withstand being plugged in and out frequently, especially for gaming systems. Outdoor speaker wire should be burial rated and insulated to withstand freezing or sizzling hot temperatures, and in-wall speaker cable should be CL2/CL3 rated for fire safety. At Outdoor Speaker Depot, you’ll find a wide range of cables, from moderately priced, high performing in-wall cable, to audiophile-grade Aurum cables that provide the ultimate surround sound experience.