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Outdoor Speaker Depot’s Outlet store is the place to go to find bargain prices on amplifiers, cables, TV mounts, and accessories. Sometimes customers return items because they measured incorrectly, or the HDMI cable is too long or too short. Sometimes the item is slightly scratched or dented during shipping, or we simply have to make room in our warehouse for new stock items. This is called B stock, and we can’t and won’t sell it as new, so it winds up in our Outlet at steeply discounted prices. It’s a win-win situation because we clear space and you get a brag-worthy price. All of our Outlet items are thoroughly inspected, and amps are bench tested to make sure every component performs perfectly. Cables may arrive in torn or taped-up packaging but rest assured, they are 100% equal to what you would find in our standard inventory.  If you’re the kind of shopper who loves a great deal, you’ll find prices here you won’t find anywhere else.