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Behind the scenes of any killer audio system is an amplifier or pre-amp that supplies the perfect balance of clean and reliable power. While we advise purchasing the best speakers you can afford to pair with an Outdoor Speaker Depot amplifier; we also know that good power goes a long way in enhancing sound, whether it be in a dedicated home theater, high-end listening room, or 70V commercial application where power supplies are stretched to the max. For outdoor applications, Outdoor Speaker Depot mono subwoofer amplifiers allow you to design a system that overcomes ambient noises like traffic and wind, so sound comes through clearly and robustly. Every electrical component is carefully orchestrated in every one of our amplifiers, and we invest in Class D technology that runs cooler, more efficiently, and is more ecofriendly than traditional A/B amps. An amp should look as good as it sounds, which is why Outdoor Speaker Depot amps are slim-fitting with front panel indicators that are drop-dead stunning on shelves or racks.