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Whether you’re designing a whole house audio system, dedicated home theater, or gaming room, cable plays a crucial role in the performance of your system. Poor quality or mismatched cable can be the weakest link in the audio chain, so it’s important to invest in good connections. There’s no reason to spend a fortune, however, because there are a lot of exaggerated claims about A/V cable. OSD offers every type of cable you need, including ultra-high-end Aurum A/V cables, CL/CL3-rated in-wall, and outdoor-rated speaker wire. We also offer value and premium high-speed 4K HDMI, and while HDMI cable is pretty much the same no matter where you buy it, the difference is the durability. Since HDMI cables are plugged and unplugged frequently, the connectors wear out and break. Our HDMI cables include reinforced jackets and connectors that will last. To keep your cable runs tidy, choose from a variety A/V cable wall plates, speaker binder plates and cable bundle wall plates that will give your system a professional look.