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Bundle Cable Wall Plates

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If you have a home theater or commercial sound system and you'd like a clean way of passing wiring and cables through a wall, consider a cable wall plate installation. These bundle cable wall plates are the perfect solution. They're made from rigid ABS plastic and extremely durable. A wall cable entry plate will let you pass low voltage RCA audio, VGA cables, fiber optic cables and HDMI cables through a wall. They can be extremely useful when you have many cables at the wall that makes termination at the plate impractical. A bulk cable wall plate provides a finished, professional appearance.

There are various styles to choose from, and all are low profile and unobtrusive, as they sit flush to the wall surface. They're designed to be used with standard single gang or dual gang U.S. junction boxes. They're available with different cutout sizes, and are made with an angle so that equipment can be placed close to the wall. You'll find single and dual gang reversible cable entrance plates, cable entrance plates with removable front plates and single gang wall plates. Larger cable entry brackets are made with slotted covers to accept a bundle of wiring.