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PAM245 240W High Power Class D Multi-Channel Commercial 70 Volt Amplifier w/ IR Remote

Product code: PAM-245

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Features & Specifications

We have taken our customers’ input and created the perfect amplifier for almost any application. In addition to the great features you’ve come to expect in a OSD Audio amplifier, the PA series has ample inputs, an included IR-remote control, an RS232 input for integration with control systems, front panel locking capability, and includes all rack-mounting hardware. With a stylish appearance and all these additional features at a price similar to previous generation amplifiers, the PA series is sure to become your go-to amplifier.



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11 Questions & 11 Answers
from San Diego, CA asked:
September 19, 2019
Where is this AMP made?
1 Answer
Hi Rodrigo:

The PAM245 built in China based upon our design.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on September 19, 2019

Carlos Torres
from Riverside Ca. asked:
June 4, 2018
I have to install 16 MK640 speakers will this reciver be good and what type of volume control will best to use
1 Answer
HI Carlos: The PAM245 is best for a 70V solution, which would mean adding a 70GV transformer for all 16 MK640 speakers. Are you looking for stereo pairs or will mono work better based on your speaker placement? I would recommend our AMP300 power amp, Pre One Preamplifier, TSM8 Speaker Selector which has excellent impedance protection built in or you can add Impedance Matching volume controls. The Pre One has a stereo Mono switch option if you are not worrying about stereo separation. You would have 8 zones with on/off switch per zone and even though you are dealing with mono you would connect them as left and right. An 8-ohm system will give better sound quality and more output. Let me know what you think: TL/5032
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 6, 2018

from Miami, FL. asked:
December 26, 2017
Can I connect 13 ICE620ST speakers to a single output of the PAM245? I need to listen to a single audio zone at the same volume level
1 Answer
Hi Henry: Absolutely you can connect the 13 ICE-620ST (set at the max 10W). That will leave you a little over 60 watts or 6 more ICE-620ST which you could add the 13 on zone 1 or connect to any of the four remaining zones. You figure you have 80% of the listed power available to you so 196 Watts of the 240. You also have the option of setting anyone of the 13 ICE-620ST at a lower setting in case you want it to play lower than the others (5W or 2.5W). Lots of flexiiblty. TL/4715
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 28, 2017

from Alabama asked:
December 22, 2017
I have a need to add more speakers playing the same source music, but it is going to put me over the wattage limit on the PAM245 I currently have. What is the correct way to daisy chain these amps?
1 Answer
Hi Ken: Just connect a second PAM245 to the two RCA labeled as Audio Output. Just connect with an RCA stereo patch cable, then you have another 240 watts (192 to 216 available watts) where you connect however many speakers. I am checking with our engineers on how this works. I am assuming the pass through is identical to what you are outputting on the first PAM245, and then you just adjust with the Master Volume Control on the second PAM245. TL/ 4704
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 24, 2017

from Virginia asked:
November 14, 2017
4 zones 6 speakers each zone at 70 volts 32w. Will this amp work?
1 Answer
Hi Chris: The Amplifier is rated at 240 watts, with the actual range of 192 to 216 watts available. If you connect 4 zones with 6 speakers with your power tap set to 32W then you would need 768 watts. Based upon this you would need one PAM245 per zone (192 watts per that zone). You could set your speakers to 16W and then use 2 PAM245 per two zones. You would daisy chain the two PAM245 together. And just use two of the five zones available on each PAM245 connecting 6 to each zone. You also have the flexibility to create 2 sub zones in of the four main zones. That would give you more flexibility in wiring. I hope that helps TL/4649
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 16, 2017

from El Monte,CA asked:
November 8, 2017
I have not see PA-270 amp on website any more, can we order it in the future?
1 Answer
Hi Jonathan: The PAM245 is a direct replacement for the PA-270. It also features 5 zones that can be configured many different ways. And they are in stock. TL/4634
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 8, 2017

from El Monte,CA asked:
November 8, 2017
on 70v,if only connect one zone for 70v speakers,would it still bring 240 Watt output power?
1 Answer
Hi Jonathan: The amplifier features 5 zones but it really depends on what you choose to connect to each zone dictates how much will be dedicated to that zone output. technically you want to calculate how much is 80 to 90 percent of 240 watts to show what is actually available for you to use. So when you total up all the speakers you want to use and have set the power taps on each that number should range between 192 and 216 watts. So if you connect 7 speakers with the tap set at 30 watts it would total 210 watts and be under the 216 max setting. And all of the power would be sent to zone 1. If you were to connect 4 speakers to Zone 1 (4 x 30= 120) and Zone 2 you connect 3 speakers (3 x 30 = 90) that would work as well because the total watts you are drawing 210 would be under the 216 ceiling. So each channel is based upon what speakers you connect to each and what ever the power taps are set at. And you do not have to set each speaker to the same power Tap setting. Good Question TL/4633
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 16, 2017

from LA asked:
November 7, 2017
If only connect zone 1 output With 70v,IT still Will bring total 240watt or not? I have not see PA270 amp any more.
1 Answer
Hi Jonathan: Yes, if you only use the one zone output you will have all 240 or 80 to 90% available for your project. In fact you determine what each zone will have available based upon what you connect together and have each speaker tap set to. You just have to make sure the sum total is within the 80 to 90 percent of the available power. And in the case of the PAM245 that would be 240 watts with a range of 192 (80%) to 216 (90%). TL/4630
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 11, 2017

from New York asked:
September 24, 2016
What 70 Volts Amp. do I need to run 20 70 Volts Speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Nick: We have three 70 Volt Amp/Pre-amp/Mixers... The PA 270; 240 watts, PA 150; 120 Watts and PA 90 is 60 watts. To calculate the wattage you are looking for you multiple the speakers by the tap setting you select on the speakers. 20 speakers x 10 watts = 200 watts + 20% (200 x 20% = 40) = 240 watts. This is a link to a handy calculator: The PA 270 would work perfect for these 20 speakers set to 10 watts. Note you do not need to set all speakers at the same value. You could set 4 of the speakers to 15 watts (to play louder in comparison to those set at 10 watts) and set 4 others to 5 watts to balance out the system. These will at a lower level compared to the 10 watt and of course the 15 watt speakers. The rule of thumb is the total wattage of the speakers should be a maximum of 80% of the available wattage from the amplifier. You can also daisy chain our PA series amp/mixers for higher total power. So the PA 270 work for you at with each speaker set at 10 watts. The PA 150 would work for your 20 speakers at 5 watt power tap per each. Also checkout our 70V MVC Mono 70 Watt Volume controls (100, 50 and 25 Watt) with unique Pass through capability for daisy chain installation. TL/4077
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 27, 2016

from Minnesota asked:
February 28, 2018
What are the product dimensions as well as network rack size (2u)?
1 Answer
Hi Andrew: Here are Dimensions for PAM245 2U rack space Width 16 3/4" x 4" height w. Pegs/feet x 12 3/4" deep (from front knobs to back terminals) TL/4824
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 28, 2018

Garry Nelson
from Pilot Mountain, NC asked:
June 15, 2014
What 70V amp do I need to run 6 70V 75W Speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Garry, You would need the PA270 at the very least. Are the speakers limited to a minimum wattage tap of 75? BM 2753
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 16, 2014

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