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HDMI Cables

The Latest HDMI Technology and More, Both OSD Value and Premium versions of HDMI cable offer High Speed V1.4. Both support 3D and 1440P and include gold plated contacts and high density shielding. The main difference is the housing. Our Premium HDMI cable includes a metal housing with black nickel plate. This sturdier design is best if you plan on connecting and reconnecting your HDMI cable frequently. If your cable is going to stay put for a while, value will work just fine. Read more...
The OSD Audio brand of discount HDMI cables is the best value on the market, but don't let the low prices fool you. Our cheap HDMI cables are high quality without the high prices. These certified HDMI and HDMI cables are the same bandwidth and perform the same in real world applications as much pricier cables so you can save big and get the same quality.