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IR22CG Infrared Visible Dual Eye Emitter Extender

Product code: OSD-IR22CG

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Features & Specifications

This dual-eye IR emitter allows you to operate two devices from a single port. The cable is 10 feet long and split three feet from the end. Like all our new IR products, the dual-eye emitter is rated at 30 AWG and is more durable than other brands. The thicker cable allows you to position the cable neatly under the device and to the window with no worries of the cable pinching or tearing. Adhesive 3M tape provides optimal security so it won’t suddenly fall off like other brands. The emitter eye shell looks black yet is designed to allow remote control IR signal to easily pass through. The unique color and shape of the eye shell help deflect sunlight and other spectrums that can interfere with remote control operation. Another feature of the eye shell is it can easily be removed in case you want to place the emitter inside of the DVD player, stereo receiver etc.

Important Note: Our emitters and IR extension cables are compatible with most IR devices and name brand IR blocks, media centers, TiVO, etc. The device must have a 3.5mm nickel-plated mono jack to plug the IR emitter into (usually marked IR OUT). Be aware that this cable is not intended for any type of CATV, HD DVR or Set Top Box. This is an emitter and not a receiver! This product works with TiVO, NextGen, connecting blocks, and other IR extenders, repeaters. SLingBox requires our 2.5mm to 3.5mm mono adapter.



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