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Motorized Ceiling Speakers

Tailor the Sweet Spot with Motorized In-ceiling Speakers!

For a truly custom home theater surround sound experience, consider installing motorized in-ceiling speakers. With the push of a button, these speakers descend and tilt to your favorite listening spot. When the movie's over, the speakers retract to a barely visible position.

You can use either a remote control signal or power on (speaker signal) signal to control the movement of the speakers. By targeting the listening sweet spot, motorized speakers can increase the sound accuracy and your enjoyment of movies or music.

All of the electrical motors that drive the speakers are designed with a 25 year life span, even if you use them three times a day, 365 days a year! The speakers are made of quality components like Kevlar woofers, metal tweeters, and a sophisticated crossover network to make sure you get the highest quality sound possible.