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PAM1270 12x Channel, 6x Zone 70V/100V/8 Ohm Commercial Multi Combination Amplifier with IR Remote Control and IP Addressable RS232 connection

Product code: KIT-PAM1270MULTIIR

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Features & Specifications

The OSD PAM-1270 is a major step forward in installation amplifiers technology. It features either Twelve Zone mono channels (70V) or Six Stereo Zones (8/4 Ohm) or a combination of both 70V and 8/4 Ohm 85% class D design technology, can operate as 6 independent Stereo Zone amplifiers. Self-explanatory Input and Output connections are easy to follow since any of the 12 mono amplifiers can be connected to either 70-Volt, 8-Ohm or 4-ohm speaker circuits.

Each of the 12 mono amplifiers has their own input and output connectors and level Controls. Up to 6 stereo Zones (4-ohm or 70-Volt at 50Watts/channel), 6 mono/bridged Zone amplifiers (110 Watt bridged 8-ohm). Each zone can be configured independently allowing a combination of Stereo 4-ohm or 70Volt and Mono/Bridged 8-ohm. Dual-function LEDs on the front panel provide both activity and Clip indication for each pair of amplifiers. Additional features selectable on the back panel include Six Limiter Button and Six Stereo/Bridge modes for the individual Stereo or Bridged Mono Zones. The Channel Input Line/Bus switch selects between either the Bus Input (button depressed) or the individual Zone's Input signal.

The PAM-1270 includes a RS232 for IP interface with Home Automation Systems Additional features include: any amplifier with no signal at its input is automatically shut off and the CA1250 is Multi Voltage; able to operate either on 110V-120V/60Hz or 220V-240V /50Hz AC mains.


Other Product Info

Physical location and mounting

The PAM-1270 is convection cooled. That is, it depends on the natural free flow of air up through the slot perforations in the bottom plate, over the internal heat dissipating fins, then out the top cover, for adequate cooling.
2. The PAM-1270 is designed for mounting into standard 19" (483mm) racks or on flat horizontal surfaces.
3. If mounted in an equipment cabinet or other confining location, allow at least 2 inches of space above the top cover (see Fig. above). Be sure there are large openings in the shelf below the unit and in the cabinet to allow the entry of cool air and the escape of warm air.
4. If the cabinet contains other heat generating components or you are using several PAM-1270’s, you will have to pay even closer attention to adequate ventilation.
5. Do not hesitate to use fans (quiet, boxer type), if necessary, to ensure a constant flow of air through the CA1250's and the other heat generating components.
6. When installing the PAM-1270 in a rack, please use racks that feature rear support provision. Adding a single RU (Rack Unit) above and below the PAM-1270 will improve convection in heavy use applications. [One Rack Unit size = 1-3/4" (44.5mm) in height].
7. In some installations, you may have large bundles of wire and cable to accommodate audio and speaker connections. Be sure to allow enough room for the leads and dress them in such a manner so as not to block airflow.

RS232, IR and Voltage Trigger Lines

Download PAM-1270 RS Commands and Queries Guide to program the Codes needed to connect to an RS232 Controller.
The OSD PAM-1270 includes a full function Remote Control. A custom IR kit is being developed for the interface so you can control the functions of the PAM-1270. the IR codes are available so you will be able to program for a Universal Remote Control. Each Stereo Zone/Bridges Mono features a connector with IR +, Ground, Mute and Status Port
Master Global Trigger In (+3 to +30V DC) and Trigger Out (+12V DC) for turn on of the PAM-1270 or external components equipped with 12 volt trigger. Plus individual Line/Bus Triggers input per Stereo Zone/Bridged Mono Zone.


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7 Questions & 7 Answers
Scott J
from Houston, TX asked:
January 7, 2020
I am using a pair of HEOS Superlink preamps to drive the amp (3 stereo outputs from each preamp).  My problem is that I don't see a way to trigger the amp to turn on.  I have turned off 

the IR/RS-232 control to the system.  But the HEOS preamps provide a trigger output for each stereo group, rather than a common trigger output.  Is it possible to just leave the amp 

turned on all of the time?  

1 Answer
Hi Scott J:

There is no problem leaving the amplifier on when pausing your music. Technically after a certain amount of time, each zone should go into standby while waiting for the signal to reappear. The corresponding Zone LED on the front panel should turn from green to white, signaling the zone/room going into standby. Please let me know if that is the case;

TL/ 5764         

Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 15, 2020

paul morady
from malibbu, Ca;fornia asked:
November 18, 2019
I have purchased this item along with other devices. no technician has been able to make this item work. they all tell me its not working, but it is brand new from your shop.Do you have a tech who can come to my house to connect?

PAM1270 12x Channel, 6x Zone 70V/100V/8 Ohm Commercial Multi Combination Amplifier with IR Remote Control and IP Addressable RS232 connection

Was: $1,499.95

1 Answer
Hi Paul: 

I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with the PAM1270. Did you pick out the PAM1270 or was it recommended by your Integrator? Can you tell me about your application so I might be able to help you out?


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on November 20, 2019

from NY asked:
April 7, 2019
There are 12 zones in our home. A local company recommended 2 Sonance 1250 amps and 3 Sonos Connects. We have wall volume controls in 6 of the zones and were told we can still use them or opt to use Sonos wifi as well. Does the 1270 offer identical power and features as the 1250 and will it work with the same with the 3 Sonos Connects? Also, does the 1270 offer features that the 1250 does not? Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Jim: The PAM1270 would not work for your application. The MX1260 would be a better choice since it has 2 Universal bus inputs so you could get away with 4 SONOS Connects controlling three zones each. We are also planning on adding both an eight channel (4 zones) and 16 Channel (8 zones) even with dual bus inputs. This way you could have 4 zones controlled by the three SONOS Connects. It's not clear if the Sonance has a double bus or a single bus input. Power is the same. And the MX1260 maybe cheaper and simpler to set up than the Sonance. The volume controls would not have impedance matching duties so will not be a problem having only six zones covered. In each case, the volume control would connect to each independent 8-ohm amplifier. Are the three SONOS Connects the only SONOS utilized in your system? We have just introduced our new NERO Wi-Fi Link at $59.00 which could provide you up to 12 independent sources (app controlled) at around the cost of 2 SONOS Connects. The app has been available for 30 days and features Spotify, inTune Radio and IHeart Radio. And we just added Alexa as well. TL/5497
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 14, 2019

Matt O ECS
from Albion,PA asked:
April 1, 2019
for the Pam 1270 12 zone amp is there a remote input selector switch available? using in hotel meeting rooms where amps in A/V room but can remotely combine speakers and change inputs remotely. thanks Matt O.
1 Answer
Hi Matt: Please contact Ed our internal Sales Manager and resident Pam1270 Expert. He is at 562-697-2600 extension 102. TL/5482
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 11, 2019

from Mont Tremblant Qc asked:
January 18, 2018
looking at this to run 70v , so it is simple to assume you have 12 outputs at 30w each with 12 mono inputs as well?
1 Answer
Hi Mark: Yes this has 12 mono inputs or six stereo inputs. It also has a bus system that has a mono input so you can have 12 channels from the bus or any combination of bus channels and direct input. You can also do either 70V or 8 ohm or a combination of both. You can also bridge two channels together. The Amp includes a 6 zone IR kit that hard wires into input connector for each zone. That works for all 6 zones. You can add individual IR kits for each zone, these are optional and there is a charge for the additional IR kits. The unit also has RS232 connections. Checkout the owners manual on the web page for info on the IR, RS232 and Bus input. TL/4758
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 18, 2018

from Sweden asked:
September 5, 2017
I am planning to install 6 zones with 5 stereo speakers in ceiling (5 rooms) and 2 "mono stereo" in ceiling (2 bathrooms) I have been looking at the Denon Heos drive where I can use an App to controll every room seperatly (different music in all rooms) or combine all the rooms to be able to play the same music in all rooms (for example Spotify). So my question is if the PAM1270 can do the above? Or do I need to combine it with a music streamer of some sort or something else? Thanks, Alex
1 Answer
Hi Alex: I am not sure if the PAM 1270 would work for your application. I am pretty sure for you to control the DENON Heos for all six zones you will need at least 6 individual links. I am assuming you will have a pair of stereo speakers in 4 rooms and 2 pair in the fifth room. Plus a single stereo/mono speaker in each of your two rooms. That would actually be 7 zones, since each of the stereo/mono speakers are connected to a stereo signal one left and one right to input of the Dual voice coil stereo/mono speaker. Now if you were connecting two speakers in your master bedroom you could connect the master bedroom in parallel to the master bedroom which also means it would play the same music for both but you would now have 6 zones. And you could connect and control six zones with six zones but you would have to sync all six to make them play the same throughout the whole house. That would be a question for DENON. There are other ways of doing this manually but with only two sources based upon what else we can offer. You know Denon has a Heos AMP similar to the SONOS Connect Amp which you would need six or even 7 of them to control your setup. That would be $3,000 to $3,500 US before adding any speakers. Maybe Denon has something else I do not know about but that is what the offer here in the US. Let me know if we can help you further. TL/4550
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 21, 2017

from College Point, NY asked:
May 15, 2016
I bought this item to conect to a Yamaha RX V679 receiver and to make 6 zones for my home. I want to be able to turn and off and to pop up and down the volume of each zone. I understand the IP Addressable RS232 will allow me to do this if I buy a serial controller and a license software to manage this (but his can be pricy just for pup and down volumen and swich off the zones). Anyone can recommend a cheaper solution?
1 Answer
Hi Oscar: A couple of things you can try, check out "simple control": They may have some sort of solution for you on the RS232, possible tie in with a computer/laptop. Most of the older laptop actually had a RS232 connector built in. Now they sell RS232 to USB adapters for interface with your computer/Laptop. Here is a link for one of these adapter cables along with a interface you download. Also there is a remote control that is included with the Amplifier which you can use or a list of all the master code and Hex codes for programming a Universal remote. We can help you jury rig an IR receiver kit where the sensors are hard wired into each of the six zones. You would then connect to the universal Bus so all channels see the same source. You can hard wire each zone as agroup or individual. Please let us know what else you find and contact me at Good Luck TL/3881
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 21, 2016

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