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Weatherproof External 70V Transformer 8ohm to 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20W Taps

Product code: OSD-EW70V

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Features & Specifications

Turn your standard in-ceiling or in-wall speakers into a 70-volt music or paging system with this high-quality adapter. It's designed for indoor and outdoor use, and all you need to do is plug in your 8-ohm speaker wire. It features an external burial in-line transformer switch with weatherproof design, and the input to output cable seals 8-ohm to 2.5, 5, 10, 15 and 20-watt taps. It comes in an ABS impact-resistant enclosure for maximum protection.


Other Product Info

Allows standard in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to be adapted for use with 70-volt music and paging systems. Plug and Play just plug your 8 ohms speaker wire and it is ready to go.



By Eugene from L.A. on June 30, 2012
what are the dimensions- length, height, depth?

By Customer Service - Q&A on July 2, 2012

Hi Eugene:

H: 2 7/8"
L: 6" with end caps, 3" without
D: 2 5/8"


By Greg from Tampa , Florida on February 15, 2012
Is this connector available in a passive format without the transformer for use with you 8 ohm rock speakers?
If , not can this be used simply to weatherproof 8ohm rock speaker connections?
By Customer Service - Q&A on February 15, 2012

Hi Greg:

Have you checked out our AquaBlue Direct Burial connectors, I believethey would be your better choice. The outdoor 70V Transformer is rather big and bulky and three times the cost of a pair of the AquaBlues.


By George from Ann Arbor, Michigan on April 11, 2012
What is the frequency range of this transformer
By Customer Service - Q&A on April 12, 2012

Hi George:

We are assuming this is the Frqency Range...65Hz - 20kHz. We are trying to verify that with our manufacturer.


By Miguel from NE New Mexico on August 28, 2012
How do I mount the transformer? I do not see any clips or brackets on the item. This is going to be mounted outside.
By Customer Service - Q&A on August 29, 2012

Hi Miguel,
Typically the transformers are buried with the speaker cable underground. We do not carry a bracket for them at this time. You should be able to retro-fit your own mount if necessary.
CL/MA 1259

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Weatherproof External 70V Transformer 8ohm to 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20W Taps