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SPHERE-1 Round Shape Ball Speaker Pair
SPHERE-1 Round Shape Ball Speaker Pair
Price: $51.25
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SPHERE-1 Round Shape Ball Speaker Pair

bookshelf speakers
Product code: OSD-SPHERE1
Comparable Price: $239.00
Our Price: $51.25
You Save: $187.75 (79%)
Sold in pairs 1 = 1 pair
Features and Specifications:
If you're looking for smaller speaker but don’t want to sacrifice that big audiophile sound quality, check out our Sphere 1 surround speakers. These make excellent surround sound speakers or desktop speakers and have a 3½-inch woofer that when paired with a great subwoofer will give you a great compact sound system. Available in black or white, these satellite speakers may look cute, but they pack a punch with 100 Watts power handling capability and will fill a media room, office or any space with rich, smooth sound.

The OSD Sphere speakers can be used as main channel speakers or mounted on the wall for rear surround.
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Owner's Manual:
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Questions and Answers:
By Dat Nguyen from Portland, Oregon on April 5, 2012
Is there a ceiling mount option for these speakers?
By Customer Service - Q&A on April 6, 2012

Dat, If you take a look at the manual it shows it being able be wall mounted, so you can mount it in the ceiling as well. CL

By sabrina from new york, new york on December 12, 2011
are these run on wifi?
By Customer Service - Q&A on December 13, 2011

These are standard speakers, run with speaker cable. We have some great speakers in our wireless section: http://www.outdoorspeakerdepot.com/wireless-outdoor-speaker.html
By Customer Service - Q&A on December 13, 2011


These are also available in a couple of great bundle packages featuring thepair Spheres and powered subwoofers. Go to categories speakers and then Speaker Bundles. As Casey stated they are a hard wired speaker.


Product Reviews:
SPHERE-1 Round Shape Ball Speaker Pair
5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
December 28, 2013
Surprisingly solid and weighty, they deliver great sound in a tiny package. They're attractive too. Sweet deal!

Point Beach, NJ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great sound
August 15, 2013
Look & sound great!!"

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Suprisingly good!
January 21, 2012
I was looking for small speakers for a 12'x14' room. Bookshelf speakers were too large, so I dedided to look for either wall mounted satellites or in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, but realized there would not be decent bass unless I got a subwoofer also. I strongly considered the Orb Classic One system w/subwoofer, but the cost was $549. I then came across an OSD bundle package with the Sphere1 speakers with an SS8 subwoofer for $129. This price just sounded too good to be true. I decided to try the system, with the fear that I would be returning it. Long story short, the system sounds great and I am keeping it. The sound is clean and rich and I am very satisfied. I am also very pleased with the SS8 low profile subwoofer, as the Sphere1 speakers would not be half as good without it. I have not heard the Orb system, but I know I made a great decision with the OSD system. This system does not produce audiofile quality sound, but for the price and my listening requirements, this turned out to be a great buy.
Low cost, Good Clean Sound
Best Uses:
Home, Smaller Rooms

Wildwood Crest, NJ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I come to buy the inwall ...
September 8, 2010
I come to buy the inwall speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot and find this interesting small sphare speakers. I've listened to Orb brand before at the trade show, so I know the sound quality and these Sphare-1 speakers didn't disappoint me, they have clean highs and mids, good depth and separation of music, all you need is a good set of bass subwoofer.

Irvine, CA
5 Stars

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