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70V Volume Control, Speaker Selector, Transformer

Up to 100W 70V Commercial Volume Controls

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With a volume control, it is possible to control one or more speakers from a single location. Mono 70V Volume Controls available at Outdoor Speaker Depot come in single gang size for one outlet and two sockets. Rated at 10 watts of power, these volume controls provide great frequency response, low insertion loss and performance you can count on in 25 and 70.7-volt systems. The silver-plated contacts mean this volume control operates without noise. A removable terminal block is included. The white and ivory face plates are UL listed. The volume control is clickable for each notch, rather than smooth and continuously variable. Order the Mono 70V Volume Controls from Outdoor Speaker Depot and shipping will commence within one business day of your order. Read more...
OSD's unique high power 70v volume control with thru put easy daisy chain installation, there's no need for external splicing