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SKU: BSTK-AMP120 AMP120 Dual Source 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier - B Stock

Purchase AMP120 Dual Source 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier - B Stock
  • SKU: BSTK-AMP120 bstk-amp120

    AMP120 Dual Source 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier - B Stock

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One of our most popular power amplifiers, the AMP120 is a compact but powerful dual source stereo amp that drives two pairs of speakers (8 ohms) and features dual source switching. Many of our customers add this efficient stereo amplifier to their existing Dolby Surround Sound Systems to bump up the power and improve the overall sound quality, or to power up backyard or patio sound systems with passive speakers. Serving up high power with a small foot print that fits easily under a cabinet or on a patio bar shelf, the AMP120 has features that you just won’t find in this price range.

Dual Source Listening Flexibility
The AMPS120 is dual source capable for greater listening flexibility. What this means is that you can connect two audio sources and toggle between them with the addition of an RCA-to-mini stereo cable (sold separately). Connect your smartphone or other device to source 1 to stream music from your phone or switch to source 2 connected to your laptop’s full digital audio library. Automatic source switching is another nifty feature that automatically switches between connected sources with a priority signal-sensing feature. If your iPhone is connected to input 2, then you decide to stream a movie through a game console, when the console is turned on, the AMP120 will automatically switch to that source.

The AMP120 can be configured as bridged or stereo. In bridged mode, you can combine the left and right channels into one audio channel which bumps up the power to 160 Watts (8 ohms). When playing dual sources, switch to stereo mode which reduces the power to 75 Watts per channel.

Price-defying Features
A quality amplifier can have a profound impact on the sound you hear, and the AMP120 does not disappoint. This amp is refreshingly straightforward. The clean, brushed metal front panel includes a volume control, power on and off button and a balance control knob to adjust the balance between the left and right channels and dial in just the right sound level mix. The rear panel includes an Auto On feature that when set, will automatically power on the amp when a signal is sensed and power it off when a signal is not sensed. Special protection circuitry is designed into the AMP120 to safeguard the amp from a short circuit, and the rear panel includes 5-way speaker wire binding posts that accommodate both bare wire and banana plugs.The AMP120 offers 75 watts RMS per channel of power, with bridgeable outputs for up to 160 watts RMS. A, B, or A+B speaker selector switches make managing connected outputs easy and line 2 also offers a powered line out for connecting a subwoofer to your secondary source.

Warning: California's Proposition 65

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  • 75 Watts per channel Peak Stereo Power
  • Bridged Mono Output 160 Watts Peak (Minimum 8 ohm)
  • A or B Speaker Output, 8 Ohm Speakers Minimum
  • Dual Source Priority Switching
  • Turn on Choices: Auto Sensing or Manual On/Off switch
  • Front Panel Volume and Balance Control Knobs
1 Question asked on AMP120 Dual Source 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier - B Stock

vin • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Q i have a 2 zone pioneer 1124. I am using zone 2 for outdoor speakers, but volume is too low when listening to zone 1 indoors. What kind of amp do I need to boost zone 2 signal
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
A Hi Vin: First choice would be our AMP200 a true High current Power amplifier especially if you are considering adding another pair of outdoor speakers. This amplifier has A and B speaker output and loves to run at 4 ohm (2 pair of 8 ohm speakers in parallel connecting speaker A and Speaker B and playing both at the same time). Two pair connected to the AMP200 will definitely play as loud as you want with additional headroom. The second more economical choice would be our XMP100 a digital amplifier versus the AMP120. But the AMP200 addresses your initial problem plus allows you to add a second pair of speakers. Sometimes due to the space you are playing in (the outdoors) it is wise to add additional speakers rather than trying to play a single pair louder. TL/4322