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Designing and Installing an Outdoor Speaker System for your Pool

Whether you’re planning a pool party or just have your sights set on spending many relaxing hours in or by the pool, music is a must. It used to be that if you wanted music poolside, you had to settle for a tinny transistor radio or a funky, bulky boom box. Those days are gone. Thanks to modern, high-tech, high-quality outdoor speakers, you can enjoy premium quality music practically anywhere outside, including the pool.
When you’re thinking about designing and installing an outdoor speaker system for your pool, you need to take several things into account. First, what kind of music do you plan to play and who will be listening? If you plan to spend most of your time alone or with close friends and family relaxing by the pool listening to soft music, then a fairly modest speaker system will suffice. On the other hand, if you’re planning to throw some wild pool parties complete with loud dance music, you’ll need something with a bit more wattage and oomph.
You also should take décor into account. Do you want your speakers to match your pool area’s design and color scheme? Should they be noticeable or not?
Finally, think of your neighbors. If you live very close to other people or you have cranky or sensitive neighbors, take heed. Water is an excellent conductor of sound, and the music from your outdoor pool speakers will travel farther. If you have no neighbors, then you can use speakers big enough to stage Woodstock II. If your neighbors are nearby and not music-lovers, you’ll need to downsize your speakers.
When selecting your outdoor pool speakers, you’ll have the basic choice of wireless or wired speakers. Wireless speakers offer several advantages. They’re easy to use, because you don’t have to install wiring to connect them to your amplifier inside your home. They’re small and portable, so you can move them easily. Some wireless speakers come designed as rocks or planters and blend in perfectly for a pool area. Wireless speakers are often the best choice for the casual listener.