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HDMI Wall Plates

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HDMI 1080P

When you use one of these single port or dual port HDMI wall plates from Outdoor Speaker Depot, you'll be able to send premium quality high definition television signals to a flat panel HDTV or projector. An HDMI wall plate will keep cables concealed for a clean, professional appearance. You simply run the HDMI cable from the HDMI outlet of your device to the wall plate. HDMI in-wall cable can then be run from room to room without having ugly cables running along walls and floors. These Decora style wall plates have 1 or 2 female HDMI terminals and are compatible with a standard single-gang J-Box or P-Ring. We also have a 2-in-1 wall plate that can be used to connect an HDMI device and component video at the same time. You can mount these panels onto any part of a wall that you are able to drill into.