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IR5521G Single High Performance IR Blaster 7ft CL3 Rated

Product code: OSD-IR5521M

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Features & Specifications

Important note: This is an IR blaster that transmits signals. It is not IR receiver and will not work for cables boxes or HD DVR set top boxes. For these components you will need our 9-ft IR receiver.

An IR blaster is a type of emitter and, like an emitter, can transmit an IR signal to A/V components hidden away in closets or cabinets. Unlike an ordinary emitter, however, a blaster can control multiple components by sending out a common signal. This high performance blaster includes a mini 3.5mm RCA mono connector and 7-foot CL3-rated outer jacket that is approved for in-wall installations. A feature unique to our brand is the 45-degree diode that blasts signals in a wider range than conventional blasters. This, along with the blue lens that blocks out unwanted light spectrum, vastly improves performance. This IR blaster also includes double-sided adhesive tape that will stick to just about any surface. Designed to work with our IRP kits or other manufacturer receiver blocks as well as TiVo and G-Link Cable. Note that it will work with “SLingbox” but you will need to purchase our 2.2mm to 3.5mm adaptor.

Notes: Replaces Panasonic IR Blaster (SH-WR10), 2010 model SC-HTB10 and SC-HTB500 Sound-bars. All IR Resources emitters(Emitter, Splitter tm) and IR extension cable are compatible with most IR devices and name brand IR blocks, media centers, etc. The device must have a 3.5mm mono jack to plug the IR emitter into.



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