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    Maintaining Quality Sound Through The Years

    Maintaining Quality Sound Through The Years

    Your outdoor speakers are a big investment in money and time, but they provide you a huge payback in the amount of pleasure they provide you by letting you enjoy beautiful music at its best practically anywhere outside your home. As with most possessions, from a pair of shoes to a car, if you take care of them, they will take care of you.

    The same goes for outdoor speakers. Taking care of your outdoor speakers will ensure that they will continue to provide you high-quality sound for years to come. Outdoor speakers don’t require a lot of care, but paying attention to them with regular care and cleaning will prolong their lives and the quality of their performance. Here are some tips from Outdoor Speaker Depot to help ensure that you get years of enjoyment from your outdoor speakers.

    It’s a good idea to clean the exterior of your speakers regularly. Usually, a brush is all you need to keep the exterior clean, although if you come across some tough spots, it’s OK to use a bit of water and mild soap. Avoid strong chemicals and cleansers, which could damage your speakers’ finish. Make sure to brush away cobwebs, dirt, leaves and other foreign matter from the grill and any other area of your speakers.

    If possible, when you’re installing your wired speakers or placing your wireless speakers, try to put them in a place that’s somewhat sheltered from the weather. Although the outdoor speakers we sell are weatherproof, they’re not indestructible. Do your best to protect outdoor speakers from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as well as snow, sleet, and rain. You might give your speakers some protection, for instance, by placing them under your house’s eaves or in the lee of a wall. If you live in a place with frigid winters, consider taking your speakers inside for the winter. At the very least, cover your speakers with tarps or plastic bags to keep snow, ice, and rain off them. Resist the urge to listen to them in freezing weather, which can make parts brittle and cause damage if you use them then.

    While protecting your speakers from natural hazards, don’t forget about human-made threats. Placing your speakers next to the barbecue is asking for trouble. But more subtle dangers lurk. Even though your sprinklers are weatherproof, placing them in the direct line of fire of your sprinkler system isn’t a good idea. They can handle the occasional sprinkling, but constant soaking is another matter.

    The same goes for putting them by the pool.

    The chemicals in swimming pools can harm even the modern materials used to build your outdoor speakers, so consider this when deciding where to place your speakers poolside. Be gentle when handling your speakers. Try not to drop them. Don’t use your speakers as counters for drinks or food, which can spill easily and politely remind your family and friends of this policy too.