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Inwall Center Channel Speaker MK-IW550 LCR Single

Product code: OSD-MK-IW550LCR

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Features & Specifications

A center channel speaker provides a clean and balanced sound experience that will enhance your home theater and surround sound significantly. The In-wall Center Channel Speaker MK-IW550 LCR available at Outdoor Speaker Depot comes with powerful Kevlar® woofers, a pivoting aluminum dome tweeter and crossovers that will give you the sound of deep bass and laudable top-end frequency response. Many users employ the MK-IW550 LCR speakers as the front channel on sophisticated home theater systems with the center channel mounted horizontally below the TV and the left and right channels mounted vertically on either side of the TV. Some of the In-wall Center Channel Speaker's features include butyl rubber surround, a 1-inch pivoting aluminum dome tweeter, two 5 1/4-inch Kevlar® woofers, an integrated rear dust shield and more. The frequency response is 29Hz - 20kHz with power handling of 15-150 Watts, 90dB sensitivity and impedance of 8 Ohms.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

With a look deriving from famous World War II British Spitfire Jets, a new sophisticated crossover and the best component materials available, the MK550LCR Spitfire Ultra Reference Series are the best in-wall center channel speakers on the market. Premium technologies such as Kevlar® woofers, pivoting aluminum dome tweeters and sophisticated crossovers provide deep bass and exceptional top-end frequency response. Kevlar® is the best component for woofers. It responds note for note without coloration and has big cranking power so you can dial up your system for higher listening levels. The contour switches will let you tailor frequency responses to your room arrangement. You won't find yourself wishing for more or less treble, mid-range or bass output from one speaker just because you don't happen to sit right between them.



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24 Questions & 25 Answers
from Boston asked:
June 20, 2018
It’s already end of June nobody is going exactly when iw 750 or 550 will arrive Please tell us final dates and price Regards Sent from my iPhone
1 Answer
Hi Yuu: All Standard Frame LCR speakers have been discontinued. I am trying to finalize a timeline for the new OSD Audio products, model and availability. We do have stock of our OSD Audio Premium Balck Series LCR speakers. Check out our OSD Audio Premium site. Look at the T53LCR and T52LCR which feature the Trim-less design Magnetic Grill. Our Better (T52LCR) and our Best (T53LCR). There is no pricing on this line so you will have to contact Outdoor Speaker Depot Customer Service for pricing. TL/5065H
Tim Leahy
on June 20, 2018

from asked:
June 10, 2018
What is cost of T 3 center channel speaker
1 Answer
HI Doc: You will need to contact our customer service for a price, you can check out the Black Series TLCR speakers on our OSD Audio Premium Site. Check out the Dual 5.5" 2-way MTM; T53 LCR, T52LCR Plus the top of the line Triple 6.5" 3-way T69, and T69. And coming soon will be the Dual 6.5" 3-way T65 and T64 LCR speakers. Contact 562-697-2600 for pricing and availability. Also note the On-wall S series ideal for Home Theater as well. Exclusively at OSD (Optimal Speaker Design). Good luck: TL/5045
Tim Leahy
on June 10, 2018

from Salt Lake City asked:
June 1, 2018
It is now June and this speaker is not in stock. Is there a new date when they will be available?
1 Answer
Hi Nate: We are in transition with our OSD Audio LCR speakers, We are changing over to newer more popular Trim-less design versus the standard frame. We are also in the process of adding a dual 6.5 with Tweeter that will fit in between two studs like our current models. You can also check out our OSD Audio Premium Black Series LCR speakers they feature Better (point 2) and the Best (point 3). Check out our and click on Black Series/In-Wall/T53LCR and T52LCR. The 53 features dual 5.25" Carbon Fiber Woofers and 1" Ceramic-coated Aluminum Metal Dome Tweeter. The 52 features dual 5.25" Graphite Mineral filled Poly Woofer and a 1" Silk Soft Dome Tweeter. Both our Perfect Edge Trim-less Grill design. There is also a matching 8" 2 way for Left and Right front channel with the center MTM (Mid/Tweeter/Mid LCR). We call both the T53 and T52 LCR speakers because they can be used as full front stage Front Right, Center and Left speakers. Note all the Black Series speakers are in stock, but you need to call for a price from our Customer Service reps. TL/5020
Tim Leahy
on June 8, 2018

from Charlotte, NC asked:
April 24, 2018
when will you have the MK-IW550 LCR speaker back in stock?
1 Answer
Hi Eric: This speaker the IW550 will be updated to have a Trim-less or frame-less design. It is due back in stock the end of May. We have other options similar to the IW550 on our OSD Audio Premium speaker under the Black Series speakers. Two choices, T53LCR or T52LCR. You will need to call customer service for pricing and availability. TL/4929
Tim Leahy
on April 28, 2018

from San Francisco, CA asked:
March 2, 2018
When are you getting inwall center channel speaker MK-IW550 and the other three you are missing/discontinued.
1 Answer
HI Edwin: We are adding a number of in wall LCR speakers that have been upgraded to the new Trim-less design. Checkout for additional options under the Black Series Brand. You will have to deal with a live person to order these, the same people for Outdoor speaker depot. TL/4827
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 3, 2018

from Trinity, Florida asked:
November 10, 2017
Can I purchase the grill separately? I damaged mine.
1 Answer
Hi Joe: Please contact our RMA department. You can reach them thru our sales department. They may have a couple of replacement grills available. TL/4640
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 16, 2017

from Ottawa, IL asked:
June 18, 2017
Can this speaker be used as a sound bar, without adding any additional speakers? Can this speaker be hooked directly to tv?
1 Answer
HI Randle: This speaker is a true LCR speaker but you need two of them to create a stereo right and left stereo setup. You need three to duplicate a Sound bar that features Front Right, Center and Front Left channels 1, 2 and 3 for a true surround 5.1 or 7.2 system. Your TV typically has a RCA low level pre amplified signal output connection. Which means you have to connect to an amplifier before the speakers or to Powered speakers. This is typically a right and left stereo output on the back of the TV. You can turn your internal speakers off in the setup menu. You really want to start with Audio Video Receiver that has 5 or 7 discreet surround sound channels. You would connect three of these speakers to the Receiver for your front stage. You can buy 2.1 or 3.1 sound bars with and without power. The entry level Soundbars also include a Subwoofer with a wireless connection between soundbar and Powered Subwoofer. They also may feature a DSP, Digital Sound Processor circuit which gives you simulated surround. Just depends on your budget and how good a system you want. You have lots of options. TL/4429
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 19, 2017

Bruce Faulkner
from Billings, Montana asked:
February 23, 2015
Does the MK-IW550 LCR speaker have a white grill? It does not show one in any of the pictures. Bruce
1 Answer
Hi Bruce, The grill will be the same color as the trim of the speaker, which will be a shade of white (sometimes bright, sometimes dull white) depending on the batch.
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 23, 2015

Harold Gomez
from Houston, Texas asked:
November 28, 2014
Can I pair this speaker with the iw545. I would like to use the mk as the center and the iw545 as the left/right.
1 Answer
Hi Harold, The IW545 could work with this speaker, but I do suggest considering using Kevlar speakers for all 3 left, right, center. I suggest either using 3 of the MK-IW550 or a pair of the MK-W850 for the left and right. CS 3031
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 9, 2014

from Dallas, TX asked:
July 3, 2014
Cutout dimensions listed on the website (15-1/6" x 6-1/2") are different than the owners manual (13-15/16" x 6-7/8") , which is correct?
1 Answer
Hi Fred, The dimensions listed on the website are correct. We are working on updating the manual and box. Thank you.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 8, 2014

from Louisville, KY asked:
April 10, 2014
What in-ceiling speakers would you pair with three upfront MK-IW550LCR for back ambiance sound?
1 Answer
Hi Tom, Some good speakers that would match the MK-IW550LCR would be either the MK650's or MK850's. CS 2602
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 10, 2014

from Minneapolis, MN asked:
March 23, 2014
Hello, can you confirm whether these can be mounted horizontally between studs? My studs are 16" on-center, which leaves approximately 14.5" of actual space between the studs. The cut-out dimensions for this speaker is listed at 15 1/16" which gives me the impression that it will not fit between regular stud framing. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Duc, If there is only 14.5" in between studs, then the MK-IW550 would not fit unless you mount vertically. Another option that you could use for your center channel is the MK670 which is an angled in-ceiling speakers. CS 2563
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 24, 2014

from Vancouver, BC, Canada asked:
February 22, 2014
hi. I am looking at this center speaker to go above the fireplace (gaz). the space behind is deeper than a regular dry wall (1~2 feet) and there is almost nothing inside (no insulation). Would that be ok and provide good sound? what would you recommend? thanks
1 Answer
Hi JM, Good question. Will the area above the fireplace get hot? How often do you use the fireplace? If it will be used often and the area in the wall where the speaker would go does heat up, it may not be safe to run the speaker in that location. But that would depend on how much use that fireplace gets. Do you have the option to run in-ceiling speakers? -BM 2503
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 4, 2014

from Austin asked:
February 20, 2014
I have a difficult space to accommodate LCR channels in my home theatre room. My choices are either 3 angled LCR's (MK 670's) in ceiling, 2 mk670's for R/L with a MK IW550 (or IW550) in a fabricated box over the TV (TV is mounted relatively high). or (at a squeeze), doing IW 550's (the MK IW 550 is too big) for LCR in wall for L/R and in box above TV for center. Room is 15 foot by 20' and it will be a 7.1 set-up with audience 13 feet back from screen. Thoughts on what would yield the best. Many thanks
1 Answer
Hi Peter, The MK-IW550LCR is a great speaker, but for your application I would recommend doing the MK670s all around. They are less visible when installed in-ceiling and will give you crisp, high-definition results. Plus, the MK670 has a larger woofer than the MK-IW550, giving you more bass and overall power. Not to mention the standard IW-550LCR is no longer available, but the MK-IW550LCR is. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2500
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 4, 2014

from Deltona, Fl asked:
February 7, 2014
What option do you recommend for Left, Right and Center speakers. All speakers are going to be put in a back box with 2" x 6" interior wall. Note: Wall unit is not built so I have many options. Option 1 Left and Right will be MKW-850 & Center speaker will be MK-IW550LCR Option 2 Left, Right and Center speakers will all be MK-IW550LCR Thank You
1 Answer
Hi Chris, I would suggest going with option 1 with a pair of the MKw-850s and the MK-IW550LCR. The MKW-850s are a better choice to use for your left and right channels because they will add more power up front than you would get with 3 of the MK-IW550LCRs. Plus, they have matching tweeters with the IW550, so you'll have no tonal change. What are you planning for the rears? In-ceiling or in-wall? CS 2475
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 6, 2014

from Oklahoma asked:
December 4, 2013
I bought this speaker to go along with the OSD-ICE850 and OSD-ICE870 speakers which are mounted in the ceiling. However, my contractor said he will not be able to mount the speaker in the center of the TV because of the way the studs line up on the wall. My best option at this point is a center channel speaker that sits on the fireplace below our mounted TV. Is there a speaker that you can recommend that would go well with the other speakers I purchased? I do not see any center channel speakers for sale on your website that aren't in wall speakers.
1 Answer
Hi Brent, While we don't offer any tower/floor standing speakers at the moment, one option which several of our customers have done, is to simply build a box to house the speaker, essentially making it a tower speaker. Is that something you or your contractor has the ability to build? -BM 2376
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 29, 2014

from CA asked:
July 11, 2013
I bought 3 of these speakers but I wont be able to install the center channel in the wall (there is a stud right where it needs to be) so I wanted to ask the following questions: 1. What is the recommended size of a box to build around a speaker of this size? 2. Can I paint the entire speaker (grill and surround)? Recommended paint type? Thanks!
1 Answer
Mark, Good questions! 1) You should probably build a box about one cubic foot including displacement of the driver. 2) No. You don't want to paint the woofer, surround or internal baffle. The speakers come with a paint shield. You will just paint the grill and trim. -BM 2076
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 26, 2013

from Ohio asked:
May 6, 2013
The wall that my TV is mounted in is an outside wall. It is framed with 2x6, and has blown-in nu-wool insulation in it. Can I still use in-wall speakers? Can this be installed directly into the wall, surrounded by the nu-wool? Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Noah, The nu-wool could pose a problem when mounting the center channel speaker as it can get into the internal components. We would recommend customizing a back box to protect the speaker. CL/MA 1869
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 10, 2013

from CA asked:
April 4, 2013
A few questions: 1. How much better sounding is the MK-IW550 vs. the IW550 ? 2. How would two MK-IW550's for front Left/Right sound with a normal IW550 as the center channel? (cutout of MK is too big for horizontal install as a center speaker or I would consider using 3 of the MK's - dont wish to cut studs). Are the timbre's compatible between these speakers (MK and non MK 550)? 3. Would like to find good front left/right speakers for loud stereo playing vs. whimpy TV watching speakers. Suggestions? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Mark, The MK-IW550 and the IW550 are both excellent in-wall left center, right speakers with Kevlar woofers and aluminum dome tweeters. The difference is that the MK-IW550 has a slightly higher power handling (175W verses 150W). They both share the same components and timbre match so you could install these speakers just as you describe. You should be able to take a notch out of your joist/stud (just a small piece to fit the MK-IW550LCR for a custom install). Installing 3 x MK-IW550LCR for your front stage would give you an ideal front stage and blow the wimpy sound of your TV out of the water. CL/MA1766
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 5, 2013

David Vidaurri
from Houston asked:
September 19, 2012
I ould like the center speaker inside a box. Do I have to build one or is it an option for any of your center speakers.
1 Answer
Hi David, We do not offer a back box for our center channel, although we do give the measurements and often customer design their own. Building a back box is a great idea because it improves the quality of sound by adding to the sound pressure level (spl) CL 1299
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 19, 2012

from NJ asked:
August 5, 2012
Hi - I bought these speakers based on the description that indicates this model features contour switches. The manual also makes mention of contour switches, however, I am unable to locate them. Where are the contour switches on this model? Thank you very much
1 Answer
Hi R: We recently changed the bullet points on the product page for this speaker. It does not have contour switches'. Our IW550LCR, the model just below this one does feature contour switches. We would have no problem swap out the two units. Please contact Brennan at to arrange it. The mounting holes are very close and you could mount it to see how you like it before making a final decision to switch. Please contact me to discuss your options... TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 8, 2012

from Dallas, TX asked:
July 12, 2012
Can this Center Channel Speaker be mounted vertically? Because, I don't have the space between the studs to mount it horizontally.
1 Answer
Hi Anthony: These are designed to go between standard studs to mount horizontally. But you certainly can mount it Vertically. We normally recommend using three of these for the front stage. The right and left would be mounted vertically on either side of the TV while the center would be mounted Horizontally (but vertically is acceptable) under or even above. The Tweeter pivots 15 degrees. What are you using for your right and left speaker? TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 16, 2012

from Spring, Texas asked:
July 8, 2012
While using the MK-IW550LCR as center speaker - shielded - should I be concerned about using the MKW-650 as L and R Front speakes in close proximity to my flat panel HD wall mounted TV? I don't see in the spec's where the MKW-650's are shielded.
1 Answer
Hi Dwayne: The magnetically shielded feature is from the old school technology that shielding was needed when these were mounted near a CRT screen that was affected by the magnetic field of the speakers. There is no such issue with the new Flat Panels. But if you are concerned, think about using an additional pair of MKIW550LCR, one for the right and one for the left mounted vertically on either side of the panel. The center channel would be mounted Horizontally. You just have to make sure the center of the TV is directly between the center of two studs in your wall. That way the speaker will be centered to the TV horizontally. We recommend using the three as a step up system. Check the images included with the Product page of the MK-IW550LCR for more information. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 9, 2012

from Chicago,Illinois asked:
December 19, 2011
Can I use this as a in ceiling center speaker?
2 Answers
Aaron, Yes you can use this in the ceiling, its mostly visual preference to have a retangle or square shape in the wall and a round in the ceiling. There will be no difference in sound quality. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 20, 2011
Hi Aaron, The speaker will work; however, you would have to mount the speaker almost directly above so you can aim the tweeter to your listening area. You did not mention your choice for your right and left speaker for the front stage. I can assume two things: 1) one you are using two in-wall or external speakers for the right and left speakers which will be located near the monitor/TV, or 2) you are using a pair of in-ceiling speakers that would also have to be placed almost directly above your setting area. A better choice would be our ICE870 LCR 8" angled in-ceiling speaker for the center channel (and left and right as well if you have not yet made a decision). This angled speaker would allow you to mount it closer to the wall above the monitor/TV with better orientation to your left and right speakers. It is an 8-inch speaker versus the dual 5.25" so the output is similar. Typical in-ceiling speakers (or in-wall) need to be placed 3 feet from the nearest wall. The angled speaker allows you to cut that distance down to a foot. I hope that helps. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 20, 2011

Product Reviews

14 Reviews
86% (12)
14% (2)
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79% Recommend this product (11 of 14 responses)
By Josh
Kirkwood, MO
March 5, 2017
Great Sound Great Price
Using this as my center channel speaker for my dedicated home theater room. Sound is great! Crisp and and Clear!
By Albert
July 8, 2013
Has great sound. would buy again.
By Kent
Coquitlam, bc
April 28, 2013
Great, quality product, fast shipping!
Very impressed with the quality of the speakers I ordered Shipping was quick and efficient Highly recommend
By johnny
March 21, 2013
center channel
amazing sound i would recommend it to anyone.
Prosthe look the sound and the ease of use and installation. great product
Consthat i had to wait to get it due to being on backorder
By TV Wiz (njtvwiz)
Jackson, NJ
October 27, 2012
Awesome Speakers - Extremely Impressed!
I'm not one to spend time writing reviews, but in this case I felt I needed to. I cannot express enough how extremely impressed I am with the MK-IW550LCR's and the MKW-650 Ultra Reference Speakers. I've been an alarm technician/home theater installer for about 10 years. I've installed many other in wall speakers - JBL, Klipsch, Proficient, and many others. I just did a job using 3 MK-IW550LCR's for the front stage, and used a pair of MKW-650's for the rears. I was completely blown away. They sound just as good ? if not better than some of the other "name brands" at a fraction of the cost. This was my third installation using OSD in wall/in ceiling speakers and I cannot say enough about them. My customers have been equally impressed and I will continue to use these speakers for future installations. Highly recommended !!
ProsEasy to Mount, Attractive Design, Excellent Packaging, Great Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesLarger Rooms, Home, Home Theater
Prospect, Ky.
March 8, 2012
Anchors my suroundsound system
I have a nice Polk center speaker in my upstairs system. This speaker sounds every bit as good for about a third of the cost.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Good Power Output, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesHome Theater
By J
March 7, 2012
Great sounding speaker!
Sounds as good as speakers costing three times as much
ProsGood Power Output, Easy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount
Best UsesHome Theater
By Motorcyclefanman
January 24, 2012
Very Satisfied Customer
Just about everything was mentioned about the product. Sturdy, easy to install and great sound quality. I use it for my home theater. The room is 18.5 X 45 feet. Fills the room with sound and it is exciting to watch my movies with a high quality sound at a reasonable price for the quality. Will consider OSD for future purchases. The packing was quite adequate and the units came in excellant condition.
ProsEasy To Setup, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design
Best UsesBasic Systems, Multiple Rooms / Whole House, Larger Rooms, Outdoors, Home Theater
By David
Orlando, Florida
August 9, 2011
Excellent center speaker
Great sound, clear and rich. The build quality is great. the cutout size on the wall seems to be bigger than the space between the two studs on my wall. I do not want to make the center speaker mounted vertically, even though it may not matter that much. I ended up building a box for it. It worked well.
ProsEasy to Mount, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design
Best UsesLarger Rooms, Home Theater, Home
By Michael
Savannah, GA
July 29, 2011
Watch movie at home like in theatre
Bought three LCR in-wall speakers for my big plasama. I had them installed as left, center and right speaker. With two PS-12 subwoofer in the room, I feel like watching movie in theatre at home.
ProsEasy to Mount, Easy To Setup, Attractive Design, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesHome Theater
By Raymond
South Bend, IN
July 29, 2011
Audiophile Sound
Size made installation easy. Cut-out size is 14" make it easy to fit between the stud distance in walls, The sound is good and the vertical appearance is pleasing. It beats the performance of my JBL center channel speaker.
ProsEasy to Mount, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Setup, Attractive Design, Good Power Output
Best UsesHome Theater, Larger Rooms
By Anonymous
December 20, 2010
i was initialy reluctant ...
i was initialy reluctant to order speakers without an audition. i can honestly say that i wish i had discovered outdoor speaker depot a couple years ago. i purchased five pair of in celing speakers @ a great price and they sound great. it was simple and efficent. this is definatly a site i will be frequenting untill my wife tells me i have to chill. dr. arnie hicks
By Rob
October 5, 2010
Super fast shipping, ...
Super fast shipping, customer service always answered the phone and was knowledgeable. I installed the speakers same day as receipt and they sound fantastic.
By Joe
Louisville, KY
January 20, 2010
Exceptional speaker! ...
Exceptional speaker! Fantastic reproduction and awesome voice/dialoge choice. No faults.