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OSD Preamp-1 Professional Preamplifier Phono Ready, Home Theater, Surround Sound, Recording

Product code: PRE-1

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OSD Price: $99.99
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Features & Specifications

• Mic Level Control
• Bass/Midrange/Treble/Loudness/Balance Control
• Microphone Jack Input
• Input Selector
• Low Frequency Filter
• Mute
• Frequency Response: 5Hz - 30kHz +0 -3dB
• Phono Pre-Amp for moving magnet cartridges

A preamp is a key component to experiencing true home theater surround sound and a critical element to recording music, yet few people really understand the function a preamp plays. OSD Audio’s Pre-1 is a unique and, yes, affordable preamplifier that accomplishes the subtle audio tasks that transform an ordinary home theater surround sound system into, ‘wow, I hear every detail,’ from a gun chamber being loaded, to the whooshing blades of a helicopter. A preamp delivers similar benefits to music recording by boosting the low-level output on microphones. Because mics generally have a weak output, adding a preamp will deliver a better recording signal level verses simply plugging the mic into a computer and standard recording gear. Preamps do more than add volume, however. Like the home theater experience, a preamp in recording can finesse the subtle “color” of sound by adding tonal quality. Let’s start with what a preamp is and then we’ll cover the attributes of OSD Audios’ Preamp-1 so you can make the wisest buying choice.

What Is A Preamplifier and What Does It Do?

Simply put, a preamp is a separate processor within the audio command chain that accomplishes detailed audio tasks. A decent home theater will typically have one or more amplifiers and an AV receiver. While an AV receiver has amplifier power, power is not its primary function. An AV receiver “receives” audio and video signals from a variety of sources (TV, DVD DRV, etc.) and routes the signals to the speakers. Power is where the amps kick, which supply the juice needed to move the signal with enough amperage so your surround sound speakers produce the best sound for which they are designed. That should be enough, right? Well, not exactly.

The amp may add power, but it can be a bit of a clod because that’s all it’s doing—add power. (Okay, audiophiles, we know it does more, but let’s keep it simple). Enter the preamp. A preamplifier is a low-level amplifier. What that means is that it takes a line level signal (that’s the strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound between audio components such as CD and DVD players, television sets, audio amplifiers, and mixing consoles) and amplifies it enough to drive the power amplifier to its rated output. If an amp is receiving a signal at its rated output, it will perform better and your surround system will pick up detail you never thought possible. The same can be said in sound recording where an audio interface enhances the sonic capabilities of a computer. While an audio interface includes an internal preamp, an external preamp gives you more control over tonal quality.

OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Home Stereo/Home Recording Pre-Amplifier

There are many preamp manufacturers that range from bizarrely cheap to bizarrely expensive. We look at our OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Home Stereo/Home Recording Pre-Amplifier as the middle ground, or an affordable preamp that adds front-end system control to two or multi-channel audio systems and home recording systems without having to load up on credit card debt. OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Home Stereo/Home Recording Pre-Amplifier is not shy on features for the price, and we encourage you do research the specs. Our preamp provides four selectable unbalanced analog RCA inputs, Phono, AUX1, AUX2 and CD/DVD and a ¼” Mic input jack on the front panel with adjustable mic level control. Other front panel variable control knobs feature three tone controls: Bass, Mid and Treble, plus Balance, Master Volume and Loudness Contour Knobs with Min to Max settings. Additional front panel controls include Power Switch, Tape Loop, Mono/Stereo, Low Filter and Mute Buttons. We back this preamp with a 2-year warranty because the Preamp-1 Professional Pre-Amplifier is as solid as it gets.



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43 Questions & 44 Answers
Dennis E Tillman
from Columbus ,Ga asked:
February 13, 2020
Can I use this with the 

Pyle PT8000CH 19" Rack Mount 8000 Watt 8 Ch Amplifier?

1 Answer
Hi Dennis:

Yes, the Preamp1 will work with this amplifier. It can connect to the Bus or Aux inputs, so you have two Aux, one CD/DVD, and one Phono Inputs so you can play on all four zones. You have a choice of Bus-Aux or direct Line input. You could even connect multiple Preamp1 depending on how you configure the three inputs per zone. It will add gain to whatever source you would connect to and also has a built-in Phone Preamp in case you are using Moving Magnetic Cartridge. There is also a Mono/Stereo switch, Subsonic low pass filter, Mute switch, and even a Tape Monitor, which you can add an equalizer to your rack.  There are also bass, Mid, Treble, and Loudness contour switches. Plus, a Microphone input and level control. And it features integrated Rack Mount front panel.

TL/ 5788

Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 18, 2020

Ray Westfield
from United States Ohio asked:
February 3, 2020
I just purchased the pre amp and was thinking it would hook up to my Yamaha RX-V679 AV receiver. How can I hook this up?
1 Answer
Hi Ray:

You would connect the Preamp-1 to your Yamaha RX-V679 with an RCA Stereo Right and Left Patchcord. One end would plug into the Pair of RCA connectors marked Output (the pair on the right side) The other end of the patch cord would connect to Audio 1 or Audio 2 if you are already using Audio 1. You can switch whatever is connected to Audio 1 and Audio 2 to either Aux1, Aux2 or DVD/CD. The Phono input is only for adding a turntable. There is a built-in Phono Preamp for MM (Moving Magnetic Cartridge). Please let me know if you have additional questions;


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 4, 2020

from Palm Coast, Florida (US) asked:
January 13, 2020
Is there any fan noise associated with this pre amp????
1 Answer
Hi Karl:

There are no internal fans associated with this unit. You are only dealing with signal level not speaker level. An amp will generate internal heat based upon the load created on the output side of the Amplifier, not on the input side from the PreOne.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 15, 2020

from Odessa, Texas asked:
December 17, 2019
What are the dimensions for this unit?
1 Answer
Hi Carlos:

Dimensions are as follows:

Dimensions 18.9" x 2.36" (front faceplate with Rackmount ears) 16.5" x 2.36" x 8.25".


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 18, 2019

from Milwaukee asked:
October 14, 2019

Hello, perhaps this was already answered? I have a Samson Amplifier, model Servo 550.

The only input connectors are the 1/4" balanced I am a bit confused as to whether or not if I can connect  the Pre-1 unbalanced leads? If so, is it connected to the RCA tip to the Tip of the 1/4?

With the barrel of the RCA connected to the Ring of the 1/4" " ?

I looks like most patch cables treat these as stereo plug to a mono connector. I am capable of building my own cables if need be. Do I require a special box or fancy matching plug thingy?
1 Answer
Hi Craig:

Check out this link for info and diagrams:

We have a few components featuring XLR and hard-wired Phoenix Connectors but we mostly exist in the Unbalanced realm. There seemed to be an abundance of info on the subject on the internet.

Good Luck


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 14, 2019

from NJ asked:
July 18, 2019
Will this preamp work with marantz 7025 power amp. Many thanks
1 Answer
Hi Marcel:

Yes, the Preamp1 will work with your Marantz but note that the internal Phono preamp is limited to MM, a Moving Magnet Cartridge. The problem will be locating a new preamplifier that would have a differential output so you could run Balanced Line connectin to get the full potential of the Marantz. I found a $400.00 Rotel with XLR outputs on eBay. Typically, it would cost more than MDF price of your amp to find another Balanced Line solution (even a used one at that).


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 19, 2019

Ron G.
from Gilbert, Arizona asked:
July 13, 2019

Can this preamp be a replacement for an old NAD 1155 stereo preamp?

Thank you,

Ron G.

1 Answer
Hi Ron:

I would love to make a sale but the Preamp1 would be like adding a band-aid to your system, a replacement used NAD preamp starts at $199.00 on eBay plus freight. Our unit is an entry-level component in comparison selling new at $109.99. 


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 17, 2019

from Middletown, OH 45044 asked:
June 24, 2019
Can i connect my Bose 901 equalizer to this unit?

1 Answer
Hi Gary:

The Preamp1 features a Tape Loop Monitor connection labeled PLAY (input) and REC (output). You must activate The Tape switch must be enabled on the Preamp1 for the BOSE Active EQ to work.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 28, 2019

from Japan asked:
March 15, 2019
Hi, This product is currently out of stock according to website. Any idea when it will be available? Also, any problems if using it under 100v 50 Hz (not 115v 60Hz) Thank you
1 Answer
Hi Vince: The Pre-1 will be available by Mid May 2019. It will work in Japan. And regarding your question about the VKR120, I do not believe it is right for your application. SVC205 is still the best choice for your project. It will fit in a standard J box as well. Good luck TL/5452
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 22, 2019

from Texas asked:
March 14, 2019
When will the Pre amp1 be back in stock?
1 Answer
Hi Bill: Our shipment will be here by Mid May. Sorry for the delay. TL/5451
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 19, 2019

from KY asked:
February 16, 2019
Hello, I have this preamp and the osd amp 200 driving four Bose 251’s and two monoprice outdoor speakers out by my pool. This is being fed into a niles ssvc-6 speaker selector and volume controller from the osd amp 200. I want to add your smp500 to the mix so I can power two of your unground subwoofers. How do you recommend that I connect the smp500? I will mostly be using an Apple airport express as my source, and ultimately be using the volume control built into the phone to control the volume, since the media cabinet is in my garage. Will this cause any issue with the volume when everything is put together?
1 Answer
Hi Dustin: You have a couple of choices where to connect the SMP500. You mentioned you have two pair of BOSE and a pair of Monoprice outdoor speakers. I am assuming each pair of outdoor speakers connect to a dedicated Zone of the Niles SSVC6 Speaker Selector. And you most likely have speakers connected to the other three zones. The first option is to join the SMP500 to the Line 2 Output of the AMP200 using an RCA Stereo Patch cable. Whatever plugged into Line 2 Input will pass thru to Line 2 Output. This will work if all you have connected is Line 2 Input and nothing plugged into Line 1. There is no dedicated on/off for Line 2, and it will play even if you have something playing from Line1 that takes priority over Line 2 Input (if your Source is still playing). The second option involves wiring from Speaker B to Speaker Level input on the SMP500. You have the B switch on the front of the AMP200 allowing you to turn the subwoofer off when your not playing your outdoor speakers. You can use 14 gauge to connect the AMP200 to the SMP500. But use 12 gauge to connect to the two inground Subs. If you need further clarification; TL/5415
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 17, 2019

from Japan asked:
February 15, 2019
Hi, I'm planning to buy this for my home in Japan. Is it compatible with 100V 50Hz ? Thank you
1 Answer
Hi Vince: The Pre-One has a switching Power Supply that will work 110 to 240 Volt. I am still waiting to hear back from our Engineers about the effect of using the stereo mono switch on the XMP100. The Pre One does have a Mono stereo switch so the input signal to the XMP100 would already be full range mono range. TL/5413
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 15, 2019

from Riverside, CA asked:
February 11, 2019
Would this work to replace a Kenwood Basic C2 Preamp? Looking for a temporary replacement while the Kenwood gets repaired. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
1 Answer
Hi Ty: The Pre-One will work for your application, a substitute for the money. It only has one less Tape loop and no headphone output. It does have bass and Treble plus Loudness. It does have a midrange control, unlike the Kenwood. The Kenwood looks like a well-built unit. The Phono input of the Pre-One is limited to an MM (Moving Magnet Cartridge) phono preamp. It will not work with an MC (Moving Coil Cartridge). TL/5403
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 13, 2019

from New York asked:
February 1, 2019
Hi, I have a AV receiver 5.2. But when I play my Bluetooth turntable. The music sounds flat. Would this preamp help to make the sound fuller? Also how would I connect it? It has a preamp in
1 Answer
Hi George: I am a little confused about your system. Do you have a Bluetooth Turntable that has a built-in Bluetooth Transmitter that is sending a wireless audio signal to your 5.2 AV Receiver? And this is the sound you feel is to flat? If correct, then the Pre-One would not work for your setup. So you can tell me more about the actual system, I could see if I can give you a better answer. TL/5396
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 6, 2019

from Honolulu, HI asked:
January 25, 2019
Hi, I already ordered one and its now on the way for delivery. Im thinking of adding an equalizer on it. How is the wire connection to connect an equalizer, and what equalizer do I need to purchase that will work on it. Thanks. Ronel P. Honolulu, Hi
1 Answer
Hi Ronel: Connecting a two-channel stereo Equalizer to your pre-one preamplifier is very easy. It connects to the Tape Loop of the Pre-one using two RCA Stereo patch cables. The first connection is from the Rec to the input jacks of the EQ. And connect the output jacks of the EQ to the Play jacks of the Pre-one. As far as two channel EQ to use with the Pre-One, it will have to have an unbalanced connection (RCA). Typically it will be 15 bands; 2/3 octave and be under 125.00 dollar cost, Check out the Berringer Mini FBQ800 around $69.00. There is also an ART EQ341, and they have three models under the 400 series as we including two 1/3 Octave units. Good luck TL/5382
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 26, 2019

from Henderson, Nevada asked:
January 2, 2019
Can I pair this one to Crown xli1500 power amp? Thanks.
1 Answer
HI Mar: The Pre-One will work with the Crown amplifier. The Pre One has an unbalanced connection. It has all the features including four inputs one being a phono input with a Phono preamp for an MM moving magnetic cartridge. It also has a tape loop for an Equalizer and Mic mixer input. It depends how critical your application is for sound quality. You lose 6 to 10dB and virtually no noise by not connecting with a preamplifier with Balanced Line differential connection. Good economical choice but there are better available TL/5352
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 6, 2019

Jim Fitting
from 98382 asked:
October 16, 2018
I have been trying to find some specs for this unit. Phono input load, signal to noise ratio, Intermodulation distortion, harmonic distortion etc. Please post them so we can make an educated decision. Thanks
1 Answer
HI Jim: These are specs listed in the Owner' Manual. Note: Phono Preamp is for Moving Magnetic Cartridges Input Sensitivity/Impedance: Mic 0.5V/600 Ohms Phono 3mV/47k Ohms Tape,Tuner, CD/DVD, Aux 150mV/47k Ohms Output Level/Impedance: Tape Rec 150mV/100k Ohms Pre Output 500mV/47k Ohms Total Harmonic Distortion: Mic less than 0.4% Phono less than 0.4% Tape,Tuner, CD/DVD, Aux less than 0.2% Signal to Noise Ratio: Mic more than 50dB Phono more than 70dB Tape,Tuner, CD/DVD, Aux more than 80dB Frequency Response: 5Hz - 30kHz +0 -3dB Tone Control: Bass ± 12dB @ 100Hz Midrange ± 6dB @ 1kHz Treble ± 12dB @ 10kHz Loudness Control +4/0/+2dB @ 100/1k/10kHz Power Requirements: AC 120V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz Dimensions 18.9" x 2.36" x 8.25" TL/5249
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 17, 2018

from Shrewsbury, New Jersey asked:
September 29, 2018
Is this unit switchable to either mc or mm turntable? Thank you.
1 Answer
Hi Frank: The fact the Phono input has dual RCA (right and left) plus a ground wire tells me it has a Phone preamp for at least an MM cartridge. There is no switch to choose between an MM and an MC cartridge. I am trying to confirm with the factory. The new Preamp-1 now has a 1.5V output which might make it work with the MC cartridges with their lower level output. We amend the answer and update bullet points. TL/5222
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 3, 2018

Steven Hirsch
from IL asked:
September 21, 2018
I am interested to know if this pre-amp can take (input) turntable and cd player signals and output at line level with enough amplification for connection to a Sonos connect? The idea is to interface my old audio equipment with a new Sonos speaker system setup in several rooms throughout my house and not only work, but sound good at various volume levels. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Steven: The new Pre-One would be an excellent addition to your application. As you may know, the SONOS Connect features a right and left RCA stereo input that would connect with the Pre One allowing you to add a phone, CD player and two additional inputs. It also has a mic mixer (a 1/4" input featured on the front panel) input as well. You also have Bass, Mid, Treble, loudness and balance control knobs plus Mono/stereo switch and Low filter switch. Note the master volume control has 1.5V maximum gain compared to the typical 500mv output of other components. The SONOS and Pre-One would be ideal for you. My only question; what are you doing for the rest of the system. What amplification or distribution are you using or planning to add? Let me know if you need additional help. TL/5210
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on September 23, 2018

from INDIANA asked:
August 14, 2018
1 Answer
HI John: The Pre-One would work just fine with your Spectro Acoustics 202. It would have an unbalanced Analog connection between the Pre-One and the Spectro Amplifier using an RCA Stereo Patch Cord. The new Pre One now features a 1.5 Volt output as well. Good luck TL/5161
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 14, 2018

from Buying Junk! Get Junk, Oh And I'm sure I will not hear Sh-t ! Junk !!!!! asked:
July 17, 2018
I own one and have a Honorable hum/open ground in the unit. My stuff is working but with the replacement per,-amp it's HUN-CITY. Used within 6" of any component the per-amp protrudes HUM FROM HELL!!!! Well it's worthless for me! Can't put it in my rack!!!! With out the JUNK, my system works without hum/noise and kicks A.. Total Electronic Junk!
1 Answer
Hi Ackerman: Did you return the unit to get a replacement or did you just replace it with something else? Did you return the unit under our 30-day performance Guarantee? TL/5113
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 19, 2018

from NC asked:
July 11, 2018
Hello! My 1980's era Carver C-2 pre-amp has failed. Its paired with a Carver M-200t magnetic field power amp. Would this amp make a good replacement for the C-2 to use in conjunction with the M-200t? Thanks in advance for info!
1 Answer
Hi Mark: The new Pre One should do the job but I would not consider it a direct replacement. It does have some nice features including built-in Phono Preamp, Mono switch, Microphone mixer, Bass treble, midrange and Loudness controls. It also features a stereo/mono switch, Tape monitor loop (good for 2 channel Equalizers) and a key new feature: 1.5mv output. It should be selling for twice the price so don't let that scare you off. TL/5105
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 14, 2018

from Providence, rhode island asked:
June 18, 2018
I am looking for a surround preamp that outputs 5.1 or better, this only has a stereo output. Do you sell a preamp with surround sound outputs that can be used to drive a multi channel amplifier. Would be great if it were wifi capable. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
2 Answers
Hi Dexter: I found a couple you might want to check out. The TECHNICS DIGITAL SURROUND PROCESSOR SH-AC500D was a used 5.1 pre-amp processor for $250.00. For something new; the Nu-Force18 (499.99) and Emotiva MX700 ($699.00). There are Audio Video processors that also feature 7.2 Preamp output option but start at $800 and up (check out the DENON AVRX3400H). But id needed two channel you will not find a better value than our Pre One now featuring a 1.5mv output. Good Luck TL/5059
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 18, 2018
HI Dexter: You are correct this is only a 2 channel stereo preamp. You going to have a problem finding a dedicated S
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 18, 2018

from New Jersey asked:
April 10, 2018
I have a Amp200 signal is coming from my pioneer sr-75. can I use the Preamp RCA out to hook into the Amp200 to allow it to filter out hissing or buzzing? wil I still be able to use the controls on the preamp? like bass, loudness, treble,Mid etc...
1 Answer
Hi John: The Pre amp would work perfectly between your Pioneer and the AMP200. The Pre amp provides more control of the signal to the AMP200 including Bass, Mid, Treble and Loudness controls. Good choice TL/4900
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

from ga asked:
April 8, 2018
Is the center detent on the Loudness control "flat"? I understand turning it up towards max increases the bass and treble according the manual, but does the min setting decrease those frequencies? or is min the "flat" setting?
1 Answer
Hi Troy: If you look at the specs in the Owner's Manual you will notice `the Loudness is +4 or 2dB. Comparing that to the Bass, Treble and mid range knobs which ar +/- 12 db that tells me it is Flat at Minimum with no negative detent. TL/4896
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

Joe Smith
from Iowa asked:
March 7, 2018
I would like to be able to occasionally use this as also a headphone amp at low to medium listening levels, in my office setup. Is there enough gain pushing cd or cassette signals to power efficient headhones (about 32 ohms) such as Sennheiser HD 518s, using a RCA-to-female mini adapter? Thanks, Joe Smith, Des Moines
1 Answer
Hi Joe: The Pre One does not have a Headphone Jack (the 1/2" connection on the front is for a Microphone input. Sorry about that Note: I requested a headphone jack on the original design but it would have delayed release while adding additional costs. We are working on a step up unit that will feature a IR remote as well as headphone out put with a 1.5V output compared to the 500mV currently found on original unit. TL/4837
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 10, 2018

from Charlotte, North Carolina asked:
February 13, 2018
Hi, would I be able to use this pre-amp for the Bose F1 Model 812 PA speakers? If yes can a Bluetooth be added to the pre-amp? If no any suggestion?
1 Answer
Hi Kwadwo: Yes this will be compatible with your BOSE Fi Model 812 PA speaker. It would allow you up to four inputs, Phono, CD/DVD and 2 Aux inputs. You can add a independent Bluetooth Receiver. A good one will run you around $50 to $60.00. The Pre amp has a mic input but you would be better off using the internal mic input. The Bose has a unbalanced pair of RCA's that will connect directly to the Pre One as your line 2 input. TL/4798
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 14, 2018

Tom Finn
from Lombard Illinois asked:
January 9, 2018
Hi I think this is what I've been looking for but want to make sure. I have a Halfer 9000 amp I bought years ago and never got to use until now, I hope. Also I want to use my old Denon DP-51F turntable. My Hafler preamp bit the dust. Anyway I'm using a mm cart. From the manual I looked at looks like it should work fine. Please let me know. Thanks Tom Finn
1 Answer
HI Tom: It might work but the current Pre One has only a 500MV output so may not be high enough for your older components. We hope to release step up pre amplifier with a 1.5MV output which I would feel more confident in recommending for your application. It will raise the price a bit but will be relative to the increased in benefit. TL/4739
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 15, 2018

from CA asked:
January 2, 2018
Hi I believe that I have researched the OSD system quite a bit, and dont see that it can be controlled by a mobile device. Is this correct? We have 6 speaker zones in our house, and like the features of the amp very much, but would like to be able to adjust each zone from our network. How do we do this?
1 Answer
HI Hans: Maybe you can submit your system into the OSD Upload Your Plans. We do not have an elaborate system that you can just plug and play but we have lots of components that can be configured depending on your actual application. You will need to submit a blueprint or basic diagram with the rooms and zones you want to control. Do you have a Custom Home Theater setup as well. Good idea combining the two using the AV Receiver as your streaming music control center. It also help to add as many images of your rooms/zones. And include where your you would want to store your equipment. Also note what components (electronics and speakers) that you might want to use in your system. Let me know; TL/4725
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 2, 2018

from Italia asked:
May 19, 2017
I need information about weight and volume of package.
1 Answer
Hi Zahari: Here are the dimensions and weight of outer box... Pre-1 21"x 13"x 6" 8 LBS TL: 4375
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 22, 2017

Juan Delgado
from Atlanta Georgia asked:
January 14, 2017
Hi. How can an equalizer be added with this preamp? Any diagrams and settings?
1 Answer
Hi Juan: I believe you can connect an Equalizer utilizing the Tape Loop. You have an input and output connection on your Equalizer. Same with the OSD Pre1. Note many of the current Equalizers have Balanced line in and out. These will not work with the Pre1. But if you find one with RCA unbalanced connections then it will work. When you want. This is from the Owner's Manual: Tape Play: Connect to a tape decks output jacks. Tape Rec: Connect to a tape decks input jacks. When you want to operate the EQ you will enable the tape loop. It will equalize whatever you select as your source (Either DVD/CD/ Aux 1, Aux 2 or Phono). Good luck... TL/4179
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 19, 2017

Dennis Bellis
from Oregon asked:
November 19, 2016
I have paired this unit with your AMP200 power amp, and I can't get them to work together, are these two unit non-compatible? I have tried everything possible with no luck.
1 Answer
Hi Dennis: They should work fine together, first you must determine if the AMP200 is setup properly. I mean does it work on its own with your anyone of your sources plugged directly into Input #2? You need to turn the volume knob on the front panel to fully open (as far as it will go turning it clockwise). Make sure you turn on option is set to normal (right next to stereo bridge switch set to stereo). Then turn the switch on the front to on. Set the delay knob all the way counterclockwise to 3 seconds (next to the Line 2 output). Check the master volume knobs, I believe they are turned all the way counterclockwise or min. Turn your source on then adjust these knobs turning them both clockwise until your start to clip or create distortion now dial them back an 1/8 of an inch. Make sure your source volume is turned up to standard listening levels. Once you have determined the AMP200 is working then it is time to unplug your source from the line#2 input of the AMP200 and plug the source into Aux#1 of the Pre1. Then connect the Output (far right L&R RCA) on the back of the Pre1 to the Line 2 Input of the AMP200 with a stereo RCA patch cord. Now go to the front panel of the Pre1. Make sure input select is set to Aux 1. Then check the four buttons to the right of the input select, Tape should be disables (out), Mono disabled (out), low filter can be enabled (in) and Mute disabled (out). Make sure volume knob on the front of the AMP200 is turned to the middle just like the balance knob. You should now control everything through the Pre1 including bass , mid and treble and master Volume. Loudness is only used when listening to lower levels where it compensates the bass. Make sure power switch is pushed on the Pre1 and they should work together. The AMP200 should light up blue when playing (red in stand by) and the red LED should be on for the Pre1. Let us know if that helps. TL/4129
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 25, 2016

tom schmidt
from redding calif asked:
August 16, 2017
i have a jensen turntable jta230 with its own amp in it 13 watts its doesent get loud enough 13 watts will this one work with it and it only has 2 line in and out ports thank you thomas r schmidt
1 Answer
HI Tom: This Pre Amp only has 500 Ma Gain stage, so its not going to add enough to make a difference. You can try adding both a Pre One and our XMP100 Amplifier. That combination will give you plenty of output. TL/4523
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 19, 2017

from Ca asked:
July 4, 2017
How much gain does this preamp have? What would be the max output voltage of a line level input?
1 Answer
HI Rigos: Only 500mV (spec is in owner's manual), the problem is that it would have doubled the cost and delayed shipment to add a higher pre out. This is a great value but I had wanted to jump it up to 1.5 Volts. Good question, TL/4450
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 13, 2017

from Atlanta asked:
April 30, 2017
Are the rack ears removable? If not, is there an earless/ear-optional version available/on the way?
1 Answer
Hi Harry: The rack Ears are incorporated in the front face plate. They are not removable. There are no plans for a version without rack ears, sorry about that. TL/4338
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 8, 2017

from Brew Town asked:
March 24, 2017
Looking to use something like this as a cheap solution for a source switch before an EQ and then power amp. Does this one have a higher output for phono as normal on most receivers?
1 Answer
Hi Pete: This will work perfect for your Equalizer, just connect to the tape loop play/rec. The Phono is a loaded question. This does feature aground connection so it is a true phono input but we like to call this an affordable entry level unit (Cheap sounds like just that... cheap) But it is all relative so it would be an entry level phone pre amp as one of the four sources. We like to add it to our two channel amplifiers to handle the front end. TL/4268
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 25, 2017

from Massachusetts asked:
February 21, 2017
what does this put out as a signal? 1 volt 1.5 or 2 thanks
1 Answer
Hi Steve: .5 Volts or 500 mill amps. In order to increase the voltage output of this design the priice would have more than doubled with the tooling and certification. TL/4226
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Raymond Sigwart
from Maryland asked:
January 31, 2017
The Front Panel Mic Input. When hooking a microphone to it will I be able to speak and play music from any of the Aux inputs at the same time. Use- Fitness instructor with wireless head set into th e front mic jack and wifi/bluetooth reciever into Aux 1, source ipod.
1 Answer
Hi Raymond: That is the concept, the two channels are mixed at the same time the mic input and whatever input you select either DVD/CD, Aux 1, Aux 2 or Phono. You can set the level for each independently with the Mic volume or master volume that controls the other inputs. TL/4201
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john rendleman
from rock island illlinois asked:
January 16, 2017
if I use this preamp with a musichall turntable 5.3 ,will I get a hum
1 Answer
Hi John: The Pre1 is an entry level Pre-amplifier that maybe over matched for your turntable. It does feature an internal phono pre amp and ground connection which is supposed to eliminate the hum. Maybe it be worth a try, we do have 30 day performance guarantee (save your packaging). TL/4181
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from Montana asked:
November 4, 2016
Looks like the front panel of the unit is 18.9" wide but how wide is the back of the unit?
1 Answer
HI Ryan: The measurement of the back Chassis is 17 5/8" TL/4109
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from new york asked:
November 2, 2016
can I use this unit for 2nd channel on my VSX1124
1 Answer
Hi Vin: You can use this with your Zone 2 Pre amp output but will need an internal amplifier as well something like our AMP200 to provide power. The Pre amp only has signal (low) level connection and comes between your Pioneer AVR and the Amplifier. Then depending on what else makes up the rest of your system you may need to add a speaker selector and possibly volume controls to do the impedance Matching in case you do multiple zones. Good Luck Please let us know what else we can help you with for the rest of your system' TL/4106
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from Virginia asked:
October 15, 2016
Is there a remote control?
1 Answer
HI ED: There is no Remote Control for the Pre One. Sorry about that. TL/4094
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 18, 2016

from new orleans, la asked:
September 4, 2016
bluetooth? Do any of the products support bluetooth sound sources?
1 Answer
Hi Tom: We have Bluetooth Rocks, Frogs and Patio Speakers that all feature a Master Speaker and matching Satellite speaker that needs to be connected by a speaker wire. The Master speaker includes Bluetooth Receiver and internal Stereo Power Amplifier. It is connected to the power supply included in the kit. It is a direct connect to a single Bluetooth enabled device. There are a number of choices for external Bluetooth receivers that can be used with our Pre1 as one of the four potential sources. They start on-line at $14.99 and above, would recommend at least a Bluetooth 4.0. Good Luck TL/4049
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