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    Outdoor Patio Sound Systems That Blast

    Outdoor Patio Sound Systems That Blast

    Sometimes you may just want to relax to the accompaniment of some nice, soft easy-listening music. But at other times you may want to rock out, whether it’s to celebrate a victory, blow off steam or throw a party or a dance. At Outdoor Speaker Depot, we have outside patio systems that blast as well as a wide variety of other outdoor stereo systems. If you want to hear some music at high volume and high fidelity, you’ll find what you need here at Outdoor Speaker Depot.


    The first thing you should know about getting the music loud and proud outside is that it’s more difficult than doing the same thing inside. In your home, sound from your speakers will reverberate off your walls and ceiling. Interiors simply have better acoustics. Outside, your music will have an almost limitless distance to travel without impediment. In addition, the music you listen to outside will have to compete with the noise of the modern world — traffic, leaf blowers and lawnmowers and all the other inventions of modern man.


    Generally, if you want a big sound outdoors on your patio, you’ll want to go with a system that uses speakers wired to a powerful amplifier inside. This should be fairly simple to wire yourself, if you’re the least bit handy, especially if you place the amplifier inside close to where your patio speakers will be. It’s simply a matter of running the wires from the amp through either a corner of a window or a hole you drill in a wall and attaching them to your outdoor speakers.


    At Outdoor Speaker Depot, we sell outdoor speakers ranging from 60 watts to 300 watts. Generally, the more wattage, the more sound. How much wattage you select will depend on the size of your patio. But our 200-watt speakers can easily knock you and your guests’ socks off with power to spare while also delivering premium sound without distortion. These speakers can easily blast sound across spaces up to 1,000 square feet.


    The number of speakers you set up will also bolster the amount of sound you and your guests hear, especially in a bigger space. You can set out one or two strong speakers for smaller areas, but if you have a bigger patio, you’ll probably want to go with more. You can also consider our omnidirectional speakers, which blast music 360 degrees.


    For big music and also for commercial applications, you also have the option of a 70-volt system. These systems are designed for really big spaces, such as hotels and houses of worship, but if you have a really big house or mansion with a gigantic patio, these might provide the sound you want. Our 70V speakers provide great performance at half the price of brand name speakers, and we back them with lifetime technical support.


    From a cottage to a mansion, Outdoor Speaker Depot can provide you the system that you need for sound that’s the maximum in both quality and quantity. Of course, no two situations or patios are exactly alike, so if you have questions about which system is best for you, just call us toll-free or email us. We’ll give you helpful answers that can save you money and hassles.