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PA90 Commercial Amplifier, 16g Speaker Wire, & Four (4) 6.5" 2-Way Pendant Speakers - Black or White

Product code: KIT-PA90-PC640BLK

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Features & Specifications

Take the guesswork out of setting up commercial speakers with this kit. Included in the kit is the PA90, a 70V Commercial Amplifier, 250 feet of our 16 Gauge 2-Conductor Oxygen Free Burial Rated In-Wall Speaker Cable, and four (4) of our awesome Black or White 6.5" 2-Way Pendant speakers.

PA90 70V Commercial Amplifier
The OSD Audio PA90 60-Watt Commercial 70-Volt Amplifier is the perfect control center for restaurants, meeting halls and other small commercial venues. It's versatile, powerful and affordable, and it features three XLR microphone inputs and three signal-level inputs. It also has front-mounted gain control knobs for master bass and treble. The PA90 also has chime and alarm buttons, and it can be connected to CD players, TV outputs, smartphones and more.

250 feet 16 Gauge 2-Conductor Oxygen Free In-Wall Speaker Cable
When you're planning a high-end outdoor speaker installation for residential or professional use, you will want the finest quality of outdoor speaker wire available. This 16-gauge 2-conductor double insulated outdoor cable is perfect for speakers, low voltage landscape lighting and other outdoor or direct burial use. The wires are housed in a UV-resistant white polyethylene jacket that protects the wire from water damage. OSD audio speaker wire (indoor/outdoor) is also resistant to gasoline, solvents and chemicals. This is audiophile-grade speaker cable (16 gauge) that has 25 strands of 99.9 percent pure copper conductors for superior signal transfer. OSD speaker wire performs as well as if not better than the competition's, and it costs less.

6.5" 2-Way Pendant Speaker
Great for hanging application on your audio needs, OSD Audio's Series of Pendant Speakers are as unique in style as they are in function. Available in black or white, the PC640 Pendant speaker includes a 6.5 woofer,1-inch tweeter and high power handling capability for audiophile sound quality, making this speaker ideally suitable open space environments such as malls, airports, or any indoor space with high vaulted ceilings. Fashioned after modern lighting fixtures, the PC640 Pendant includes 140 degrees wide-dispersion coaxial driver for even coverage as well as low-resonance cabinet structure.


Other Product Info

Get the perfect commercial setup with this pendant speaker kit. Kit comes included with (1) PA90 Commercial Amplifier, (1) 250ft 16-2 speaker wire, and (4) Black or White Pendant Speakers.


1 Question & 1 Answer
from Syracuse, New York asked:
January 22, 2019
Hi there - Couple questions here. Can I add additional speakers to this package? If so, how many? How many square feet apart should the pendant speakers be placed? Lastly, I would be purchasing this for an interior restaurant space, but am also looking for two or three exterior speakers for a patio area. What exterior speakers would you recommend to add to this (note they need to be able to stand the cold and snow)? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Ryan: This package will not work for your application especially if you are planning on adding additional speakers. The limitation is the PA90 which features 60 watts total (Technically 48 watts or 80 percent of 60 watts recommended). Check out the PAM245 which features 240 watts (Actually 192 usable watts, 80% of 240W). The PAM245 adds a neat feature; 5 separate output channels with on /off switch per zone so you can wire from 1 zone up to 5 zones. It might be Zone 1 for the inside restaurant with Zone 2 for the outside. You also asked about calculating the area for the pendant speakers inside the Restuarant You need to take in two factors when considering this question. First, you need to think about what distance from the floor to the speaker will be. The breakdown is as follows: 8 ft/250 sq.ft., 10 ft/400 sq.ft., 12 ft/580 sq.ft., 14 ft/780 sq.ft. The formula you would use to determine how many speakers you will need to cover your area; Total Area (ft.) divided by Speaker Coverage (Sq ft.) Equals @ of Speakers. The higher the speaker, the greater the coverage by a single speaker. The installation starts in one corner of the area. The first Pendant should be positioned the same distance as the height from floor to speaker from both walls. The next speaker should be placed a distance equal to two times the floor to speaker height from the first speaker but in a line parallel to one of the walls. The second row will start double the distance of the height, floor to speaker from the first wall and that same distance parallel to the first row, A third row if needed will match the first-row distance from the wall and adjacent row. The key factor in determining the height from the floor to the bottom of the pendant speaker. It would also be nice to see a Blueprint of your area so I could calculate how many pendant speakers along with the Patio speakers. This would help determine how many speakers and what the 70V tap setting would be for each speaker (combining both Pendant and Patio speakers). We would need to create a special bundle quote for the AMP, Pendant Speakers, Patio Speakers and speaker wire (16/2 either white or black jacket). I would love to hear from you; Please let me know if this helped. TL/5387
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 25, 2019

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