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Commercial Space Speaker Setup Guide

The speaker layout for a commercial space should go according to the size, shape, and intended use of the space. The goal should be a consistent level of sound pressure throughout the space, whether it is a restaurant, conference room, department store, office or hotel. Positioning and layout are integral for high-quality sound.

Delivering sound to listeners over ambient noise is going to vary depending on what type of commercial space is being discussed. The average decibel (dB) level in an amusement area or factory is going to be higher than it is in a restaurant or office, so the sound pressure levels (SPL) that a sound system is required to deliver is going to vary. For general announcements the sound system must be able to deliver sound pressure levels that are 6dB higher than the ambient noise.

The number of speaker systems to be used in a commercial space should aim for a goal of a consistent SPL throughout the listening area. For wall mounting, the mounting hardware is chosen to enable installation at the optimum height with appropriate angle adjustment capability. A lower ceiling means a smaller the coverage area for each speaker, so lower ceilings require more speakers for uniform coverage. Where ceilings are low, surface mount speakers are more effective. If the ceiling is high, the coverage of each speaker is larger, but higher output level is then required to provide enough SPL at the listening point.