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    70V Transformers

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    Transforming the Power

    Unlock the potential of your commercial audio system with our range of high-quality 70V transformers. Designed for use in environments such as supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, and airports, these transformers are essential for distributed audio setups. By converting the primary voltage from 70V to 8 ohms or 4 ohms at the speaker, our commercial speaker transformers eliminate power loss caused by long wire runs, resulting in improved sound quality. With multiple wattage taps, you can easily set different power levels and volume for each speaker, allowing for customized sound coverage. Our 70V transformers ensure a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, limiting insertion loss to just 1dB. Experience the convenience and flexibility of a fully optimized commercial audio system with our easy-to-install and reliable 70V transformers.