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AMP300 High Power 2-channel Stereo A/B Class Amplifier with Dual Source Switching, 350W x 2, 470W Bridged Mono Output 2 Ohm Stable

Product code: OSD-AMP300

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Features & Specifications

• A heavy-duty 350-Watt A/B two-channel dual source amplifier for use as a remote or single amplifier
• Ideal for powering whole-house audio system or dedicated home theaters
• Equipped with 350 Watts per channel peak power, 470 watts Bridged Mono into 8 ohms
•Dual source capable for greater listening flexibility
• Clean, brushed metal front panel with a volume control, power on/off button and balance control
• Includes built-in illuminated dual voltage meters to monitor volume level readings
• Protection circuitry safeguards the amp from a short circuit
• Can be configured as bridged or stereo amp

A solid high-power amplifier does more than make the sound you love louder. A well-built power amp cleans up sound quality, improves bass response and delivers the right amount of power to efficiently drive multiple speakers in distributed audio system or home theater. Our AMP300 is a flagship amp that sells well for a reason. This 350-Watt A/B two-channel dual source amplifier is ideal for use as a remote amplifier to power your whole house audio system or as a single amp for a dedicated home theater or media room, and you won’t find an amp with the same features that we pack in at such an affordable price. It is stable at 2 ohm load.

Dual Source Switching

The AMP300 also includes dual source switching to connect two audio sources and toggle between them for greater listening flexibility. Automatic source switching switches between connected sources with a priority signal-sensing feature, so if a DVD player is connected to input 2, then you decide to stream a movie through a game console, when the console is turned on, the AMP300 automatically switches to that source. The AMP300 also includes a variable delay control that lets you adjust the amount of time needed to "listen" for a signal from your main input, between 3 and 15 seconds. This prevents gaps between music tracks from accidentally switching your inputs. This high power amplifier includes two RCA signal level inputs so with the addition of an RCA-to-mini stereo cable (sold separately), you can connect your smartphone or other device.

Plenty of Power for the Price Pair our AMP300 with the power-hungry speakers, and the sound quality will transform your listening experience. Rated at 350 Watts per channel peak power (470 Watts Bridged Mono into 8 ohms), the AMP300 can be configured as bridged or stereo. In bridged mode, you can combine the left and right channels into one audio channel which bumps up the power to a whopping 470 Watts (8 ohms). When playing dual sources, switch to stereo mode which reduces the power to 350 Watts per channel. It is the only high current 2 ohm load stable amp in the market.

Price-defying Features

The AMP 300 also includes two sets of speaker outputs with front panel controls, auto-on signal sensing or 12-volt trigger, rear panel master level controls, dual line-level inputs with priority override switching and dual voltage of 110V/220V and auto signal sensing. This amp has a clean, brushed metal front panel with a volume control, power on and off button and a balance control knob to adjust the balance between the left and right channels and dial in just the right sound level mix. Built-in, illuminated dual voltage meters allow you to monitor the volume level readings, while special protection circuitry safeguards the amp from a short circuit.


Other Product Info

The AMP300 (MI6) is an excellent power amplifier for pro-installation applications. It is a high current (2 Ohm Stable) two channel power amplifier, which is overload stable. It is ideal for use as a remote amplifier, or as a single or dual zone amplifier. It's the perfect heavy duty, high fidelity amp for powering your whole house audio system! With a stylish, built-in voltage meter, it can can produce some serious power to drive your whole house audio speakers! Weight is 40lbs. Feature



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50 Questions & 51 Answers
from Honolulu Hi asked:
November 28, 2017
If am using this Amplifier to run 6each either your 525 or 625 outdoor speakers, would this be able to handle all in parallel series mode without loosing any high definition nor the low end below "80hz" or do i need some kind 70v? I would prefer higher gauge than losing any definition on both high and low if need be. Am liking the spec on these 525 and 625. Possible speaker placement on concrete/medal siding, 15ft between speakers across and about 15ft to 20ft height. prefer stereo mode. Could this do the job?
1 Answers
Hi en76: The AMP300 was created just for your application. It is a High Current Amplifier that will handle down to a 2 ohm load. It features a Large Powerful Toroidal Power Supply, lots of internal capacitance, Triple Darlington Audio Section, all discrete components and ample internal Heat sink. The three pair of AP650 will actual create a 2.7 ohm load to the AMP300. Which will increase the current draw and output. The AP650 are have a frequency response 37Hz to 22kHz. You will not lose any high or low frequencies. One of the advantages of 70V is you can use smaller gauge wire for longer distances. But that is contingent on cutting out frequencies below 100Hz. This is a true audiophile Amplifier with great sound quality. I would normally recommend 10 to 12 feet apart but since you have them higher than normal that will work. The AP650 is our best selling patio speaker. Great choice on the amp and speakers. TL/4669
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 29, 2017

William smith
from 660 harris road. Grifton NC 28530 asked:
November 6, 2017
What kind of preamps do you have?
1 Answers
Hi William: Check out our Pre One an affordable Pre amplifier that has four analog inputs including one Phone, Tape Loop, Mono /Stereo Switch and Mic Mixer. TL/4626
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 16, 2017

from Canada asked:
September 13, 2017
How Do i connect this amp to my setup ? I had Yahama R-n301 receiver , 8 zone speaker selector, svc300 volume control. I chose yahama receiver bec I can listen to internet radio, ipad songs, network songs etc. But to power 8 zones I need amplifier. So how the setup gonna go If wanna play same song from yahama receiver in all 8 zones through amplifier. PLease let me know how to connect the yahama receiver to amplifier and and speaker selector switch (dsm8) .Should I connect switch to yahama or the amplifier. ? basically I wanna play from yahama receiver and listern in all room. please let me know how to connect the stuff. I am bit newbie. Thanks
1 Answers
Hi Ruby: The AMP 300 will be effective driving 8 external zones. The AMP 300 features both Hi and low level input. Your Yamaha Receiver really only has High (speaker) Level output so no Low Level Pre Amp output. The High level input reduces the input back to a low level pre amplified signal that is re amplifier inside the AMP300 Audio Section. In order to connect you would connect speaker wire from the Yamaha Speaker A Right and Left (+/-) to the Speaker in on the AMP300. You will need to make sure to connect the switch above to Line 2 (push to the right). The DMP8 would then connect to the Speaker A output of the AMP300. The Yamaha will then be a Pre Amplifier with all the connections you will need. It has four analog inputs and two digital inputs. Plus you will need to hard wire a network cable into the LAN connection. Please let me know if you need additional help; TL/4561
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 21, 2017

from San Diego asked:
July 9, 2017
I want to run 2xOMSUB200 with 8xLS3 using a Sonos Connect. How would I wire up the speakers to this AMP? Will the Amp automatically switch on/off when I turn my Sonos on?
2 Answers
Hi IMS: I would connect your two OM Sub 200 in parallel to speaker A output from the AMP300.So with a four conductor cable like our CL14/4 wire both subs together R+, R-, L+ & L-. So you have 2 wires connected to each one of the four outputs. Next you will want to wire the 8 each (or four pair of LS3) in series parallel. Four speakers for the right and four speakers for the left. This will take a little patience and CL14/2 speaker wire. Contact me at so I can furnish you a diagram. Good system... TL/4461
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 20, 2017
Note, regarding your second question the AMP300 features three turn on options: 1) Manual, using the on/off switch on the front panel 2) Connecting a 12 volt trigger to your other component like a receiver. 3) Auto Sensing, goes into stand by after 5 minutes once there is no signal. Then comes back on instantly once it sees a new signal. Note: in all cases the power switch on the front must be in the on position. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 20, 2017

Mike Karpinski
from PA asked:
August 26, 2016
Will this amp push my Cerwin Vega VS 150s ? I need more bass! My denon pma 920 isn't cutting it.
1 Answers
Hi Mike: All the reviews on the Cerwin Vega points out that you need a true power amplifier not a Receiver. The AMP 300 is a True High Current Amplifier that when you are driving a 4 ohm like like the Cerwin Vegas are rated at, you will nearly double your current demand so you are looking at the AMP delivering 200 plus watts per channel and plenty of head room. Good choice... TL/4038
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 30, 2016

from Oregon asked:
May 22, 2016
If I want to run 8 (pairs) of speakers with this amp and a speaker selector how do you connect the speaker selector to the Amp? Do you use speaker A and speaker B output from amp?
1 Answers
Hi Ryan: Yes, this amplifier will work for your application. You will have two options for Speaker Selectors. Option one we recommend the TSM-8 Speaker Selector that features internal Auto-Former's for speaker protection switch on the back panel. This has the best internal protection and power output when using the protection and not planning on using Impedance Matching Volume Controls for each room/zone. The second option would be to use our DSM-8 speaker selector that we would recommend using with Impedance Matching Volume Controls, one for each pair of speakers per zone. The DSM and ISS speaker selectors feature internal resistors which when enabled cuts the power handling in half (140 W down to 70 W for both the DSM-8 and ISS-8 models). So it is recommended using Impedance Matching Volume Controls to do the Heavy lifting (protection) and disable the protection on the Speaker Selector so it would be rated at 140 Watts. Checkout either the SVC-300 or VC-105 (featuring on/off switch) Impedance Matching Volume Controls Either way when you use the Speaker Selector you connect it to Speaker A only of the AMP300. TL/3893
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 23, 2016

Pedro R.
from Rep. Dom. asked:
April 11, 2016
Hi, I want to power two OM-SUB200 and four AP-525 speakers. Which amp is best suited to power the system???
1 Answers
Hi Pedro: The AMP-300 will do a great job. You would connect speaker A of the AMP-300 directly to the first OM-SUB200 four conductor inputs (R&L, +/-) then connect a pair of the AP-525 to the four conductor output (R&L, +/-) of the OM-SUB200. Then repeat the setup with the second OM-SUB200 and AP-525 to Speaker B of the AMP300. You will be able to play Speaker A or Speaker B or both Speaker A and B at the same time. It also makes it easier to run a four conductor cable like our CL3/FT4 14/4 (direct burial) from the Amplifier to the OM-SUB200. Then run 2 conductor 14/2 to each AP-525. Also check out our Aqua Blue Waterproof wire nut connectors for terminating the Speaker Wire to and from the OM-SUB-200. This amplifier is also multi Voltage where it can be plugged into either 115V or 230V. The AMP200 would also work for your application. It features the same design but a little less power. Good choices... TL/3809
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 11, 2016

from Wellington, FL asked:
August 27, 2017
Can you use the left output as a mono signal for LFE for a separate sub woofer amp? Also does anyone know what the delay level switch is for?
1 Answers
Hi Vincent: The output from the AMP300 is not a true LFE (low Frequency Effects). I believe you can only get that output from a AVR Receiver with dedicated LFE output. The LFE by passes the controls of a dedicated sub woofer amplifier. Most AVR output a mono low frequency signal. The Delay switch; this has to do with the time when you turn line 1 off and Line 2 comes on. It adjusts between 3 and 15 seconds. The problem is when you listen to line 1 and there is an extended silent passage the automatic source switcher will think line one has turned off and will now switch over to line 2 but as soon as the silent passage is over it automatically switches back to Line 1. The Automatic Source Switching is found on our lower end amps like the AMP120 and XMP100. The delay is less than 5 seconds and there can be issues with it switching prematurely to line 2. We added the adjustable delay to our AMP200 and AMP300 as an upgrade allowing you to set the delay up to 15 seconds. We typically recommend connecting to Line 2 input when connecting only a single source. Plus Line 2 output only pertains to whatever is connected to Line 2 input. It does not work with Line 1 input. So when you talk about connecting your sub amp it will only work for whatever is connected to Line 2 input. TL/4537
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 11, 2017

from Baton Rouge, LA asked:
April 20, 2017
Will this amp work well with my DTR 40.6 receiver with 7.1 surround and how should I connect the speakers.
1 Answers
HI Keith: It depends on if you are using your Integra as a Surround Sound Receiver and you want to add a second zone out put to control multiple zones connecting to the ZONE 2 Pre amp output. If this is the case you would connect the Zone 2 output to the Input#2 of the AMP300. That if you are using all 7 powered channels for your Home Theater and you want to power a Zone 2 with the Zone 2 Pre amp outputs. You can connect two speakers directly to the AMP300 (Speaker A/B) and have two zones. So you will need to tell me more about what you are trying to accomplish, how many zones, how many speakers etc. TL/4317
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 8, 2017

from Ontario, Canada asked:
April 10, 2017
I would like to power four pairs of in-ceiling speakers with the AMP300. Our house came wired so that there are volume control knobs in each of the four rooms with speakers. Do I need to purchase a speaker selector like the DSM4? Or could I just wire the four pairs of speakers directly into the two sets of speaker outputs on the back of the AMP300? (I.e. plug two wires into each of the speaker outputs in the back of the AMP300). Thank you!
1 Answers
HI Dan: The Speaker Selector adds more control and in some cases handles the protection of the Amplifier. It gives you the ability to turn each zone on or off as well. It usually is connecting all the wires in Parallel. In your case where you have volume controls you will need to determine if they are impedance Matching controls where they have an impedance switch (typically with settings of 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x). Four rooms with a single pair per room would mean the impedance matching setting would be 4X. And typically the Impedance matching Volume Controls are the primary choice to handle the protection. So you will need to determine if these are Impedance matching volume controls and if so what are they set at before you go to the next step. If they are Impedance matching make sure each one of the Volume Controls are set to 4X. If the Impedance matching Volume controls are handling the protection you need to make sure the protection button is off/disabled. If you are only planning a single source than you could go with the ISS4 speaker selector to save money. TL/4301
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 13, 2017

from Dallas, Tx asked:
January 14, 2017
Is there any way to attach an IR receiver to this Amp? It's the only device I can't turn on/off with my harmony hub.
1 Answers
Hi Jason: Yes, first you need to check if your receiver has a 12 volt trigger (3.5mm connection) which you would hard wire to the 12 Volt input trigger of the AMP300. The second option is to utilize the Auto on which is a music or signal sensing turn on circuit that. In this mode the amp goes into stand by mode when there is no signal present after 5 to 10 minutes. It then comes back on when the music comes back on. I hope that helps TL/ 4180
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 19, 2017

from San Diego Ca asked:
September 18, 2016
I need to power 12 sets of whole house speakers, each speaker is only 50watts. Can I use this amp for that system? Also, I have an 8 speaker selector currently, could I buy an additional 4 speaker selector and connect that to the Speaker B outputs and Run both the A and B speakers at the same time to get whole house audio??? I have impedance matching volume controls in each room location.
1 Answers
HI Mark: A great choice for your whole house audio. You can add the the four zone speaker selector to Speaker B. Make sure you set the Impedance matching Volume Controls to 4X on the four Volume Controls connected to the 4 zone speaker selector. You also need to determine how often you will listen to all zones at once. It is a good habit to turn the zones off at the Speaker Selector especial when not listening to a particular zone for any length of time. If you were to play four or less of the eight zones consistently you could also get away with setting impedance matching setting to 4X on the eight zones as well. The problem is most of the Impedance Matching Volume Controls (unless it is our VC-105 with dedicated on/off switch) do not have a shut off switch when you turn the knob beyond the audible listening of the zone through the respective Volume Control in the zone. Instead you have a Volume Control in the wall that is diverting your signal into the transformer and still active. If you show the discipline to shut off the zones when not in use the system will be much stabler. Good luck TL/4074
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 22, 2016

from Texas asked:
September 12, 2016
Basically I'm running 4- 4ohm 12" subs currently powered by two amplifiers. One pair per amp, not bridged, my question is is what is the actual output of this amp at 4 ohms. I see in the owners manual, it's 235 watt per channel @ 4 ohms, is this rms or peak, yet description lists 350w @ what ohm rating is that? Is that only on two channels or x 4 channels? Current amps are 150 x 2 @ 8 ohms and 250 x 2@ 4ohms. Totally custom setup for my theater room.... Need more power....... Wondering if this amp is a worthwhile upgrade, or just stick with what I already have. Thanks for any input!
1 Answers
Hi Abel: Are you using the Infinity 1260 W Reference 12" or 1262 W? If you are using the 1260 W single voice coil I am assuming you are wiring them in Parallel and are showing a 2 ohm load to the the Amplifier or the more conservative series where you have an 8 ohm load and have cut the output of the amp in half. It sounds like you have a similar amp to the AMP300 already, what amplifier are you using (brand and model)? The AMP300 would be rated at 150 W RMS at 8 ohm and 235 RMS at 235 W. TL/4064
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 22, 2016

from CT asked:
September 2, 2016
I want to drive 4 Speakercraft Aim 8 fives with this amp. Will this amp be sufficient? I would like to also run 2 Speakercraft boom tombs off a second AMP300 - how should those be wired?
1 Answers
Hi Maynard: The single AMP300 will work just fine for the AIM 8 five's. Connect a pair to speaker A and a pair to Speaker B. I am assuming they are rated at 8 ohm and should have no problem running in parallel. Regarding the Boomtomb (times 2) you will need a dedicated sub amplifier like our SMP250 to power the Boomtomb since it does not have an internal crossover. You can start with a single SMP250 and connect both Subs in series. Each sub is rated at 4 ohm so by connecting them in series you get an 8 ohm load. Run a two conductor cable to each sub connecting the positive (red jacket) and negative (black jacket) from you component rack. At the component rack connect one of the positive to the SMP250 red output. Then connect the black (-) conductor to the red (+) conductor of the 2 conductor cable coming from the second sub. Then connect the black (-) conductor to the black output connection of the SMP250. If this is not enough output then you will need to add a second SMP250 so each Boomtomb will have a dedicated amplifier. This would be your maximum output. You will want to connect your source to the the Input #2 of the AMP300. Source could be from a Zone 2 output of a AVR or maybe SONOS Connect. The single SMP250 would connect to the Line #2 output of the AMP300. If you add a second SMP250 you would connect to the output of the first SMP250. Plus you could easily wire the speakers since both two conductors are run to the central location I would be more than happy to supply you a wiring diagram ( if need be. Good choices TL/4048
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 8, 2016

Andrew Howard
from TEXAS asked:
August 31, 2016
Will this amp push 4 AP850's like a boss?
1 Answers
Hi Andrew: Run them in parallel off speaker A and drop the impedance down to 4 ohm. You will increase the current demand and get more output of the amplifier. You can run a pair of Speaker A and a second pair off Speaker B and have a little more control. Great combination. TL/4045
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 1, 2016

Edmund Cid
from orlando asked:
June 25, 2016
I have just purchased the amp300 and ssvc4. what is the recommended connection between these two pieces of equipment knowing I have four pairs of speakers connected to the ssvc4.
1 Answers
Hi Edmund: You can use our 16/4 four conductor cable between Speaker A output on the right hand of the AMP300 back panel; Right and Left (+ and -). You connect the other end to the Source A input located on the left side of the back panel of the SSVC4. Or you can use 16/2 two conductor; one for right and the other for the left input connections. This is referred to as a Speaker (High) level connection (after the signal has been amplified) versus a signal (low) level pre-amplified signal before it is amplified (this is connection for input to the AMP 300 RCA connections from your source). TL/3953
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 27, 2016

from Chicago IL asked:
April 27, 2016
I am planning on purchasing 6 outdoor rock speakers rated at 250 RMS each, 500w max, and I want to make sure that this can deliver enough power to them. My backyard backs up to a busy street so I need to be able to push louder music during the day. How much power can I expect to receive out of these speakers with this amp? The other option that I have is to purchase 125 RMS, 250 watt max speakers but I don't know if that will be loud enough or put to much strain on the speakers. The backyard is 50x60 with a pool. Thanks!
1 Answers
Hi Joe: Are you planning to connect the three pair of Rock speakers directly to a single AMP300? Are you planning to use Impedance Matching Volume Controls, one of our OVC300 for each pair of Rocks? The Impedance Matching Volume Controls allow you to adjust the Impedance so the Amplifier sees 4 ohm load thus increasing the current and output power of the Amplifier. Plus the volume controls will give you more flexibility in controlling the complete system You might even consider four pair of speakers and adding another Volume Control. The AMP300 weights over 40 pounds due to large Toroidal Power Supply and ample internal Heat-sink needed to handle the High Current draw. A true Audiophile Amplifier featuring total discrete components in the Audio Output Circuit with Fully Complimentary Bi-Polar Devices mounted to the Heat-sink. I would recommend using our DSM4 Speaker Selector to organize your connections with the Amplifier featuring on/off switch and A/B dual source switch per each zone. You could even go with two AMP300 driving two pair of Rocks each, 4 ohm load. Start with a single AMP 300 and see if it is enough. Good choice TL/3845
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 28, 2016

from Chula Vista, CA asked:
March 15, 2016
I just asked a question about the MX1260 for my application. But it seems this amp might be the best choice but I need help. I have 2 outdoor speakers and 4 indoor speakers. I want to have 2 zones ( outside and inside). Each zone will have the SONOS:CONNECT connected to the amplifier so I can play two different sources at the same time or have all speakers play the same music at the same time. Will I be able to run this setup with this amp or is the MX1260 the better choice. BTW the outdoor speakers will be the AP650's and indoor will be MK650. Thanks
1 Answers
Hi David: I have not heard from you since I responded to your first question regarding the MX-1260 versus a AMP300. The best setup would be two SONOS and two AMP200 (2) channel amplifiers. You can power the outside speakers with one AMP200 and SONOS Pre amp and power the inside zone with AMP200 with the SONOS Pre-amp #2, one pair of speakers on speaker A and the second pair on Speaker B. You can play identical source on SONOS 1 and SONOS 2 and you can control both from your smartphone or tablet. Or you can play different source material for zone 1 while playing some thing else on zone 2. The AMP200 is a workhorse and will have no problem playing as loud as you want. TL/3759
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 29, 2016

from San Diego asked:
February 28, 2016
I'd like to get more explanation about how to use the 12V Triggers for the AMP300. I would like to control the on/off for this unit with a remote control and I assume that is how the 12V Triggers work. What is the difference between a "signal sensing" and "DC Remote trigger"? Where can I find a remote control device that will work with this unit?
1 Answers
HI Joe: The 12 Volt trigger input needs to be hardwired (or physically connected) to a component like a Receiver that would feature a 12 volt trigger output so it would send a turn on or turn off signal to the AMP300. The output 12 volt trigger on the AMP300 allows you to send a turn on or turn off signal to a second AMP300 as an example. So the 12 Volt trigger has to be wired to a component that features a 12 volt trigger output. The signal sensing or auto sensing triggers the amplifier to turn on when it senses a signal on the input side from the source (the Amplifier must have the manual switch in the on position for this to work). When it fails to see a signal after 10 to 15 minutes it goes into stand-By mode waiting for the signal to return. So check the Source or Receiver you want to connect for a 12 volt trigger output or you may have to settle for the signal sensing to do the trick. Good Luck TL/3729
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 3, 2016

from san diego asked:
February 5, 2016
how many speakers can i hook up to this amp? how powerful can the speakers be?
1 Answers
Hi Milan: It depends on you application, what are you planning? You can connect three pair of eight ohm speakers directly to A or B speaker outputs. This Amplifier is a High Current Amplifier that is 2 ohm stable. The three pair wired in Parallel would be around 2.6 ohm load. I can give you a better answer depending on what you are trying to accomplish. TL/3691
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 5, 2016

from edmonton asked:
January 29, 2016
If i connect this to a home theater receiver and set the volume on the amp at max, Will the volume then be controlled up and down by the receiver?
1 Answers
Hi Nic: Yes, there are gain controls that allow you to set the AMP300 levels to the optimum listening levels then you actually control the volume up and down from your receiver. Which might depending on your receivers app be controlled from you smartphone of tablet. TL/3681
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 30, 2016

from Vermont asked:
December 7, 2015
I am looking for an amp to power 2 pairs of Klipsch RP-160M speakers (100W/400W, 8 Ohms and a powered sub woofer, BIC Acoustech PL-200). This will be set up in a large timberframe great room (35'x25' with 20' ceiling) where the sub will be shared but I want to be able to run the speakers either as A or B or A+B. Audio signals will come primarily via AirPlay, so the amp either needs to have ethernet/wifi or be connected to an AirPlay device such as Apple TV via HDMI or optical. I would really like to avoid a full featured AV receiver with 10 HDMI connections etc. Seems total overkill. Is there a simpler way to meet my needs?
1 Answers
Hi Chris, This amp can do A or B and A + B but it is analog so it doesn't have any wifi built in. Great amp though - it's high current so you can run up to 3 pairs of 8ohm speakers off each zone.
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 14, 2015

from Rochester, New York asked:
November 29, 2015
Hi. I have 50W ceiling speakers in 4 rooms (2 speakers in each room, total 8 speakers). I need assistance finding the right Amplifier to play music in my home speaker systems. All the speakers are pre-wired to a central location tobe connected to an amplifier. Each room has a separate audio controlling system. Please help me find the right system. FYI - I have separate 5.1 ONKYO Receiver (TX-N616) for home theater system in another room.
1 Answers
Hi Vijay, You can run the AMP200 into a 4-zone speaker selector such as our ISS4. You can connect the AMP200 to your ONKYO receiver zone 2 or pre-amp out if you want to play it throughout the house.
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 30, 2015

from Victoria,BC asked:
October 24, 2015
Hi,I'm looking to purchase the OSD AMP300,because my old Denon Receiver is starting to show it's age ! I am running 4 pairs of speakers with the Denon and the OSD SSVC4 . If I buy the AMP300 what do you suggest I use for BASS and TREBLE Control ? I will be running SAT Radio,CD Player, and TV. As you know, SAT Radio has it's audio limitations compared to CD's,so at the very least I need some form of EQ Management . Thanks Ken
1 Answers
Hello Ken, The AMP300 will do a great job supplying power to those speakers. As for bass/treble control, it doesn't have that. You could always run a pre-amp or equalizer to the amp.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 26, 2015

from chicago asked:
October 14, 2015
I currently have a 60v amp that powers 4 rock speakers, two additional outdoor speakers and two internal ceiling speakers in my study. As I understand the system, it runs in mono. The fidelity is pretty dull and I want to produce a more crisp, high quality sound from all the speakers, especially the outdoor sets. I have a volume control for the rockoustics and a separate control for the outdoor pair, and another for the ceiling pair. Suggestions??? thanks tom
1 Answers
Hi Tom, The AMP300 would be ideal for this type of application. The AMP300 by itself has 2 zones, each can run up to 3 pairs of speakers safely. However, you can run a speaker selector off the amp, such as our ISS6, and that would allow you to run multiple zones - each with their own on/off switch and/or volume control.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 26, 2015

from New jersey asked:
September 2, 2015
Hi I have a Yamaha V671 home theater reciver with zone 2 hook up to a Aton DLA/6 running my 2nd zone with 5 pairs of speakers I want more power can I use this amp to run 2nd zone
1 Answers
Hi Nicholas, This is the perfect amp for that! Give us a call to discuss!
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 10, 2015

from Montreal, Canada asked:
August 11, 2015
Hi, I already bought the AMP300 and now I'm wondering how to connect my speakers. I originally planned for 4 outdoor speakers but I will need 6 speakers to cover the area properly. What is the best way to connect the speakers given that it's all the same zone? I'm thinking of connecting them in parallel (3 on one channel and 3 on another channel) which drops the impedance to 2.67Ω. What is the best way to acheive that? Using the bridged connections for speaker A (3 speakers in parallel) and the bridged connection for speaker B (3 speakers)? Thanks!
1 Answers
Hello Jean-Philippe, What most people will do is run a speaker selector off the AMP300 to convert it to a multi-zone system. Alone, the AMP300 can run up to 3 pairs of speakers off each of its 2 zones (A & B), but you will be limited to controlling all of them together rather than separately. By adding a speaker selector, such as the ISS4, you now have an individual zone for up to 4 pairs of speakers, with on/off capability on each zone. We also have speaker selectors that have built in volume controls on each zone, such as the SSVC4.
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 14, 2015

Ricardo Sanchez
from Lubbock, Texas asked:
June 24, 2015
I want to connect 5 AP670 speakers and 2 AP650 (7 total) to this Amplifier. How should I connect them? I was thinking in connecting 2 series & 2 parallel into one channel (giving 8 ohms to that channel) and 2 series and 1 parallel into the other channel (giving 5.3 ohms to that channel). I was considering using the Bridged Mono function in this setup. Do you think this will work? Any suggestions?
1 Answers
Hi Ricardo, The ideal setup would be to run the AMP300 to a multi-zone speaker selector and then to each speaker. A speaker selector takes a 2-channel input and divides it up into individual zones. Take a look at the ISS8 for example. Or, since the AMP300 has 2 zones, you could run a 4-zone speaker selector off each zone on the amp. So Zone A on the amp goes to an ISS4 and Zone B on the amp also goes to an ISS4. This would utilize the full power potential of the AMP300, while giving you individual zones with on/off control for each pair of speakers.
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 24, 2015

from Longview, Washington asked:
May 24, 2015
I have two ap650's and two ap840's along with one rs660om and one sub200. I was trying to run it from an old surround sound 5.1 system but my amp just can't handle it. Would this amp300 be a good option for me to run most of what I have? I would like all my speakers to play at the same time. Or at least 4 of them. (650's and 840's) Thanks for the help.
1 Answers
Hi Ed, Yes! This is a high-current amplifier that can handle several speakers simultaneously. The amp has 2-zones, but you can run a multi-zone speaker selector off each zone, converting it to a 3, 4, 5, 6+ zone system.
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 2, 2015

from Willmar, MN asked:
February 23, 2015
I am in the process of finishing up my sound system. I have a ICE530 speaker in each room with a separate volume control. I have a 16-2 wire going from each control to a distribution panel and then another wire going to where I will put my amplifier. I have a total of 13 speakers in this system. Will this Amp handle that? I have 2 more ceiling speakers for my surround sound for movies/TV. How do I hook it up to I can listen to music upstairs and someone can watch a movie downstairs with the surround sound or listen to music through the surround sound speakers?
1 Answers
Hi John, That definitely will work with the AMP300. You'll connect your speaker selector or speaker distribution panel to the AMP300 Zone 1 and then run a volume control off each zone of your speaker selector. For the surround sound, you'll want a home theater receiver that does 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. You can run an RCA cable from most home theater receivers to an external amp, in this case being the AMP300. Thus you will run your home theater speakers off the surround sound receiver and your stereo speaker around the house off the AMP300.
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 23, 2015

from Scottsdale, AZ asked:
January 30, 2015
Hi, I have a Yamaha RX-V673 with 2 zones. I'm currently running 5 ceiling speakers in zone 1 and have zone 2 hooked up to your ISS4 speaker switch with a set of rock speakers on one button to our courtyard and a set of rock speakers on another button to our back yard. It works great, but now we'd like to add a pair of ceiling speakers to 2 other rooms (adding 4 more speakers). I was thinking of running my zone 2 to this AMP300, then outputting the ISS4, Thus powering my 4 rock speakers and my 4 ceiling speakers, but I read in these comments if you use 2 different sets of speaker selectors you get more power? What would be a good configuration for what I'm trying to do? Thanks!
1 Answers
Hi Michael: Are you using Volume Controls for your two outdoor speakers? It is wise to add an independent amp from the zone 2 output when using a speaker selector. Especially if you go to more than two pair of speakers which you are planning to do. The ISS4 speaker selector features a protection switch that will need to be enabled if you are not using Impedance matching Volume Controls and listening to more than two pair of speakers at a time. When you use the protection switch the signal is routed through the internal resistors and making sure that your amplifier sees a proper impedance load. The trade off is your power is cut in half. That is why we recommend using impedance matching volume controls like our OVC100 for outdoors and SVC300 indoor for your two in-ceiling speakers and disabling the protection switch on the ISS4. Adding the volume controls also gives you additional control at the zone where the speakers are located. Another path you can go is to purchase the AMP200 and the SVC4 Speaker selector featuring internal impedance matching volume controls. You do have options TL/3121
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on February 4, 2015

from USA / Canada asked:
January 17, 2015
Hello, I have high end receiver with many speakers in my home. Everything has been satisfactory except the 15" driver old pro series Cervin Vega speakers that are 4 ohm. My HDMI receiver rated at 6/8 ohms at best just won't drive them like my old 4 ohm rated receiver did. Will your Osd-amp300 fit the needed void? Please keep in mind I'm only trying to power the 4ohm speakers the other speakers will have receiver power. Thank you for your reply.
1 Answers
Hi Darren, Yes - our AMP300 can handle down to a 2ohm load, so 4ohm will be nothing for it.
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on January 21, 2015

from Milwaukee, wi asked:
October 16, 2014
Is there an output for a powered sub woofer?
1 Answers
Hi Larry, Yes - The Line 2 has an output for a powered subwoofer but will only work with Line 2 Input.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 20, 2014

from Ft Myers, FL asked:
October 15, 2014
Just bought home with speakers in 7 rooms, ea with independent volume control on wall. Plan to use an ONKYO TX-8050 networked receiver. Is it best to use a AMP300 + ATM-7 selector, an AMP300 + DSM8 selector, or ditch the speakers in the bathroom and use an AMP300 + DSM6, or a MX1260. Thanks! Bob
1 Answers
Hi Bob, If the volume controls are impedance matching then you can use the ATM-7, if not, use the DSM8 because it has built in impedance protection. Personally I would recommend running two smaller speaker selectors, 1 off Zone A and 1 off zone B of the AMP300. This way you get twice as much power.
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on October 20, 2014

from SoCal asked:
July 5, 2014
I want to purchase 4 of the RS850 speakers to place in yard around our pool. I see this amp as being 2 channel yet there is Speaker A and Speaker B outputs that both have L & R sides. Does this mean this amp will power all 4 speakers at the same time if Speaker A and B are both selected? And would that be enough power to drive all 4 of the 850's that are connected with approximately 80' each of 10ga wire?
1 Answers
Hi Derek, Yes - this amp will run 2 pairs of speakers, one pair on each zone, but it's not a lot of power, therefore I wouldn't use it with 4 8" rock speakers if you want a lot of power. I would recommend the AMP200 if you want to have some really good power going to those.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 8, 2014

from Double Oak Texas asked:
June 23, 2014
I have your 12 pair speaker selector and I am running 8 pairs of speakers with their own volume controls throughout the house and outside on zone 2 of my receiver. On zone one I am running a 5-1 home theater in my family room. My old receiver had a powered zone 2 and I never had an issue with it shutting off. I now have a new Yamaha receiver that was supposed powered zone 2 but it obviously will not handle the load as it keeps shutting off. Will this Amp solve my problem or is there a less expensive option?
1 Answers
Hi Brian, Yeah, this amp will help as it is high-current, meaning it can handle multiple pairs of speakers with no problem. To get the most power out of the AMP300, you want to utilize both zones which give 150 watts out each. If you just run a single speaker selector on one of the zones, you're only using half the amps' power. My advice would be to run half the speakers on zone 1 and half on zone 2 by splitting them up among two speaker selectors. BM 2772
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 23, 2014

from Los Angeles, CA asked:
February 26, 2014
Currently, I am using a Marantz SR7008 receiver (100W/ch) to bi-amp a pair of Jamo speakers (2x100W for 2 drivers per speaker). My other option is to send the front L/R channels via the line outputs to an external amp. I am looking for an external amp that can power the pair of bi-ampable speakers (6-ohm impedance, 250W power handling) to give me better imaging and sound stage. Can I use one AMP300 (speaker A and B outputs) to bi-amp the Jamo speakers? Or should I use two AMP200 to daisy-chain the outputs to the speakers? I am not sure I have the shelf space for two AMP200, so I prefer one unit if possible. Please advise. Thank you.
1 Answers
Hi Howard, Thank you for contacting us. I guess before I can give you a useful answer, I would need to know a bit more about what you are wanting to accomplish here. Is your goal to have more power only or to be able to control the volume of your tweeters/woofers separately? If power is your goal, adding a single AMP300 isn't going to make much of an impact compared to your Marantz Zone 2. The AMP300 has about 25 more watts which wouldn't make a difference. You would need two AMP300s, one per speaker, to really get more power than that Marantz can give you. But then you are taking control away from the Marantz with all its features and limiting control to the AMP300. If control is your goal, whether you go with the AMP300 or the Marantz for power, you're going to need a stereo crossover box to run through in order to successfully "bi-amp" the speakers. Let me know what your goal is and we can go from there. Thanks! -Bm 2504
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 4, 2014

from CT asked:
November 16, 2013
I have a home that has B&W speakers in every room of my home with controls and IR remotes and have no idea what I need to connect all of these wires coming out of my wall Please help
1 Answers
Hi Peter, Thanks for the question! To start, you're going to need a multi-zone speaker selector. Depending on how many rooms you have, you can go with the ISS4, ISS6, ISS8 or even the TSM12. Each pair of speakers will be run back to their individual zones on the speaker selector. The AMP300 will then be wired to the input of that selector, providing the power to each zone. As for the IR, the AMP300 is an analog amp, so it is not directly compatible with IR. How does the IR system work with these speakers? -Bm 2336
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 19, 2013

from Ca asked:
November 8, 2013
Im going to connect center MK IW 550LCR 2 PAIRS OF MKW850 and 1 10"IWS10 PRO SERIES And 2 outside speakers what do I need to make this right Im starting from scratch
1 Answers
Hi Mike, Sounds like you're setting up a 5.1 surround sound system and want an extra pair outside. In order to do this you'll need a 5.1 surround sound receiver. Navigate over to our Home Theater section and check out the Yamaha receivers. The only one that has a zone 2 would be the YH-RX-V675. The AMP300 would be useful if you were wanting to power multiple sets of speakers around the house to play stereo, but not surround sound. Let us know if that answers your question. Thanks! -BM 2321
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 8, 2013

from Californian asked:
November 8, 2013
Hi there need some help im trying to build a nice sound on my living room im going to connect a 5.1 surround what do I need to push the speaker and sub woofer also connecting 2 outside speakers
1 Answers
Hi Mike, Do you have a 5.1 surround sound receiver? If so, great. You can run our AMP120 off it to power your two outdoor speakers. Just make sure that your home theater receiver has an output that will accommodate an external amp. If you do not yet have a home theater receiver, take a look at the Yamaha receivers that we sell under our home theater section. We have two options for 5.1 and two for 7.2. The only one that actually accommodates a 2nd zone is the YH-RX-V675. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2320
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 8, 2013

from Madison, IN asked:
October 2, 2013
Hi there, I want to bi-amp my pair of klipsh f-30 on this amp. Is that possible? Thanks. Nikola
1 Answers
Hi Nikola, Very good question. One in fact that I can fully answer. The amp is not set up to bi-amp, but you may be able to connect Speaker A to one input and Speaker B to another input. I don't know if this will have a benefit though. I hope that helps. Thanks! -BM 2253
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 17, 2013

from Guelph, Ontario asked:
September 23, 2013
I have a pair of old Sherwood towers I want to set up on my deck and need the "right" receiver. Each tower has a 10" sub, a 6" mid and liquid metal tweeters. I'm not sure what each tower's power rating is, but they could make the windows rattle when they ran from their original amp (now defunct). Can anyone offer their recommendation?
1 Answers
Hi Michael, Thanks for asking! As long as the speakers run between 2-8 ohms, and can handle up to 150 watts each, I don't see why the AMP300 wouldn't do the job efficiently. It is a high-current amplifier that can run upwards of 8-10 pairs of our speakers at a time. Call us for more details. 562-697-2600. Thanks! -BM 2243
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 17, 2013

from St. Louis MO asked:
September 11, 2013
I see that this amp only has two source inputs. What other peice of equipment would i need to have four sources.Example( AM/FM stereo, CD, IPod, Satelitte Radio. I am all so installing a single speaker and volume control in each room but would still like to enjoy the sound of stereo. Getting ready to wire the house this Saturday and recomendations? Thanks,
1 Answers
HI Mike: The AMP300 is a two channel stereo amplifier that features automatic priority source switching. You have a couple of choices to have multiple sources (two or more as in you example). You can go with a basic 2 channel stereo receiver and connect to the pre-amp outputs from the Receiver to the RCA inputs of the AMP300. And just in case the Receiver does not have pr- amp outputs you can connect the speaker outputs (right and left +/-) to the High level inputs of the AMP300. The Receiver has the pre-amp built in which would allow input and switching between your multiple sources. The flexibility of the AMP300 will give you multiple options for the connection. The Receiver will also control the Volume Levels more effectively. A second option is to connect to an Home Theater Amplifier that features a second zone pre-amp output that would connect to the AMP300 and the pre amp would be in the AVR. I am hoping you used four conductor (right and left +/-) to each room and then utilized Dual voice coil stereo speakers to your three separate rooms. Checkout our OSD-ICE-840TT for the single stereo speaker application. The stereo volume control like our SVC-300 works perfectly with these speakers for your application. TS-2214
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 17, 2013

from Texas asked:
September 9, 2013
I'm interested in purchasing this amp to run 2 pairs of Bose 151 SE outdoor speakers. I would like to add some bass to my system. Do I need to purchase an additional amp to push the subwoofer? because I see no sub output in this amp.
1 Answers
HI Jesse: You should have no problem connecting and driving the two pair of BOSE 151 SE off of Speaker A wired together in Parallel. You have a couple of choices for the Sub woofer. You can look to connect a passive Sub woofer as long as it has a built in crossover. First I would recommend adding two OSD OM-SUB200. One for each pair of the BOSE 151 wired in line with the Sub. Then output Speaker A to one of the OM-SUB200's then connect the one pair of the BOSE 151 to the output of the first OM-SUB200. Then repeat the same to the Speaker B output to the second pair of BOSE 151 to the output of the second OM-Sub 200.The OM-SUB200 has an internal crossover that will provide the right low frequencies to the 8" passive sub woofer. You can also add our SMP-250 dedicated Sub woofer amplifier along with a passive sub that does not have or need a internal crossover since the crossover is built into the SMP-250 sub amplifier. The first option is a great value that will take advantage of the AMP300 output capability. TS-2206
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 17, 2013

from Southern California asked:
August 14, 2013
Hello. Is this item sufficient for driving two pairs of speakers (4 total) simultaneously to a Zone 2? What would be the total output to each speaker if all 4 were playing at the same time? How would it differ from the 250 Watt setup?
1 Answers
HI Kevin: This AMP300 is a great choice for your application. You will want to connect one pair to Speaker A and the second Pair to Speaker B. This creates a parallel connection which lowers the output to 4 ohm almost doubling the output power of the AMP. This Amplifier is a High Current Amplifier that is built to drive a 2 ohm load. Not only does it supply the needed current but also uses totally discrete components for a true Audiophile experience. TL-2145
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 24, 2013

from SF asked:
August 12, 2013
I have 4 outdoor speakers (speakerstone) and each one is rated at 250W/ 8ohms. Will this amp be suitable?
1 Answers
HI Jon: This AMP300 will be perfect for your application. Connect one pair to Speaker A and the second pair to Speaker B. With both speakers playing (connected in parallel) the AMP will see a 4 ohm load (235 watts per channel output split between the 2 pair, plenty of output). TL-2141
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 24, 2013

from Gainesville, fl asked:
July 25, 2013
Can I connect an airport express to this amp and to the ssvc6 that I recently purchased from u guys. I need to power 3 pairs of outdoors spekears
1 Answers
Hi Angel: I believe you will need a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) to connect the Airport express to the Analog input of the AMP 300. Check out the following link for a DAC that would work: The Airport Express uses an Mini jack/Optical output which would connect to the DAC, then just connect a RCA stereo analog pair of cables to the AMP 300. TL-2104
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 21, 2013

from Austin, TX asked:
June 23, 2013
Every now and then, the AMP300 stops and I have to cycle power on it to get it to come back. I'm only running 3 sets of small outdoor speakers with it, so should not even be coming close to overloading the amplifier. Any ideas what may be causing this?
1 Answers
Hello, We'll need more information from you. For instance, what impedance are your speakers and what kind of wiring are you using? Are the speakers run in parallel off one speaker output? What are your gain settings? CL/MA 2007
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 27, 2013

from Pittsburgh asked:
June 22, 2013
I want to hook amp to zone 2 on my Yamaha receiver, Will my receiver still control the bass and treble and where should I put Equalizer before or after receiver.
1 Answers
HI Steve The Equalizer would be connected between the Receiver and AMP300 CL 2005
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 27, 2013

from Tampabay, Florida asked:
May 21, 2013
Purchased the AMP300 & SSVC4 driving pair of Rock speakers, pair of patio spkrs & 2 pairs of indoor spkrs. I have audio sources going directly to AMP. The indoor pair is disproportionately louder than the outdoor ones. For some reason the SSVC4 vol control for this one pair is.none responsive even turned all the way down to zero. Please advise
1 Answers
Hi Newton, Please switch the connections by swapping one of the indoor zones with the outdoor zone. See if the problem continues. If the volume for the problem zone still does not work, please email CL/MA 1922
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 30, 2013

Product Reviews

14 Reviews
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29% (4)
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86% Recommend this product (12 of 14 responses)
By Brent
March 1, 2017
Awesome Amp
I bought this amp and another OM Sub-200 and another set of OS525. To add to the set I bought last year. The amp rocked the back yard. I have it about 60% on the main level and around 25% on the main volume. It sounds amazing. I now have a full surround sound in the backyard around the pool. It was really easy to hook up. I would recommend this amp to everyone.
By Bill Hughes
Central Florida
March 6, 2016
Plenty of Power
Nice, clean amp to use and plenty of power. I only wish the small gain knobs on the back were preset to at least the middle volume. It took me awhile to realize I wasn't getting sound because they were turned all the way down.
Best UsesDistributed audio of 4 or more speakers
By Joe
San Diego
February 24, 2016
Good product for my application
The Amp 300 was shipped quickly in good condition. It was easy to hook-up but I had an output problem. There was no sound coming out of the Amp300 to the speakers using the RCA wire connection. I tried it with the speaker wire connection, which I was certain sent sound from my receiver. I called customer service and the technician said to adjust the amp screws on the back. That solved the problem and it works fine in my application. I'm using it to drive 12 speakers connected to an ISS8 distribution box. It works great with more than enough power.
ProsGood price for this much power
ConsSlight set-up problem
By Brian
November 15, 2014
Pull the trigger.
I have two of these bridged mono in my home theater. I use a Harman Kardon 7550 HD as the pre-amp, the sound is crystal clear. I have tried several speakers, they all sound great, two sets got repaired under warrantee for pieces that really weren't the best from the factory, but they are all repaired now and the sound is great. These amps never run out of power, use discretion, and they also do not get hot at all.
ProsSet them up and forget them, use them every day as hard or light as you please.
Best UsesAnything you need to amplify.
By Brian
Toronto, ON
December 13, 2013
Whole house audio workhorse
I've been using my Amp 300 to run my whole house audio system for over a year now and am very pleased. I run channel A into an SSVC4 speaker selector and channel B into a second SSVC4. The signal comes from a Yamaha RX-V671 Zone 2 output. I don't always have all 8 pairs of speakers on but when I do there's never a problem. Don't let 0.2 % THD discourage you. Human ears can't discern less than 2%. This is 1/10th of that! Great sound!
ProsPrice (value) Quality Looks
ConsRear mounted master volume (could be a blessing if you have toddlers!)
Best UsesWhole house audio
By Jason
Randolph, nj
August 16, 2013
Great power
Sound is great , super powerful. Love it.
By Michael
mount pocono pa
June 6, 2013
Great product easy to use. Does a great job and provides plenty of power for the 8 zone system I purchased.
By just ma
katy tx
March 22, 2013
puts the wow in wowzer .
if your looking for a clear sound and price to match this will truly put that smile on your face
Prosclear sound from bass to tweets.. makes the music sound real
Consmaster volume inset on back
Best Usesany place you can kick back and enjoy your music
By Iyobosa
Stockbridge, GA
December 16, 2011
An Amplifier for the ages
The delivery was on time and after setup, the sound was great. has become my first website of choice for my future purchases.
ProsGood Power Output, Energy Efficient, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesLarger Rooms
By Robert Archer
October 21, 2011
Jazzed Up About Affordable Amp
Click to see the reviewer of CEPro on AMP300
ProsEasy To Setup, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Energy Efficient
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House, Larger Rooms
By Duane
Cincinnati Ohio
October 20, 2011
Works as Promised
Read the manual to set it sound without the adjustments described in the manual
ProsGood Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Accurate Controls
ConsNeed to read the manual
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House
By A380
May 17, 2011
Quality Products [...]
I purchased the amplifier last august as part of my preparations for a home audio system during construction of our new house. The ceiling speakers were mounted then and i organised to purchase this amplifier at the same time.[...]I cannot recommend their pricing [...] highly enough. i've finally got the system set up and it sounds fantastic. The amp is driving 4 split sets of ceiling speakers in the house and managing this without any problem at all - in fact I've had to set the output way down! i've never been happier with a purchase than my recent experience with OSD
ProsEasy To Setup, Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesMultiple Rooms / Whole House, Larger Rooms
By rwinkdopey
February 13, 2011
I purchased this ...
I purchased this amplifier to run a pair of the A830 outdoor speakers. I was leery about purchasing this amplifier because I couldn't really find a good review of it and it also has a noise rating of "less than 0.2% THD N" when I ordinarily never purchase an amplifier with a rating of anything above 0.0x% (x being a value of 1-9). One thing I did find odd about the amp was that the "Master Level"? of both channels was turned all the way down to low, or off, thus making no sound come from the speakers when I started testing the amp. Once I noticed this setting I corrected it by turning both "Master Level"? channels up to the middle. This middle setting produced enough volume to make the A830 patio speaker loud enough that the neighbors were looking out of their windows. The A830 at this volume were clean, no distortion, and I couldnäó»t be more pleased with this amplifier.
June 11, 2008
Well, what can I say... I ...
Well, what can I say... I really enjoyed my experience with OSD. Not only did I place my order 4 days before Christmas, they actually emailed me, and spoke to me on the phone, over the holidays to ensure my product would be shipped in time. I purchased a sizeable amplifier, and two nice speakers for our back deck... And the quality is simply great. The amp, is built more solid than my 1500$ Harmon Kardon receiver, with a 4mm thick aluminum front panel, and good quality caps/EMI shielding on the inside. These guys were even a pleasure to deal with, as I live outside of the US, they called me (on their bill) to discuss ways to make the ~600$ shipping, MUCH cheaper. We ended up getting shipping down to 200$, for a 97lb order. I was very pleased... and would order from them again.