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Subwoofer Options

If you want the best for your home sound system, and have decided that it is time to dedicate yourself to better bass, then you need to look at all the subwoofer options that Outdoor Speaker Depot has in its inventory. A subwoofer is a dedicated low-frequency speaker cabinet with self-amplification that enhances the bass more than most main speakers are able to. Subwoofers are made to reproduce the deepest notes. Most main speakers are not amplified, unlike subwoofers, which do include a power amplifier. Outdoor Speaker Depot has a variety of subwoofers in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch sizes, including the PS88 Home Theater Subwoofer with Dual Woofer and Compact Design that uses a smaller size 8-inch woofer to make bass response faster; the 200W Mono High Current Subwoofer Amplifier SMP250, an in-wall subwoofer with a built-in variable high-cut filter designed for use with higher wattage passive subwoofers; the PS12 12" High Powered Home Theater Subwoofer, a front-firing subwoofer good for large rooms or home theaters; and many other options.