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Surround Sound Speakers

For a home theater that sounds like you're at the movies, or for an incredibly rich and full-sounding music experience, see the selection of Surround Sound Speakers available at Outdoor Speaker Depot. The OSD Audio MK690TT Dual Application Ceiling Speaker is made for tighter, narrower spaces like a hallway and features a Dual Voice Coil Ceiling Speaker that lets both channels of a stereo system drive one cone. The Ceiling Speaker Angled LCR OSD Audio MK870 is a high-end speaker made for big theater rooms and designed for a variety of different room finishes. The angled in-ceiling speaker's 15-degree angle, pivoting tweeter for placement flexibility and angled design let you put the speaker closer to the wall above where your monitor is. The In Wall Speakers IW540 have some advantages over regular speakers, including space saving and the aesthetics of having the wires concealed from view.