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TV Mounts that Tilt & Swivel

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The Best TV Mount for Your Big Screen
OSD Audio TV wall mounts have great features and you won't find a better mount at the price. Choosing the right mount depends on what kind room and surface you're mounting it to and your TV-viewing lifestyle. Mounts typically fall into three categories: Fixed, Tilt, and Full motion.

Standard Fixed Mounts
Typically the least expensive, fixed mounts have been around for years and like the name implies, these units have limited movement. Advantages include a very low profile (how flush it installs to the wall), lower price, and ease of installation. The obvious down side is immovability so you've got to be extra careful when mounting it. The lack of moving parts can also make is more difficult to change out cable later and you may have to remove the mount and TV.

The Tilt Mount

Also relatively easy to install, the tilt mount is similar to a fixed mount but allows you to tilt your TV downward from 0 to 12 degrees. Mot people choose a tilt mount for mounting above a fireplace. Fireplaces are often smack dab in the middle of a living room, making it difficult to install a big screen with good viewing angles. The tilt mount is a great solution because viewers sitting down in front of a fireplace will be slightly below the optimum viewing angle. Tilt mounts include moving parts so they will be a litter more expensive than fixed; however, changing out cable later can be easier.

Flexible Full Motion
Full motion is the most diverse in the category and gives viewers all kinds of viewing possibilities, (i.e., tilt, swivel, pivot, etc). These mounts can be more expensive and more challenging to install due to the moving parts, but they are great for large rooms, odd shaped rooms, or rooms that open up into other areas like the kitchen. Full motion mounts typically have a profile 3 and 5 inches when retracted, but allow you to easily out cable easily.

Lifetime warranty
When purchasing our TV mounts, you can rest assured that “Made in the USA” means you will have our complete support.