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XMP100 75W x 2 Channel Stereo Amplifier Class D, 160 Watts Bridged Mono

Product code: XMP100

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Features & Specifications

The XMP100 is the digital Class D version of our popular AMP 120 amplifier. This amp will also power Dolby Surround Sound systems and enhance the power of OSD outdoor speakers. Automatic source switching enables users to connect more than one source to the amp, so, for instance, you could use it to power both a DVD player and an iPod. The XMP100 has the ability to automatically switch sources, as well, if you choose to go from listening to music on your iPod to watching a flick on a DVD player. The power amplifier has 75 watts RMS per channel and bridgeable outputs for 160 watts RMS. An input of 1.4 volts is needed to reach full output and the signal to noise ratio is 107dB (A-weighted). The Dual Source 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier OSD-AMP120 has front panel-mounted volume and balance knobs and comes with a two-year warranty.

Connecting Your iPod is Easy! A great feature of the XMP100 is the ability to connect your iPod or other portable music device. The XMP100 includes two RCA signal level inputs marked as red for right and white for left. All you need to do is purchase our inexpensive RCA to mini cable (see RCA audio cables under the audio/video cables tab). The mini 3.5 connector is plugged into the headphone output of your iPod then the RCAs are connected to one of the inputs of the XMP100. It’s that easy!



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14 Questions & 14 Answers
from Nashville, TN asked:
October 4, 2017
Do you suggest using OVC 300 Outdoor Volume Control for A and B set of speakers? I have a pool area and a pavilion area and would love to have the RX640 150W Rock Speakers by the pool. I will have AP490 4" Outdoor Patio Speakers Pair at the pavilion. I want to be able to have the 2 areas on 2 separate volume controls.
1 Answers
Hi Candida: You can easily connect an OVC300 to speaker A zone 1 (RX 640) then an OVC300 to Speaker B, zone 2 (AP 490). Set the impedance switch to both the OVC300 to 1/2X. Notice: when you push in Speaker A button Speaker B pops out and the same when you press B in, A pops out. You can push both in at the same time and both will play. Good luck TL/4575
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 5, 2017

from VA asked:
September 1, 2017
Looking for a receiver to run two sets of speaker pairs for a large screened porch (about 19' x 40'). I was thinking of this receiver and two pairs of the ICE600WRS speakers. The two inputs on the receiver would be a TV and a bluetooth transmitter. Any issues with those pairings?
1 Answers
HI Jon: The XMP100 will handle your basic setup but would suggest the following. First upgrade your ICE600WRS to ICE800WRS. These will be connected to speaker A and B. Then connect the Bluetooth to input labeled Interruption and the TV cable or satellite box to the Main input. The Bluetooth will take priority while it is active. Phase 2 would involve adding a second XMP100 and adding a pair of patio speakers placing a speaker on either side of the TV (check out the AP650). The two sources would still be connected to the first XMP100 with an RCA cable connected to the Main output of the first XMP100 to main input of the second XMP100. The second XMP100 would drive the two patio speakers. You would have the option of playing the pair of patio speakers or all three pair for the TV where the Bluetooth would play just for the two pair of ceiling speakers. It will be much more effective having the speakers firing out from around the TV. The Bluetooth speakers would take priority over the TV input but the TV would still be playing through the second XMP100. The main output only plays whatever is connected to the Main input.. Good Luck TL/4544
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 20, 2017

from Phoenix, AZ asked:
August 3, 2017
I'm looking to power zone 2 on my home audio system, which includes 4 of your OSD outdoor speakers. Would you recommend this unit to power the speakers?
1 Answers
Hi Efrian: The XMP100 has Speaker A and Speaker B. The switches work just like our AMP120 where when pushing in speaker button A, speaker B pops out. WE did this on purpose with the AMP120 to discourage playing both A and B at the same time. The XMP100 is a Class D amplifier that is double the efficiency of the AMP120. So even thought the speaker selector switches work the same you can press both switches in simultaneously and both will play. It will work for you application. You can also add a volume control for each pair of speakers for more local control. Good choice, good luck TL/4505
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 4, 2017

Chris C
from Pennsylvania asked:
July 8, 2017
I need to replace a Bose lifestyle 20 system that died. We have Bose outdoor speakers and bookshelf indoor speakers. Is this a good replacement system?
1 Answers
Hi Chris: The XMP100 should work fine for both your outdoor speakers as well as your bookshelf speakers. My concern was if the BOSE speakers which are part of the System 20 use a speaker wire with a proprietary connector. I looked up the outdoor and bookshelf to confirm the bare wire connection. I also believe this will be a more affordable solution for you. The next step would have been the AMP200. TL/4460
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 13, 2017

from Chandler, AZ asked:
April 14, 2017
Can you show what bridged wiring looks like for the OS SUB200 with OS525 Sat setup off the back of this amp?
1 Answers
Hi Mike: The XMP 100 would not work in the bridged mode unless you used 2 of them. I would recommend either purchasing a single XMP 100 and trying it with the SUB200 and the pair of Satellite speakers the OS 525. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how much output you get. If not you will have a choice to either purchase a second XMP 100 and bridge both (the positives of Speaker A as marked) one for right input and the second for left making sure to have the right and left only inputs to each respective amp. Or you could return the XMP 100 for an AMP200 (run in stereo). Last option would be to buy the AMP200 from the start. TL/4307
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 19, 2017

from TN asked:
January 20, 2017
Does it come with ears for rack mounting?
1 Answers
Hi Drew: Yes it does come with rack mount ears. We will make sure to add that bullet point on the XMP-100 page. Thanks for the heads up. TL/
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 31, 2017

from Michigan asked:
December 29, 2017
Can I add this amp to an Onkyo TX-SR313?
1 Answers
HI: The Onkyo Amplifier has no Zone 2 or any other pre amp output. What are you trying to accomplish; TL/4719
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 31, 2017

from Corrales, New Mexico asked:
September 14, 2017
The manual says to connect left and right inputs in bridged mode. I am only running one side into each amp so can I plug one wire into either side and get enough input voltage for full power or do I need to use a splitter to plug into both sides?
1 Answers
Hi Drew: It sounds like you are connecting a single mono connection. The splitter would work the best on input side (main input R&L). The only limitation on the Bridged output is it needs to be connected to an 8 ohm load. So I am assume you are connecting to a single speaker with a positive and negative input. Maybe if you can tell me your whole setup including Brand and model number. TL/4564
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 21, 2017

from Merrimack, New Hampshire asked:
August 9, 2017
Auto-on does not seem to be working on my unit. I have a Sonos CONNECT connected to the MAIN input of the amp, confirmed the auto on mode is set to AUTO, and even after several days of not using the Connect, my amp's power light remains green. There is no change in power button light color when I start playing music. I really don't want an amp on full-time when it only gets a few hours of use a week. Is this a flaw in the unit or user error?
1 Answers
HI Brian: I am sorry the unit is not performing as advertised. I was going to suggest maybe the front switch was not in the on position but the green light is on and you have the switch on the back set to Auto On. Typically the way the Auto On sensing works. Once the signal is no longer present it take 10 to 15 minuted before it huts off. But comes on instantly once the signal comes back on. I would suggest trying another source like your phone connected with a 3.5mm to RCA adaptor cable and see if still does not shut off. If still no then contact our RMA department and ask about replacing the unit but make sure they test the replacement unit first . TL/4512
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 12, 2017

from GA asked:
July 27, 2017
Can this be bridged and drive a 4ohm load? I don't see that option specified in the manual. If not, is there another OSD product that can do it? Ideally up to 250W.
1 Answers
Hi Gary: I do not believe this amplifier will run a bridged signal into a 4 ohm load. I do not believe our High Current amplifiers will do that either. An 8 ohm load is what the bridged mode is rated for AMP200 and AMP300 a true High Current Amplifiers. TL/4491
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 27, 2017

from North Dakota asked:
July 17, 2017
With the A/B selector, does this amp work to power both at the same time? Or just A (or) B? The manual on your website doesn't specify.
1 Answers
Hi Kyle: The amp has a both A and B speaker switch on the front panel. They copied the same design as our AMP120 which we tried to discourage you from playing both A and B at the same time. So when you push B in A pops out. The AMP120 is a class AB analog IC amplifier that has problems with impedance loads less than 8 ohm. Typically when you play A and B together the speaker outputs are connected in parallel so the impedance drops down to 4 ohms which is OK when played at modest volume levels. But when you crank both up the same time then current demand is accompanied by an increase in heat which needs to be dissipated. The Power Supply is only 50% efficient so it has trouble coping with the excess heat. The XMP100 has a class D audio section which runs at 93% efficiency. Much less heat to deal with so it has no problem running two pair of speakers and the 4 ohm load. Now back to the A and B switches. You can push both switches in at the same time so A and B does play at the same time. It does take a little work to pop the switches out afterwards but it will work. We hope to resolve this on gen II. TL/4475
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 25, 2017

from San Diego asked:
June 4, 2017
Could this power both a old Bose Series IV and two osd AP840s? The audio source will be and Apple TV with small line amp. I typically run this off a 2x100w Sony 2xchannel receiver.
1 Answers
HI Garry: The XMP-100 should have no problem powering two 8 ohm pair of speakers. The pair of AP-840 are 8 ohm. The question is on the older BOSE Series IV speakers. Can you confirm these are 8 ohm. Many of the BOSE speakers were 4 ohm. This would create less than a 4 ohm load which might cause a problem when playing both speakers at once.You will also notice that when you push in one of the speaker buttons (either A or B) the other pops out. You can push both in at the same time. We created this safeguard on the original AMP-120 (a class AB amp, a design that has been around for more than 15 years) which is only 50% efficient. We discouraged playing both A and B at the same time on the AMP-120 but not the XMP-100. The XMP-100 is a Digital Amplifier that is 93% Efficient so it creates less heat allowing it to play the lower impedance longer. TL/4402
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 5, 2017

from NH asked:
March 10, 2017
Does this amp have auto power on/off?
1 Answers
HI BP: This amp features three turn on options which include a two position switch on the back panel underneath the Stereo/Mono Bridge Switch. The Normal setting is controlled by the Manual Power Button Switch on the front panel. Push in for on, and out for off. The Auto Setting is also controlled by the Manual Power Button on the front panel as well. It needs to be pushed in order for the Auto sensing to work. As soon as the signal (music) is detected the amp turns on. It stays on for up to five minutes after the signal has stopped and goes into stand-by mode (you need to keep the power button pushed in the on position). So when the signal comes back on, the amplifier wakes up and starts playing. The third option is a 12 volt trigger. This also needs to have the Manual Power Button on the front pushed in the on position as well. And set the turn on mode switch on the back to normal. The amp will be on at first so you turn off your Receiver which would send a signal to the amp turning it off (stand by). Then when you turn the receiver back on the Amp would turn on as well instantly. We should have you covered... TL/4249
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 20, 2017

from Apex, NC asked:
March 1, 2017
Can I drive 2 pairs (4 total) of speakers with this? Specifically your ICE800WRS speakers. I don't see the ohm rating of those speakers or the minimum ohm rating of this amp. thanks!
1 Answers
Hi Will The ICE 800 WRS are rated at 8 ohm. One of things we were looking for when testing the XMP 100 was it's ability to drive 2 pair of speakers. The fact it is a Class D digital amplifier which is 93% efficient. The biggest problem you have with an class AB amplifier like our AMP120 which by design is only 50% efficient. Both the AMP120 and AMP60 had issues driving two pair of 8 ohm speakers due to the heat that was generated by the low impedance load causing the amps to draw more current (especially with only a power supply that was 50% efficient). These amps do not have the additional internal heat sink to dissipate the heat. They do have thermisters on their circuit boards which protect the boards when the heat exceeds 90c. The more efficient Digital designed power supply does not generate the heat so they have better chance of driving both 8 ohm speakers. No problem powering both these speakers. TL/4237
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 2, 2017

Product Reviews

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By Bryan
Merrimack, New Hampshire
July 21, 2017
Just what I needed
I'm running this XMP100 with a Sonos Connect powering a set of AP525 speakers on my front porch. I'm very happy with the sound -- nice and crisp. The auto-on feature works (yay!). I always like to use a dedicated amp instead of a Connect:AMP. I'm glad OSD offers an auto-on amp for around $100. I have a Class A/B amp that drives my pool area speakers and I can't tell a difference in the sound quality compared to this Class D.
ProsSmall Rack-mountable Auto-On
By Gerard
San Diego , CA
July 5, 2017
Not for heavy loads
This is a nice little amp. I had it connected to the OSD Preamp1 driving a bose series V set up and AP840s for an outdoor movie event. It wasn't enough power. This is amp tied to the AP840 creates excellent sound. Also, @ OSD staff. I asked three times if this would be able to power both and never received a response. I might not have bought it if my questions were answered.
Merchant Response:AP840 is a 300W heavy duty outdoor speakers, you can use XMP100 to drive the speakers although we will recommend AMP200 for full powerful setup. It looks like you also try to drive another set of speakers (Bose V) using the same XMP100 amp which we don't recommend. We are sorry to hear about your email response situation. We always response customer's emails when we receive them within working hours.
Best UsesLight duty, small spaces or small outdoor spaces.
By Mike
Chandler, AZ
April 11, 2017
Simple. Power. PARTY!!!
Running Sonos in my speakers, inside and out. All ConnectAmps. Home had existing outdoor in ceiling speakers but the pool was lacking. Went with the OSSUB200 and 5.25 Sara lite set up. ConnectAmp was ok. OSD recommended the XMP 100. For $99 including shipping? Worth a shot. Well it works like a champ. I ran my ConnectAmp line out to the line in on the XMP then bridged it to the speakers. Pool syncs to the in ceiling via Sonos system and now we have seamless party patio. Will change out the ConnectAmp for a Connect soon. Thanks OSD!!
ProsDead simple
Cons One
Best UsesPerfect fit for sub-sat systems