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OSD PA90 70V Commercial Amplifier 60W 3x Microphone 3x Source Inputs

Product code: OSD-PA90

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Features & Specifications

The OSD Audio PA90 60-Watt Commercial 70-Volt Amplifier is the perfect control center for restaurants, meeting halls and other small commercial venues. It's versatile, powerful and affordable, and it features three XLR microphone inputs and three signal-level inputs. It also has front-mounted gain control knobs for master bass and treble. The PA90 also has chime and alarm buttons, and it can be connected to CD players, TV outputs, smartphones and more.


Other Product Info

The PA-90 amp features three choices of output: 70volt, 100volt, or 8ohm output. It features three microphone input lines and three input line connections that can be connected to signal sources such as CD players, radios, MP3 players, etc. Each input line has an input volume control. The unit includes overload, over-heating and short-circuit protection.



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By Sunday from Lagos, Lagos on January 18, 2013
Can I get an MTR-250 70V/100V Amp Transformer 250 watts RMS to work with this amp if am looking at using 12 ceiling 70v speakers for a conference room paging system. And can the OSD PA-90 work with a Shure wireless microphone receiver with all the 12 speakers.
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 20, 2013

Hi Sunday,

You do not need the MTR250 since it is a passive device used to convert a 250 watt 8 ohm amplifier to 70 Volt. The PA60 is a 60-watt integrated amplifier (with a choice of 70V, 100V or 8 ohm Mono) which should work for your application making sure to set the taps between 2.5W to 5W on each speaker. The Shure wireless microphone will work fine with the amplifier. The PA90 features three mic inputs. Mic one overrides the auxiliary input when activated. Mic two and three need to be selected as your source to work. The unit also features multi- voltage so it will work in Nigeria.
TL/MA 1558

By ahmad asad from colton on November 26, 2011
where is the outpot in the pa-90 70v amp for the speekers
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 28, 2011

This has a simple terminal strip located on the back of the amplifier with output for 8 ohm, 70V or 100V. (note each or a summed mono output with a single positive output and a common ground). This is really a commercial amplifier/preamp that is ideal for running multiple 70V and 100V speakers. It will run a pair of 8 ohm speakers without transformers (from the 8 ohm connection) but could (based upon the tap from the transformers) run anywhere from 2 to 20 speakers (70V commercial speakers).


By ahmad asad from colton on November 26, 2011
can i connect 10 150w 8" speekers to it and 2 subwoofers ?
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 28, 2011

We would not recommend connecting the 10 8 ohm speakers, especially rated at 150 watts. This is only a 60 Watt amplifier that works best in the 70V and 100V settings. In order to use 8 ohm speakers, you would need to purchase our 70V Commercial Transformer for each speaker and connect to the 5W (watt) setting. These are all stereo summed mono speakers wired in parallel. The transformers protect both the PA-90 and speakers. I do not believe you would be able to utilize the two subwoofers.

The best choice for your application (sounds like you have all the speakers and subs already) would be to look at our OSD MX1260, 12 channel (60 watts per). This would give you the flexibility of driving all your speakers either in mono or a combination of stereo pairs plus it will have outputs for your two subwoofers. This amp provides maximum flexibility for any configuration and it is easy to setup.


By Ben from Galax, VA on August 20, 2012
What kind of power will I need if I want to run 8-12 70V speakers off of this amp?
By Customer Service - Q&A on August 21, 2012

Hi Ben:

This 70V Integrated Power Amplifier is rated at 60 watts so you would set your 70V taps at 5W per speaker for the 8 to 12 speakers. It really is a true 60 watts featuring 3 mic inputs and three additional inputs for a total of six inputs.



Product Reviews

70V Commercial Amplifier 60W 3x Microphone 3x Source Inputs PA-90
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Westminster, CO
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

It works.
May 29, 2013
Wasn't buying for a theater surround sound experience, so merely functioning as advertised is good enough.

South Bend, IN
5 Stars

Find OSD web site and ...
September 29, 2010
Find OSD web site and very happy with the product choices. Installed this 70v amp with 10x C1090 ceiling speakers. Very nice build and finish quality and works very well in grocery store. Now customers can listen to musics and easy to paging.