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In Wall Speakers

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In Wall Speakers
In wall speakers can enhance the audio experience in both home theaters and whole house music systems. Free shipping and 10-year warranty. Adding ceiling or in wall speakers not only saves valuable floor space but the audio technology that goes into each speaker has become so sophisticated that most people cannot hear a difference between high quality in wall speakers versus high quality floor-standing models. Look for quality cone materials, well-designed crossovers that separate frequencies, and contour switches as key features of excellent in wall models.

In-Wall Speakers Have A Cool Factor

We think in-wall speakers are really cool and once you open the box you will too! These speakers are typically installed inside a wall between two studs and because wall cavities are shallow, so are the in-walls. Once installed, their outward appearance is flush with the drywall, giving the surface a smooth appearance, but there's a lot more to in-walls than meets the eye. Complex crossover systems, magnets, woofers, tweeters, etc., are working together to provide awesome sound from a speaker with a depth of less than five inches.

In a traditional 5.1 home theater system, in-walls are arranged as left front, right front, center, left rear, right rear and subwoofer. Two-way speakers have two drivers: one woofer and one tweeter. Three-way speakers have three drivers: a woofer, midrange and tweeter. As you go up in price, the driver size increases for both woofers and tweeters. In-wall center channels are designed to handle dialog and are usually installed above or directly below the video display. These speakers offer many of the same features of the old space-hogging free-standing models so what are you waiting for?

Square Vs. Round: In-wall or In-ceiling Speakers?

If you're debating between in-walls or in-ceiling speakers, here are a few pointers that will make you an expert. In-wall speakers are flush mounted and resemble a portrait-style picture frame. Similar to a bookshelf speaker design, the pivoting tweeter and woofer are mounted separately on the same plate. Round speakers were originally created to match round ceiling can lights, much like you'd see in a grocery store where "clean up on aisle six" or background music was the extent of the audio. Advances in car stereo, however, pushed round speaker design to new heights with the coaxial design and more elaborate crossovers, in which the pivoting tweeter is mounted on a bridge in front of the woofer.

As the round or ceiling speaker moved into homes, they became more appealing to spouses and interior designers, who were more than happy to hear the speakers rather than see them. Installers like ceiling speakers because they work great for background music/whole-house audio and the ceiling cavity is easier to access when running wires especially in retro fit or remodeling installs. The down side to in-ceiling speakers was they were more for background music versus critical listening. The best way to compensate for this was to add more speakers. Therefore, if you're sitting in the same spot, say in a home theater or home office, a good in-wall speaker will give you that critical left and right stereo separation.

Consider Adding Volume Controls

You're planning your whole house audio system and can’t wait to add in wall speakers in the kitchen, batch and dinning room. The next step is to consider volume controls. These discreet devices can blend into a room's décor and are installed "in line" between the amplifier and speaker. The ability to control volume in any room you walk into is almost a necessity when you consider the alternative of going back to the audio source, which is most likely located in a remote room. Installation can be accomplished with a few basic tools, and with OSD Audio volume controls, the speaker wire inserts with detachable lock clips. Our wall-mounted volume controllers work with any audio/video system and can fit into a standard single gang box.

Do-it-Yourself Central!

Check out our helpful videos that take you through the installation process
We encourage you to read the reviews from customers who were thrilled with the price and absolutely taken back by the sound quality. We guarantee you'll love the look and sound of our in wall speakers and back up our speakers with a 10 year warranty.