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AMP60 2-Channel 25-Watt Compact Stereo Amplifier Mark II

Product code: OSD-AMP60

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Features & Specifications

New and improved version. The AMP60 is a great compact amp for smaller applications, such as driving a couple of small speakers for your computer or adding a separate zone for your whole house system. The AMP60 has an output of 25 watts per channel and uses an analog chip amplifier intended for simple applications. Customers often purchase the AMP60 to play their iPod or other portable device through bookshelf speakers located in the bedroom or den. Connecting the AMP60 to an iPod is easy. Simply purchase our inexpensive RCA-to-mini cable adapter (located under the AV Cable tab), connect the RCA inputs to the back of the AMP60 and the mini plug to the headphone jack of your iPod.

Note: When it comes to amplification, it's important to choose the right model for the job. If you want to power two pairs of speakers, we recommend stepping up to the AMP120. If you're looking for a high current amp that can handle more complex installations, take a look at our AMP200 or AMP300.

Note: This amp is designed for smaller applications and will only power a pair of small speakers. Also note that it is recommended you use speakers with no more then 120 watts peak (60 watts RMS).


Other Product Info

A favorite of audiophiles everywhere, the OSD Amp60 two-channel power amplifier is built to deliver powerful music, pure and simple, with few extra controls to get in the way. Listeners can use the Amp60 as an independent stereo amp (25 watts x 2 into 8 ohms) when used with a preamp, as a second zone amplifier in multi-room applications. The amp boasts a precise frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and total harmonic distortion of 0.02 percent. Additional features include dual speaker outputs and dual inputs, front-panel mounted volume and balance knobs. All OSD amps are backed by a two-year warranty on parts and labor.



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By Javier Concepcion Jr from Miami, Fl on January 1, 2012
Hello, I would like to know if this Amp can power well my 4 external speakers( each speaker has 100 w max and 8 omns). Thank you!
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 3, 2012

Hi Javier,

The AMP60 works best on a single pair of 8-ohm speakers. Our AMP120 would be a better choice for powering two pairs of 8-ohm speakers. It also offers additional options including automatic source switching and dual turn-on choices.


By Jim from Was DC on May 6, 2012
will this amp power a single set of your mp450 speaker. less than 30 feet away form amp. also how do you elect sound source I am not hearing any sound when speakers are connected
By Customer Service - Q&A on May 6, 2012

Hi Jim:

This amp should work fine powering a pair of AP450 patio speakers even 30 feet away. The amp features two options to connect a single source. Either with a stereo RCA cable (left and right) or a stereo mini 3.5mm RCA adapter cable. What are you using as your source? Source connected, no sound, check the fuse on the back.


By Mason from Oregon on July 7, 2012

Have these speakers installed on the back patio -
Initially had the wired to my stereo reciever in the basement but didn't seem to get much volume out of them (certainly possible I did something wrong. I since had hem hooked to a wireless bridge from radio shack, but still not happy with the output. Will this amp power these speakers up? I plan on connecting it to an airport express base station and making the a set of AirPlay speakers via the stereo input. Thanks
By Customer Service - Q&A on July 9, 2012

Hi Mason:

This amp is not the one for your application. The best recommendation is for our OSD-AMP200 a true High current amplifier that will have no trouble powering a pair of 6 ohm speakers like the Yamaha pair you have. In the specs you will also note they have sensitivity rating of 87dB which means they are inefficient, They really need some decent current to get the peak performance that you were expecting. The AMP200 will also allow you to connect a second pair or even add a subwoofer. I not sure our AMP120 (a step above the AMP60) would be enough for you to be happy.


By Jose Juan Salinas from Los Angeles, CA on October 26, 2011
Regarding the dual inputs, does it have priority switching or something like that?
By Customer Service - Q&A on October 27, 2011

The AMP60 has two options for inputs: one is two standard RCA (R&L); the second connection is with a 3.5mm Stereo RCA connection. You can only connect one or the other; they do not both work together. You need to step up to the AMP120 to find automatic source switching where input one takes priority over two when both are active.


By Mike Wood from Houston, Tx on March 25, 2012
I purchased this amp in the summer of 2011. I have it in an outdoor cabinet under my patio. When in operation, the cabinet is open. I have experienced a channel dropping after about 30 minutes of use. I think this is a result of heat. Is this something that happens and what can I do to correct it?
By Customer Service - Q&A on March 26, 2012

Hi Mike,

Heat could definitely be a contributing factor especially based upon where you live. What is the speaker setup you are driving? If you have both A and B connected, you maybe loading the amplifier down to a 4-ohm load which is already causing the amplifier to heat up internally. Once it reaches a certain temperature, it should shut down completely. Add this to your warm, humid climate and the amplifier is not keeping up with the demand. Please let us know what your current setup is so we can assist you further.


By KQ from NY on May 22, 2012
Would this amp sufficiency power these speakers?:

By Customer Service - Q&A on May 22, 2012

Hi KQ:

I would recommend stepping up to the AMP120, the 50 watts a channel would be a better match for the speakers you selected (40 watts nominal, 80 watts peak).


By Arlen from seattle on January 28, 2012
I just got a pair of Sansui SP-2500 speakers, the impedance is 8-ohm and has a max wattage of 80w. Just wanted to double check this amp would be a good fit for the speakers. Thank you
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 29, 2012

Hi Arlene:

I don't think the AMP60 (M1) is enough amplifier for these speakers. The AMP120 would have more output and would be a better choice. I saw a pair listed on eBay for $299. Did you get these speakers from the original owner. They are from the seventies and hopefully the woofers have been replaced. The surrounds of the speakers from those days tended to be foam which dissolved after a number of years. If they have been refurbished you might consider stepping up to our AMP200 a true audiphile High Current Amplier to get the best match.


By Steve from California on May 25, 2012
Why does this amp get so hot and the left channel cuts out, then back on over and over again untill you turn it off, let it cool, then back on. I only play soft music on my back patio and never have the volume up past 4.
By Customer Service - Q&A on May 25, 2012

Hi Steve:

Mandatory questions... How many speakers, what impedance are your speakers. Can you let us know the brand and model speakers you are using? Are you connecting everything directly to the amp, no volume controls or speaker selectors? Please send me a list of products you are using including the Sources to my email, I am sorry you are having problems, hopefully I can help you.

By Scott from Hong Kong on July 21, 2012
Can I plug an iPod into the OSD Audio AMP60 Amplifier (will it run on 220V?), which feeds to an OSD SSV@ Automatic Impedance Matching Speaker Selector, and power 6 small, 4 or 8 ohm outdoor "fake rock speakers"? They don't have to play loudly, just ambient sound spread evenly along a 30 ft terrace wall. And who can tell me the best way to link the speakers!
By Customer Service - Q&A on July 23, 2012

HI Scott:

Your best bet and minimum requirement would be our AMP200. Unlike the AMP60 and AMP120 it is set up for multi voltage (110V or 220V). We would recommend connecting the DSM4 Speaker selector with Outdoor Volume Controls our OVC300. I am assuming you are saying 6 each 4 to 8 ohm Rock speakers, not six pairs of rocks (then you would look at the DSM6). You can plug in your iPod and another source as well (maybe the computer with your iPod Library and Streaming capabilities.


By Shawn from Modesto, Ca on July 22, 2012
I'm thinking about getting 4 speakers for my backyard. Would this AMP60 be sufficient?

By Customer Service - Q&A on July 23, 2012

Hi Shawn:

the AMP60 would not be sufficient for your application. Especially if you are looking for 8 inch Rock speakers. Why not consider buying rocks from us OSD? Outdoor Speaker Depot. Our RS790 speakers are a pair of 2 way 8 inch Rock speakers rated at 200 watts for $20.00 less per pair in your choice of Brown or Grey. And if you are really serious you need to look at our AMP200 a true High Current 2 ohm stable Pure Power Amplifier and think about adding either one or two outdoor Volume controls. We also supply the CL3 Rated speaker wire (in-wall and Direct Burial approved) and the unique Aqua Blue terminating connectors (Approved for Direct Burial). The AMP 200 also features automatic source switching between two sources.


Product Reviews

AMP60 2-Channel 25-Watt Compact Stereo Amplifier Mark II
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Hood River, Oregon
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A great choice
December 31, 2016
I use this amp to power stereo speakers in my master bath shower. The audio source is a C. Crane Internet Radio and the result of the pairing is perfection. The sound in my 4'X6' tile shower is quite good, The unit has been in service for over two years with no problems.
Simple with simple controls. Good Tone controls that provide good adjustability in a acoustically very live space.

Lexington, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great value for price
September 21, 2013
This item was purchased to use our outdoor speakers with our cable tv music channels. It works great. Our grandson recommended this item.

DJ Lay-Z
Los Angeles
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Tight Little Unit.
May 19, 2012
This is a tight llittle no frills unit. Perfect for when that is what you need.
Easy To Set Up
Best Uses:
Basic Systems

Northeast Oklahoma
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
November 6, 2011
I'm using this amp to power my set of outdoor speakers
Easy To Setup, Good Power Output
Sometimes turns itself of
Best Uses:
Home Theater, Basic Systems

5 Stars

Love the small size that ...
October 2, 2009
Love the small size that can be hiden for nice installation job. The sound quality is really good. Highly recommended.