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OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Preamplifier Home Theater Surround Sound Home Recording

Product code: PRE-1

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Features & Specifications

• Mic Level Control
• Bass/Midrange/Treble/Loudness/Balance Control
• Microphone Jack Input
• Input Selector
• Low Frequency Filter
• Mute
• Frequency Response: 5Hz - 30kHz +0 -3dB

A preamp is a key component to experiencing true home theater surround sound and a critical element to recording music, yet few people really understand the function a preamp plays. OSD Audio’s Pre-1 is a unique and, yes, affordable preamplifier that accomplishes the subtle audio tasks that transform an ordinary home theater surround sound system into, ‘wow, I hear every detail,’ from a gun chamber being loaded, to the whooshing blades of a helicopter. A preamp delivers similar benefits to music recording by boosting the low-level output on microphones. Because mics generally have a weak output, adding a preamp will deliver a better recording signal level verses simply plugging the mic into a computer and standard recording gear. Preamps do more than add volume, however. Like the home theater experience, a preamp in recording can finesse the subtle “color” of sound by adding tonal quality. Let’s start with what a preamp is and then we’ll cover the attributes of OSD Audios’ Preamp-1 so you can make the wisest buying choice.

What Is A Preamplifier and What Does It Do?

Simply put, a preamp is a separate processor within the audio command chain that accomplishes detailed audio tasks. A decent home theater will typically have one or more amplifiers and an AV receiver. While an AV receiver has amplifier power, power is not its primary function. An AV receiver “receives” audio and video signals from a variety of sources (TV, DVD DRV, etc.) and routes the signals to the speakers. Power is where the amps kick, which supply the juice needed to move the signal with enough amperage so your surround sound speakers produce the best sound for which they are designed. That should be enough, right? Well, not exactly.

The amp may add power, but it can be a bit of a clod because that’s all it’s doing—add power. (Okay, audiophiles, we know it does more, but let’s keep it simple). Enter the preamp. A preamplifier is a low-level amplifier. What that means is that it takes a line level signal (that’s the strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound between audio components such as CD and DVD players, television sets, audio amplifiers, and mixing consoles) and amplifies it enough to drive the power amplifier to its rated output. If an amp is receiving a signal at its rated output, it will perform better and your surround system will pick up detail you never thought possible. The same can be said in sound recording where an audio interface enhances the sonic capabilities of a computer. While an audio interface includes an internal preamp, an external preamp gives you more control over tonal quality.

OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Home Stereo/Home Recording Pre-Amplifier

There are many preamp manufacturers that range from bizarrely cheap to bizarrely expensive. We look at our OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Home Stereo/Home Recording Pre-Amplifier as the middle ground, or an affordable preamp that adds front-end system control to two or multi-channel audio systems and home recording systems without having to load up on credit card debt. OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Home Stereo/Home Recording Pre-Amplifier is not shy on features for the price, and we encourage you do research the specs. Our preamp provides four selectable unbalanced analog RCA inputs, Phono, AUX1, AUX2 and CD/DVD and a ¼” Mic input jack on the front panel with adjustable mic level control. Other front panel variable control knobs feature three tone controls: Bass, Mid and Treble, plus Balance, Master Volume and Loudness Contour Knobs with Min to Max settings. Additional front panel controls include Power Switch, Tape Loop, Mono/Stereo, Low Filter and Mute Buttons. We back this preamp with a 2-year warranty because the Preamp-1 Professional Pre-Amplifier is as solid as it gets.



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Product Reviews

OSD Audio Preamp-1 Professional Preamplifier Home Theater Surround Sound Home Recording
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Southern California
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

An Unbelievable Bargain in Stereo Components
March 4, 2017
I needed an affordable analog stereo pre-amp for a really old 125-watt (RMS) per channel AB-class power amp that's been packed away for a while. These days not only are preamps rare, they are ridiculously expensive, too. Searching around on the web I found a basic component that had all the necessary functions for under $100. Regretfully, it was hideously ugly with a purple and blue paint job on the front panel. Continuing to search I found its functional twin, the OSD Pre-1, with a conservative black front panel in the style of the great audiophile brands. Even better, it had a lower price. Because I live near the company in Brea, CA, I was able to pick it up and save any shipping charges. It's now hooked up and doing exactly what I need it to, i.e., input several sound sources, modify the tone of incoming signals, and regulate volume. It does all of these things without any quirks or audible flaws. As someone, who has owned a number of golden-ear-quality components, I was amazed by the build quality at this price point. The RCA terminals are gold plated and all of the knobs are real electromechanical potentiometers with detents. Plus, there is a turntable input that handles moving magnet phono cartridges, the most common variety. The flexibility to modify tones to the power amp is outstanding. In addition to simple bass and treble knobs, there are midrange and rotary loudness controls. Granted, these are not the same as a graphic equalizer. However, these features make it possible to subtly "sweeten" the output of any speaker in any listening environment when needed. I'm sure someone will grumble that there is no remote control. However, for a sophisticated, aspiring audiophile looking for maximum performance at a rock-bottom price, this is a non-issue. I noticed on the "Questions" page that there were concerns regarding the output voltage from the preamp to the power amp. In my set up it is not a problem. The preamp's output signal is adequately strong so that the overall system performance can be paint-peeling if the volume is really cranked up.
Great build quality, features and flexibility.
Audio snobs will ignore this amazing product. Tyros will not understand why it is incredible.
Best Uses:
High-end stereo systems on a budget.

Salt Lake City, UT
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My old pre amp died
February 17, 2017
I needed pre amp that would allow me to connect modern digital sound to my old Power amplifier. I purchased this pre 1 based on what OSD told me. I really like the function of it, and the sound is nothing less than impressive.
Best Uses:
Linking a music source to a Power amplifier

Doug Bowers
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 7, 2016
I have owned a number of both pro and consumer audio products over the past forty years. I am impressed by the quality and performance of this preamp. Total bang for the buck!
Best Uses:
Any multi component audio system.