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OSD Audio Preamp Professional Home Stereo Pre Amplifier PRE1

Product code: PRE-1

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Features & Specifications

The OSD Audio Pre-One is a unique affordable pre amplifier that adds front end system control to any of our Two or Multi Channel OSD amplifiers. It provides four selectable unbalanced analog RCA inputs; Phono, AUX1, AUX2 and CD/DVD. It also features a ¼” Mic input jack on the front panel with adjustable Mic level control. Other front panel variable control knobs feature three tone controls; Bass, Mid and Treble. Plus Balance, Master Volume and Loudness' Contour Knobs with Min to Max settings. Additional front panel controls include Power Switch, Tape Loop, Mono/Stereo, Low Filter and Mute Buttons.


Power Button with LED that lights up when power is on
TONE Controls: Bass, Mid and Treble, Center setting is flat, Levels for each are attenuated when knob rotated counterclockwise and it is boosted when turned Clockwise.
Loudness' Control: Compensates the low frequencies when listening at lower volume levels
Master Volume and Balance Controls; Adjusts the output level to the amplifier and left and right balance.
Low Frequency Filter: when enabled reduces undesirable subsonic low frequencies
Mono Switch: converts the output signal to Mono when pushed in.
Microphone Input Jack; Input for Mic ¼” Jack is Unbalanced Low Impedance
Mic Level Control; Adjusts the levels of the input signal
Muting Switch: Reduces levels 20dB when enabled
Source Selectors:
Phono; Left and Right Input jacks plus Ground Screw Terminal
AUX1; Use to connect any number of analog sources like External Bluetooth Receivers, Wi-Fi Receivers or TV Set Top Boxes
AUX2; see AUX1 both are Analog Right and Left RCA Inputs
CD/DVD; Connect to a good Quality CD player, DVD or Blu-ray DVD which will play DVD or and CD
Tape Play and Record Jacks for the Tape Loop Monitor
Output Jack; for connecting to the input Jacks of your Power Amplifier with RCA Unbalanced Analog Cables
AC Source Selector; Unit is Multi Voltage 110V to 220V



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OSD Audio Preamp Professional Home Stereo Pre Amplifier PRE1