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LCD/LED/Plasma TV Mounts
LCD/LED/Plasma TV Mounts
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LCD/LED/Plasma TV Mounts

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If you're looking for wall mounts for TV with shelf, a flat panel TV corner wall mount, a desktop TV mount or an under-cabinet mount, we have several different kinds. Outdoor Speaker Depot is your source for home theater equipment and accessories. Our OSD Audio TV Mounts for plasma, LCD and LED TVs are low profile, lightweight and exceptionally well-designed from premium materials. They're built to be extremely sturdy and are thoroughly load tested.

We have different varieties, from fixed mount models to more complex units that swivel and tilt. We include all the hardware and these TV mounts are easy to install. They support most of the flat panel TVs and certain models can hold up to 165 pounds. If you've been struggling to hang a plasma TV wall cabinet, you'll appreciate this lightweight solution.

Outdoor Speaker Depot is the leading OEM for some of the global leaders in electronics, such as Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony. When you purchase one of our premium television mounts, you'll get a lifetime warranty that guarantees your complete satisfaction.

OSD Audio Flat Panel TV Mounts

OSD Audio expands its product lineup with affordable, high-grade quality TV mounts for today’s LCD, LED and plasma televisions.
Article appeared February 10, 2011 in Commercial Integrator magazine

OSD Audio announced their full line of flat panel TV wall mounts designed specifically for today’s LCD, LED and plasma televisions. Well-suited for both residential and commercial applications such as digital signage, the new line includes a variety of installation configurations and can accommodate flat panel TVs ranging in size from 10 to 63 inches.

The Skinny: Built with the highest quality materials and thoroughly load tested, OSD Audio’s lightweight, low profile TV mounts range from extremely sturdy fixed mount units to more complex articulating units with tilt and swivel capability. Easy to install with all the hardware included, OSD Audio TV mounts will support the majority of flat panel TVs with some models capable of holding up to 165 pounds.

Specs: The new models can accommodate big screen televisions for home theaters, media rooms, boardrooms, and bedrooms, as well as smaller mounts for kitchens and bathrooms. Larger units include the OSD-TSM-444OSD. This heavy-duty, low profile corner unit is suitable for screen sizes from 23” through 42” and can hold up to 99 pounds. Other features include of 15 degrees tilting up/down as well as pan and swivel up to 120 degrees. The OSD-TSM-484 can accommodate screens from 37” to 63” and has a weight capacity of up to 132 pounds. OSD Audio also offers mounts for TVs as small as 10 inches as well as bookshelf mounts for DVD players and other A/V components.

Solutions: “We carry TV mounts for just about any installation scenario you can think of,” says Tim Leahy of OSD Audio. “Customers will find that just like other OSD products, the build quality is excellent and our prices are about half of what competitors charge.”