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PS12 12" Custom Built High Definition 450W Home Theater Subwoofer Black Wood Veneer, Singel Drive

Product code: OSD-PS12

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Features & Specifications

On sale while supplies last. The PS12 12-Inch High Powered Home Theater Subwoofer is an excellent addition to any collection. Surround yourself with the most realistic sounds and put yourself in the center of the action during any movie, music experience or casual listening with the lower frequency range of this powerful subwoofer. This subwoofer, covers a 25 Hz to 180 Hz range. With a signal-to-noise ratio of 100dB and a sensitivity range from 350 mV to 2.8 V for rated power at 8 ohms, the PS12 12-Inch High Powered Home Theater Subwoofer will immerse you in your movie-watching experience.


Other Product Info

Powered subwoofers have become integral to any complete audio/visual system, particularly home theater. Normal speakers leave the very lowest frequencies unheard. Powered subwoofers fill in those blanks. All include level controls and both speaker and line inputs and outputs.


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7 Questions & 7 Answers
mike grandy
from helena montana asked:
February 23, 2018
I have a 50'x 40' shop that i was planning on puting your 8" (4) 3 ways in the ceiling and have two cables run for two subs the subs will be next to oposing wall. Front or down firing??
1 Answer
Hi Mike: Two Front Firing Subs (PS12) would be ideal for your application. Before you permanently run your wires play around with different locations. Typically there will be dead spots when just running one sub so adding a second sub will fill in will help but you will need to experiment. And with the external subs you can find the ideal location before running your wires in the wall. When you say three way speaker are you referring to our ICE1080HD a 10" 3 way? Are you planning wiring as two stereo pairs? What is your Source and Amplification? I can provide additional advice if needed. TL/4812
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 23, 2018

from Kingston, Jamaica asked:
December 3, 2017
How do I connect my PS12 to the amplifier which does not have an output jack?
1 Answer
Hi Paul: If you are talking about the new PS-12 or even the new PS-10 both of these do not have speaker level inputs so you are restricted to Pre amp or signal level connection. We do have the PS88 (180 Watts, 4 ohm) and both the S-10 and S-12 down firing woofers. These three have Speaker (High ) level inputs. Sorry about that TL/4676
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 5, 2017

from USA asked:
December 5, 2017
1.. Does the PS12 have any 'chuffing' / Port Noise with medium to high volume with lower note / frequency? I notice with my BIC F12 certain songs WITH constant-consistent low bass there's Chuffing / port noise. I Don't think I'm pushing my BIC F12 over the limit or hard. It's(the sub knob/gain) set passed 12 o'clock around 1 or 2 oclock.. 2.. ALSO, do DUAL PORTS help to minimize port noise? 3.. I've been thinking about getting two of the PS12's to even the bass out in a room. I Notice a dead / low / uneven-spot somewhere near the center of the room. It's been said that dual subs helps with even-bass. and some extra total gain/output when they're combined. -Do you also recommend this?
1 Answer
Hi K: Good question, I have not heard a lot of feedback regarding Port noise from the PS12 or PS10. I did check out the Video Review of the BIC F12 where the reviewer claimed the output from the BIC was plenty at 2 or 3 (maybe 9:00 O'clock)? So maybe you are over driving it. Certainly there is a technology involved in selecting the port size and location for any bass reflex Subwoofer. So I am assuming that double port design had to do more with the specific box design. Regarding your dead or Null spot in your room may have to do with a combination of room layout and speaker location. A second woofer certainly help address this. Have you experimented with different locations for your single woofer? Have you done the Sub woofer crawl where you place the sub woofer at the optimum listening/viewing location? Then go around the room and stand in the potential locations for the Sub woofer. Find the one that sounds the best and then switch the sub woofer to that location and see if that makes a difference. I would try one PS12 and see how that works in your system. You can easily add a second sub woofer later. We do have a wireless kit that works pretty well eliminating the need to run wires between the Receiver and the Sub. Good luck TL/4678
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 5, 2017

from Hilton Head, SC asked:
June 11, 2013
I have an Onkyo 609 running 2 subwoofers indoors....I have your Amp200 and DSM-4 running 2 pairs of speakers and 2 rock speakers outdoors off of Zone 2 of the Onkyo....I'd like to add a subwoofer in an enclosed porch....would you recommend this one and would it connect to the AMP200 or should I do a Y connector out of one of the sub woofer outputs from the Onkyo? Also any better ideas....
1 Answer
Hi Greg, You have two options for outdoor subwoofers; both are passive and will require power. The first is our OMSUB 200. You can drive this with your regular amp because it has a built-in crossover. See the diagram on the product page for wiring information. It basically goes in-line between the speakers. The second option is our RSUB300, which requires a sub amp like the SMP250. We sell it in a combo with both, and you would connect your Y adapter to the sub amp. CL/MA 1969
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 13, 2013

from NYC asked:
January 29, 2013
Does this come with the grill, it is not shown with it.
1 Answer
Hi Leslie, The PS12 subwoofer includes a grill. It is a plain black cover that hides the driver. CL/MA 1593
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 29, 2013

from Seattle, Washington asked:
December 29, 2011
What is the warranty on PS12?
1 Answer
Hi Peace: 2 Years
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 29, 2011

from New Jersey asked:
October 27, 2011
Can you tell me what this subwoofer weighs? It's not listed. Also, the dimensions don't specific what they are. Is it HxWxD, WxDxH, HxDxW, something else? Lastly, what's the true frequency response? It says 5Hz-180Hz, but it can't possibly get down to 5Hz.
1 Answer
Weight for both the PS-10 and PS-12 appear in the download Tab-Owners Manual: Net Weight (out of the shipping box): 36.88 lbs Gross Weight (with all the packing material): 44.09 lbs. The manual does not give you dimensions for the PS-12 but here they are: PS-12: 15" L x 16 7/8" D x 15" H (plus 2"or 17"H with the feet) Regarding the both the PS-10 and PS-12 Frequency Response of 5Hz to 180Hz The true specification should be 25Hz to 180Hz.. We are making the corrections to our owners manual, product information and our web site. Both the PS-10 and PS-12 Subs were created for Home Theater applications where they are connected to the LFE output of the AV receiver. Both subs have no problem working with whatever you can dial up for low frequency effects. One of the advantages of the Front firing Speaker and Port design is that it allows you to build it into a custom media center cabinet. This along with the Auto-on sensing allows you to set it and forget it. Plus under downloads next to the Owners Manual, check out our Product information PDF for our Down firing Subwoofer versus Front firing Subwoofer comparison. Also see link below for Review from Home Theater forum: Note: We will notify Home Theater Forum of the specification change as well. TL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 28, 2011

Product Reviews

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75% Recommend this product (6 of 8 responses)
By Bill
February 15, 2017
True sound
Was a little hastened at first about this subwoofer because I bought a few before that were not what I wanted. But when I hooked this one up and turned it on it blew my socks off.Just love it only have it one have bass and it will rattle the Windows.If you like bass don't hesitate buy this one you will not be disappointed.
ProsEasy hook up and only one wire.Has dials to program sound to your liking
ConsCan't think of any.
By Luke
Indiana, PA
January 22, 2018
Love it. Big help to the low end in my 1,700 sq ft room.
I added this into a room with 6 AP840s. It is mounted 12 feet up in the corner. And the smooth low end it adds is pure magic. It's a 1,700 sq ft room, too. That means this sub has some air moving muscle. I'm planning to get a 2nd to round out the "in-house PA system" for our brewery. Everybody comments on the difference it has made.
Prosprice power musicality simplicity
By miguel lopez
August 1, 2016
Perfect bass
I love the bass coming out this speaker
By kevin
Houston, Texas
April 13, 2015
Love it
I look at several high end sub and pondered what to buy. This is by far the best. Good deep and clear bass easy to install very powerful love this product. I am recommending this this to anyone who wants a excellent sub for surround sound or theater you won't be disappointed
By Lee
Fort Worth TX
September 10, 2013
Incredible Sound
Great buy, good price, fast shipping- I couldn't be more pleased with the product and online experience.
By Steve
Laredo, Texas
April 25, 2013
This sub woofer can pack a punch!
By Anonymous
February 23, 2011
Have ordered several ...
Have ordered several times and each time the shipping has been very fast. The product is exceptional quality with very competitive pricing. Originally, the only concern I had was with products not showingoutof stock if they were has been corrected so you know when ordering the status of availabilty. Great company top work with. Highly recommend.
By Anonymous
February 4, 2011
Installed this subwoofer ...
Installed this subwoofer for my client over the weekend, compare to his Energy model, this unit performs better especially playing heavy notes, not muddy at all, just pure solid bass.