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4 Zone Multi-room Audio System OSD Audio

Product code: OSD-4-zone-kit

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Features & Specifications

If you're wondering how to set up multi-room audio, it's easier than you think. This 4-zone audio system from OSD Audio lets you separately control music in 4 different rooms, and the audio quality is pristine and beautiful. With this multi-room stereo system, all you'll need to do is select the best speakers for each room and run the wires. Outdoor Speaker Depot is your premiere source for home entertainment systems and audiophile audio systems, and we're here to answer any questions you have.

When you choose your speakers, keep these simple rules in mind. For rooms that are 150 square feet or less, 5.25-inch speakers are a good size. Select 6.5-inch speakers for rooms that are 200 square feet and larger, and 8-inch speakers for rooms that are bigger than 400 square feet. As for speaker style, Contractor and Custom series speakers are good for background music. For stronger bass and louder sound, see our High Definition series. The Kevlar series speakers have the best overall sound that's ideal for a home theater and audiophile tastes. In the Trimless series, the speakers are designed to blend into your de´cor.

Included in this kit:

Other Product Info

This multi-room audio system will allow you to control 4 zones in your home with ease. This simple system has everything you need to setup your multi-room audio. All you need is to pick out your speakers. Kit comes included with (1) ISS4 speaker selector, (1) AMP200 amplifier, and (4) SVC100 volume controls.



20 Questions & 20 Answers
from Merced, CA asked:
January 16, 2018
My house came with cat-5 and speaker wires ran to 5 locations in my home. I’m looking for a system that can run this set up. What do I need? Is the cat-5 wire used for a bus system? I’m not totally sure what a bus is, but I believe it is used to control volume and inputs in each room. Regardless, one set is outdoor and I won’t be using that. So I need a 4 zone set up with speakers. Please help.
1 Answers
HI Andrew: Do you have some sort of volume control in each room or a hole in the wall where one might have been installed (maybe covered by blank wall plate. A buss system would have a Cat5 run from your central location to the wall control panel then speaker wire run to the pair of speakers from that location. But if you have the Cat5 run to the wall plate and the speaker wire runs from each speaker all the way back to your central location (by passing the wall location), that is a different system all together. So do me a favor and take images of all your rooms and the wiring in your central location. I am assuming you have speakers already? My email is where you can send the images. Also what other components do you have; please include brand and model numbers with the photos. With all that I can better help you. TL/4754
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 18, 2018

from Atwater, CA asked:
January 13, 2018
I just asked a question about the inputs and how many it has. I have a CD player and an iPod, and satellite radio but that is all I have. No receiver. Will this set up still work for me? Do I just run each unit directly to the amps input?
1 Answers
HI Drew: Checkout the Pre-One on our web site. This would give you the multiple inputs that you are looking for which can be easily connected to the AMP200 featured in the Four Zone System you are looking at... I touched on this in an earlier response to you. TL/4748
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 17, 2018

from California asked:
January 11, 2018
how many inputs are on this amplifier? I want to hook up a cd player and satellite radio to it. Possible an AM/FM radio as well. Will this unit work for that?
1 Answers
Hi Drew: The AMP200 features automatic Source Switching with priority over ride. That would take care of two inputs. Take a look at our Pre One Pre amplifier which would allow you add up to 4 sources including a turntable, 2 auxiliary and one DVD/CD. That could be connected to Line 2 input on the AMP200. You could add a second source to line 1 input that when you start to play it will instantly take priority. Another possibility would be going with the AMP200 without adding the Pre one, and plugging your CD player into line 2 and adding something like the SONOS Connect NUVO LeGrand P300 streaming wireless Pre amplifiers both which will allow you to add an additional source as well. Good Luck TL/4741
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 16, 2018

from Toronto, Ontario, Canada asked:
December 11, 2017
hi, could this type of system be added to an existing proficient audio whole home M4 system ?
1 Answers
Hi Tom: It depends what you are trying to accomplish. Are you already using all four zones with the Key Pad controllers. It appears there four four pre amp outputs one for each of the four zones. You could use the the key pad controller for that zone to be the master controller of that zone. Run the input to the Line 2 input of the AMP 200 which would leave you a second input on the AMP200 that would take priority. So you would suddenly have 7 zones instead of four. TL/4686
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 12, 2017

from Blackfoot, Idaho asked:
November 14, 2017
Can an Amazon echo/echo dot be used to control this multi-room kit via Bluetooth/Wifi?
1 Answers
HI Cody: Yes, it will need a 3.5mm cable to Dual RCA to connect the Echo (3.5mm) to the AMP200 Line 2 input (dual Female RCA connection). You can set the AMP200 to auto sensing mode so when you speaker it will wake up the AMP200 from stand by. Great combo... TL/4650
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 16, 2017

from Cape Cod asked:
April 18, 2017
can all 4 zones be used simultaneously?
1 Answers
Hi Tristan: Yes all four Zones can be plays at the same time. The Volume Controls are used to control the Impedance that the amplifier needs to see for it work in a safe operating mode. The impedance matching setting would be 4x on all four of the Volume Controls. You must make sure the protection switch on the front of the ISS4 would be in the off/out/disabled position. The Impedance Matching Volume Controls will do the protecting. The AMP200 is a High Current Amplifier which will have no problem supplying enough power output for the four zones. You can also get away with driving a couple pair of speakers in two of the four zones. As an example let say you have a great room off the kitchen that you would need two pair to give the room the proper coverage so you would purchase another pair of identical speakers for that zone and wire them in parallel, positive to positives and negatives to negatives. So that would be a total of 5 pairs which would be no problem for the AMP200. Note the ISS4 speaker selector when you use the internal protection you cut the power handling in half from 140 watts down to 70 watts. Another reason we like using the Impedance Matching Volume Controls for the primary protection instead. Good luck TL/4311
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 19, 2017

from Memphis asked:
September 12, 2016
I want all of my speakers to get both stereo channels, so I plan to use the amp200 in bridged mode. Do I run the bridged speaker pair (2 wires) from the amp to either of the channel connectors on the selector, and then to one side (channel) of the volume control? In other words, do i simply treat the bridged connection coming out of the amp as though it were the right channel at the selector and volume and then leave the left channel unused?
1 Answers
HI Bob: Yes, you can connect a speaker to each volume control. Have you purchased the speakers yet. It might be better to utilize a DVC (Dual Voice Coil/Dual Tweeter) summed Mono stereo speaker like our MK 690TT and connect the output of the AMP200 in stereo four conductor from the AMP to the Volume Controls, then a four conductor to each Dual Voice Coil speaker, connecting both right and left channels. The amplifier will be more flexible with the load it sees. Typically 8 ohm is critical in bridged mode. In stereo mode the amplifier can operate in 2 ohm load increasing its output. I would set the Volume controls to 2X on all four volume controls so the amplifier would see a 4 ohm load nearly doubling the output from the AMP200. This amplifier is a High Current Amplifier that is built to easily operate with a 4 ohm load. Good luck, let me know if you need further clarification ( TL/4063
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 22, 2016

from Cumming, Ga asked:
November 20, 2012
I have a receiver that has a 2nd zone output. Can I run that output into the input of your unit and then connect speakers to 3 separate rooms. I realize the source would be the same for all 3 rooms. What is the wiring configuration for the volume controls?
1 Answers
Hi Roger, This 4 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit is very flexible. Depending on your audio/video receiver, you have couple of options to connect the 2nd zone from your receiver. Assuming your receiver is a 7.1 unit that allows you to connect a 5.1 setup with five speakers and a subwoofer, you can connect channel 6 and 7 as a second zone. This would be a powered output (speaker level) using the internal amplifier. The second option would be a 2nd zone pre-amplifier (signal level) output that connects with RCA cables. In either case, the AMP200 featured in the kit has the ability to be connected either speaker level or signal level. If you have both choices available on your receiver, the optimum one would be the pre-amplified (signal level). Addressing wiring, with Option #1 (Speaker Level), use 16/4 CL 3 rated four conductor speaker wire from the receiver's channel 6 and 7 output to the Input #1 of the AMP200 (the black and red push terminals between the RCA connectors). For Option #2, pre-amplified, use OSD Audio cables to connect the receiver and the AMP200 at input #2. Then in both cases, connect the Speaker A output using the 16/4 four conductor speaker cable to the input of the ISS4 Speaker Selector. Our CL3 rated 16/4 speaker wire is approved for in-wall installation. This will be important when you connect to the three zones you plan on using. Use the same 16/4 speaker wire to connect to the output of the ISS4 (first zone 1) then run to your zone where your first volume control is located. The volume control will have an input to connect both a right positive and negative and a left positive and negative (four connections). The 16/4 is color coded red, black, green and white. So connect the red to Right Positive and the Black to Right Negative, and the White to the Left Positive and Green to the Left Negative. Make sure you have connected the same on the receiver (Option #1), AMP200, ISS4 Speaker Selector and Volume Control. Then from the Volume Control, use CL3 16/2 two conductor speaker wire to connect to the pair of speakers. One two conductor (red +/black -) to the right and one to the left. Repeat the connection from the Speaker Selector to the Volume Control to the pair of speakers in the second and third zone. Please feel free to contact us about setting up the output of the AMP200 (adjusting the gains), making sure the protection switch on the ISS4 Speaker Selector is set to off/disabled (button in the out position). Lastly, set the impedance-matching switches on each volume control to 1/2X. This will guarantee you get the most out of your AMP200. Let us know if we can help you with your choice of speakers as well. TL/MA 1397
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 23, 2012

from Louisville, KY asked:
October 7, 2011
Can I hook this up from the "Speaker B" outputs on my receiver?
1 Answers
Yes you can use the Speaker B output from your receiver connecting it to the High Level (speaker) input of the AMP200. It would be better if you have a signal level (or RCA) output from your receiver (if available) and connect to the Input #2 of the AMP200.The low level connection is typically a cleaner signal. The AMP200 also features an A & B speaker output. In both cases the AMP200 features a second source option as well. Also: You can purchase just the Speaker Selector and connect that to the B output of your receiver. In this case you will want to make sure you enable the protection circuit of the Speaker selector so as not to over lowed your receiver.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 7, 2011

from Minneapolis, mn asked:
November 4, 2016
Is this system able to be controlled via iPhone or Android application? Looking to install a smart system to integrate with my new home theater and to install multizone listening with amplified sound to wired speakers with complete control from my phone.....
1 Answers
Hi Tom: This a basic Analog system but you can have some control of the sources through your phone if this is connected to the ZONE 2 output of your Home Theater Surround Sound Receiver. Most of the new AVRs include an App that will control the Receiver and its sources including master volume, bass and treble and choose your source (Internet Radio, Pandora etc.). The Amplifier has gain adjustments for setup and the Volume Controls add some flexibility in turning the sound down in the individual zones while providing Impedance Matching for the AMP200. So there is definitely a way to provide basic control of your system with your phone or tablet. Check the app provided by the Receiver Manufacturer of the receiver you have or are intending to purchase. TL/4110
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 7, 2016

Daniel Smith
from Florida asked:
June 16, 2016
I have a restaurant with 4 zones, and I am presently running 4 amps with 2 speakers attached, with volume control to each speaker. Could I use your system and double the volume controls to get the same capability?
1 Answers
HI Daniel: Certainly you can increase your system but I am curious what your current system consists of and what you are actually trying to accomplish. Can you tell me what amplifiers, volume controls and speakers you are using right now including Brands and model numbers? And maybe provide a basic diagram of your setup? Then I can confirm if this system will be your best choice or if we have something that will work better. Please send info to TL/3936
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 20, 2016

from Mount Vernon, Washington asked:
August 19, 2015
Hello, Please forgive my ignorance! I need to set up a system with the following requirements: I would like to have 2 indoor speakers and 2 outdoor speakers with separate volume control for the two pairs. I will be using a tablet to play pandora simultaneously, but with different volume levels. Other than adding speakers, do I need anything else? Would you suggest a different system? Also, any advice on the speakers would be great. Thank you, Tamara
1 Answers
Hi Tamara, This package pretty much covers everything but the speakers and the wire! This is good for up to 4 pairs of speakers. So the Amp runs to the speaker selector, the speaker selector has 4 zones, each of which will run to 1 of the 4 volume controls and then each volume control will be wired to a pair of speakers (2 speakers). For outdoor are you planning on running in-ceiling speakers or exterior, wall mounted speakers?
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 2, 2015

from Kennett Square, PA asked:
March 10, 2014
If I buy this setup are there outdoor speakers that are 8 ohm that can handle 125 RMS watts each? I'm having problems finding some. Thanks.
1 Answers
Hi Jim, We have our AP650, which has a 150W power handling and the AP850, which has 200W power handling. CS 2529
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 10, 2014

from Chicago IL asked:
October 21, 2013
What is the warranty on this product?
1 Answers
Hi Peter, Both the AMP200 and the volume controls come with a 2-year warranty, while the ISS4 speaker selector comes with a 5-year warranty. Thanks! -BM 2286
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 24, 2013

from Pittsburgh, PA asked:
October 2, 2013
I purchased the ICE 610 ceiling speakers and slide volume controls for 4 zones. Is this a compatible system?
1 Answers
Hi Christine: Yes it is compatible. Just make sure the impedance matching setting on each of the Volume Controls is set to 4X. And make sure the protection switch on the ISS4 is in the off/out (disabled position before you turn it on. The protection switch should never be used when you have Impedance matching Volume Controls doing the protection. Good Luck TS-2255
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 17, 2013

Kevin Rockoff
from Orange, CA asked:
April 26, 2013
I'm buying a new house and there are several a/v options. How could I integrate this system so I can have multi room audio from zone 2 on my receiver while minimizing my cost to prewire each room? Where would the amp and selector by placed and how could i select one room or all at once?
1 Answers
HI Kevin, Typically, the home theater receiver will drive your surround sound and the amp and speaker selector will drive the whole house audio system. The 4-zone kit bundles our high current AMP200 amp plus speaker selector with 4 volume controls, all at a discounted price. CL/MA 1834
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 26, 2013

from South Florida asked:
April 9, 2013
I think I'm ready to purchase this bundle, but am a total noob when it comes to home theaters / multi-room setup. Ideally, I want to control my 5.1 system with a detached amp and separately power 4-zones independent (or concurrent) with same audio as the 5.1 system. Below is a short list for reference: • 5.1 – family room • Zone 1 – kitchen (mono) • Zone 2 – living room (mono) • Zone 3 – patio (stereo) • Zone 4 – backyard (stereo) I’ll do my best to summarize my thoughts: • Line-in 1 = iphone dock • Line-in 2 = 5.1 stereo speaker system • Each zone will have separate volume controls • Using the speaker selector (or volume controls), can I: o Watch TV in family room and play music to all zones? o Play music in all 5 locations? o Play tv in all 5 locations? Again, I apologize for my silly request, but I need a detailed response and/or wiring diagram for the above requested setup. Thanks to all in advance for you assistance!
1 Answers
Hi Matthew, Consider uploading your whole house audio plans on our Learning Center section. This way we can offer the best advice and provide a complete quote package for your system. You’ll need an AV receiver with a second room output to play different sources in the home theater and 2nd room. Check out the Yamaha RS-V673 that features Network access to the internet as well as apps to control your system through your tablet or Smartphone. Click on Learning Center Tab (top right hand corner) of our website, then click on upload plans. It will ask you to describe your system while adding diagrams, blueprints or even pictures of your rooms. Be sure to also check out our custom Home Theater area for some great tips. OSD can be a one stop shop providing everything you need; all you will have to provide is the Flat Panel TV. TL/MA-1785
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 12, 2013

from California asked:
February 19, 2013
I am trying to put together a whole house audio system. I currently have an old Carver Receiver with 130 watts/channel, a Sonos Connect (no amp), an old pair of Infinity bookshelf speakers (8 ohm) and a pair of Bose wall mount speakers (4 ohm). At the moment, the plan is for 4 zones though one of them may end up dedicated to a subwoofer. My dilemma is: should I hang on to the Carver and use it with an impedance matching speaker selector (with or without volume control?) or purchase a multi-zone amplifier. I have been considering a 12 channel amp from Dayton (would install volume controls for each zone). This 4 room kit provides yet another option.
1 Answers
Hi SGH, For your application, we recommend purchasing the OSD Audio 4-zone multi-room audio kit and using the AMP200 to drive your speakers. Ideally, the volume controls will do the impedance matching set @ 4x. Turn the 'protection' off on the speaker selector to avoid having both components doing the impedance matching. CL/MA 1644
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 1, 2013

David Gallo
from New York asked:
July 13, 2012
how many speakers can run be run per zone??
1 Answers
HI David: Technically with the 8X setting on the Volume Controls you could connect up to 2 pair of speakers per Zone x 4 or 8 total pairs for the system. One pair per zone would mean setting the impedance switch to 4x, 5 or more the setting goes to 8x on all four zones. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 16, 2012

from Sonoma, CA asked:
April 3, 2012
Is the output mono or stereo to each room (one or two channels)?
1 Answers
Hi Alex, That would be stereo. There are two channels on each zone, one for Left and one for Right. I hope that helps! CL / MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 3, 2012

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